RadioShack deals: $49.99 Galaxy S4, $39.99 LG G2, $19.99 Moto X and free Galaxy S3 with contracts

by: Chris SmithNovember 15, 2013

moto x vs galaxy s4 aa design both front

RadioShack has a few interesting deals on top Android handsets, provided that you’re looking to buy subsidized new devices.

The company has special prices for several 2013 handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S4, the LG G2 and the Motorola Moto X, but also on last year’s Galaxy S3, as follows:

  • Galaxy S4: $49.99 with new two-year contracts from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon
  • LG G2: $39.99 with new two-year contract from Verizon (web-only offer)
  • Moto X: $19.99 with new two-year contract from Sprint (web-only offer)
  • Galaxy S3: free with new two-year contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon

On top of these discounts, RadioShack will also offer a $10 coupon for every $50 spent in one transaction (excluding tax and shipping costs) from November 17, 2013 to January 1, 2014.

Galaxy S4 deal at Radio Shack

Check out the Source links below in case you want to take advantage of these deals, and make sure you act fast, as some of them may expire soon.

Are you going to buy any of the handsets mentioned above, or are you waiting for more Black Friday deals?

  • truth

    returning customers gets sh1t it doesn’t pay to be loyal

  • Frothgar

    You can actually still go in store and have them honor their own web price if you ask about it.

  • Piterson Massenat Desir

    We need to stop advertising contracts so people can get used to buying phones out right like everyone does it and drive our monthly plans down. I always advise people to go prepaid. If they don’t listen, well it’s their money but when I hear them complain about their bill, I laugh internally

    • D.B

      The thing is… You pay the $600+ for the phone and STILL have to pay for the plan $200 a month. I would much rather get the phone for $199 and pay $200 a month.

      • Piterson Massenat Desir

        Who says you need to pay that much? I’d rather pay 600+ and have my bill at $50. Or free like solavei gives the option to have

        • D.B

          Let me know when you find a plan on Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T for $50.

          • Piterson Massenat Desir

            It’s called aio, straight talk, net10.

          • D.B

            How much for 5 phones?… Yeah… “Hey man, what service do you have?… I have Straight Talk… From Walmart? LOLOLOLOLOL even worse than T-Mobile.”

            Prepaid networks are not meant for Families, they are meant for cheap teenagers or single adults on college budgets. Much less of a hassle to just buy a family plan on a reliable service network.

            You also forgot to mention, those networks throttle your data after 2.5gb. even though they say unlimited.

          • MG

            Throttled is way better than having overage fees. Solavei CEO stated 50% of their members use less than 500 MB. I use WiFi when I can and watch movies on a bigger screen in my living room. For people like me you just can’t beat and LIVE Plan it’s a real game changer

          • D.B

            Sprint… Unlimited everything. If you are using LTE, you are eating much more than 500 mb. Download 1 app “on average” 30 – 60mb alone. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. To each their own.


          • MG

            Your one of the only people I’ve heard that likes Sprint service. Like I said, for the most part I use WiFi. In any month I need more 4G LTE , I buy more. Ionly download Apps on WiFi to save. (I think compression makes those downloads a lot less anyway) Very little inconvenience to save a ton $

          • D.B

            Sprint is the …. worst.

  • Asad

    I laugh out Loud when people get concerned about their bill. Every one must go prepaid. No need to go for Contracts.

  • Uncle Christmas

    I paid 350 for a Nexus 4 and pay 63.00 a month for unlimited everything. I laugh at the suckers taking it in the pants every month wondering when they can upgrade. If everyone paid upfront they would have to lower the device prices to Nexus equivalent. But right now everyone thinks they are getting a phone for 49.99. When we pay for what we have true competition will suddenly enter the market.