March 8, 2013
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Raspberry Pi

Enamoured with the Raspberry Pi? Now that the tiny little computer has been in the market for a year, RS Electronics has announced the availability of a limited edition blue version to celebrate.

Be warned that potential buyers can’t just get it with a wad of cash. Oh no, you have to earn the right to own one of these. While RS is giving a bunch of these away for educational and charitable causes, it will also be holding a giveaway of the remaining thousand.

Raspberry Pi - Limited Edition Blue


Simply head to the source link to see the terms and conditions. In summary, you have to really want one and you have to tell them how you are innovatively going to use one. If you think your idea is one in a thousand, submit your entry in the contest, and don’t forget to tell us if you are one of the lucky winners!

Tanay Sood
Tanay is a sophomore at Rutgers University studying Business Analytics and Information Technology. A veteran prowler of the XDA forums, his current phone of choice is Nexus 4. You will usually find him scouring the web for new ROM's to flash or new sitcoms to watch.
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