Radio Shack’s 2012 Black Friday sales circular posted, includes the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Stratosphere 2

by: Robert NelsonNovember 5, 2012

For better or worse, Black Friday 2012 is nearly upon us. We have just a few weeks to go and given the timing — it only goes without saying that sales flyers will begin to leak. That being said, we have one of the first to come available. The flyer is for Radio Shack and it looks like they will have quite a bit to offer that day, including some Android related.

Anyway, we will say this right up front — some of these deals are probably not all that great. But then again, there are some that are decent and even one that is interesting. We say interesting because it deals with a yet-to-be-announced smartphone. The phone is the Samsung Stratosphere 2 for Verizon Wireless. According to the leaked flyer, the Stratosphere 2 will be available for free (on a two-year agreement). Also worth noting, Radio Shack has the regular price of the Stratosphere 2 showing as $99.99.

Otherwise, some of the other deals include the following;

  • HTC One X for AT&T, Free on a two-year agreement
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket for AT&T, Free on a two-year agreement
  • Samsung Galaxy S II for Sprint, Free on a two-year agreement

In addition, there is also a not so good tablet deal, a Digix 10-inch tablet with 8GB of storage and Ice Cream Sandwich for $149 and a Boost Mobile compatible Samsung Galaxy Rush for $69.99. According to the flyer, the Galaxy Rush is selling at an $80 savings. And finally, some Galaxy S3 deals. Radio Shack will have the Sprint Galaxy S3 available for $49.99 with a new activation on a two-year agreement and the AT&T Galaxy S3 available for $99.99 for new activations and upgrades. The two-year agreement also applies to the AT&T Galaxy S3.

  • Quryous


    Is the Galaxy Note 2 on the list?

  • geeknik

    It is 2013 already? =)

  • DomoXRage

    HOLY SH*T DOC, The DeLorean took us too far!!! ITS 2013!!!

  • Radio Shack is worthless to shopping at lol – especially local details

  • Steven Michael Nobles

    This is fantastic, surprisingly enough I purchased my phone there, I do like their mobile product support that they have also, very helpful.