Quizlet.com Android apps: online flash cards learning, on the go

by: Matthew SabatiniJune 29, 2012
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Quizlet.com has become a savior for students and learners everywhere. It is a fun and interactive way to memorize vocabulary lists. You can make your own flash cards or search through Quizlet for sets that were made by other people. But, with almost everyone and their dog owning a smartphone now, being able to take the flash cards on the go is just what Quizlet needed.

Here are a few cool apps that you can use to train your memory on the go with your Android device.

QuizYourBrain (Free)

After logging into your account, the app lets you create, study, edit, and delete terms. With its attractive interface and cool gestures, QuizYourBrain might just be able to make studying more fun.

Requires Android: 2.2+
Price: Free
Download Link: Here

Encore Study Platform (Free)

 Unlike the previous app, the Encore Study Platform incorporates over 50 million quizzes. For a free app, the “platform” is much more robust than QuizYourBrain. Furthermore, this app is not only compatible with Quizlet flash cards, but also sets from Flashcard Exchange. This makes the database of flashcards much larger. Nonetheless, you can still create and download your own sets from Quizlet.

Requires Android: 2.2+
Price: Free
Download Link: Here

Quizard Flashcards ($2.99)

 The past two apps we hit were both free. After all, who wants to pay to study? But if you really need help or you really just love flash cards, this app is for you. It comes pre-loaded with a bunch of sets including multiplication, division, and states. You can check out the full list of pre-loaded sets here.

Requires Android: 1.6+
Price: $2.99
Download Link: Here

Wrap Up

Are flash cards the only way to help you get through that big test? Which of the apps did you find to be the best and most helpful? Let us know in the comments below.