These quips from diehard iPhone fans will make your blood boil

by: J. Angelo RacomaApril 15, 2014


At Android Authority, we like to be reasonable with our views and opinions. While we’re big fans of the Android platform and ecosystem, we like being fair. We can admit when the competition — namely iOS and, to some extent, Windows Phone and other platforms — have a certain edge or advantage over our beloved Android.

Competition is tough, especially between Apple and Google. It goes beyond the corporate level, however. Sometimes, users fight tooth and nail to defend their preferred platform, to the extent of voicing out strong opinions and expressly bashing anyone who disagrees. Sadly, this turns us all into iSheep and Fandroids. Nothing can be gained by launching personal attacks, insults and hate messages at each other.

Still, you have to hand it to some folks who troll the comment threads looking for fights to pick, clearly wanting to annoy those of us who want to have some serious and useful discussion. Check out some quips from diehard iPhone fans compiled by Business Insider, for example, which might make the blood of any proud Android fan curdle.

1. “Would you mind moving your enormous phone?”

Seriously. Everyone's doing it these days. (Credit: Amber Wilkie Photography)

Seriously. Everyone’s doing it these days. (Credit: Amber Wilkie Photography)

Sure, Apple prides itself in optimizing the iPhone’s design for one-handed operation. However, 4-inch screens are clearly no longer big enough for many a power user. You can only cram so much content into this space, especially as apps and mobile websites start featuring richer user experiences. True enough, not everyone is into ginormous 6-inch smartphones (like the Huawei Ascend Mate and HTC One Max). But that’s the beauty of Android — you get a choice of different sizes, price points and features.

And mind you, it’s not just enormous phones that bother people, especially when taking photos. Have you ever been to a preschool moving-up ceremony where everyone is holding up full-size iPads for taking photos and videos? I have! Move your iPads out of the way, folks! We’re trying to watch our kids sing and dance here.

2. “The design is perfect.”

How we wish! (Credit: Redmondpie)

How we wish! (Credit: Redmondpie)

This is, of course, subjective. While you can argue all day about how Apple design chief Jony Ive — sir Jony Ive — can create the most magnificent designs in his sleep, it’s not only Apple devices that are subject to great thought in terms of design. I can think of a handful of great Android devices that had great design, in terms of function, user experience and aesthetics. Take the Moto X, for example, or even its little brother, the Moto G. How about the HTC One and its successor, the One (M8)?

Sorry, no chops to Samsung for this one. Their best-selling S series works great, but these devices are like the Toyota Corollas of the Android world. They can run damn well and outlast everyone else, but they’re simply too bland for my taste. However, even Apple has had its duds. Ever heard of the iPhone 4 antennagate? Sometimes you can over-think aesthetics but sacrifice functionality. There’s good design, and there’s bad design. But something perfect? Again, this is subjective.

3. “There’s an app for that …”

Feeling cold? There's an app for that!

Feeling cold? There’s an app for that!

Yes, there are a handful of apps on Google Play for that. And on other Android app marketplaces like Amazon Appstore and even the Nokia Store. It seems this expression has gone beyond simply referring to the iTunes App Store. In fact, we now refer to computer programs as apps instead of just software. My, how the world has changed!

4. “… And I don’t have to deal with so many stock ones!”

Oh, and that's Queen Cersei in the background

Oh, and that’s Queen Cersei in the background.

Now this one rings true. If you’ve ever dealt with bloatware on your Android smartphone, I would agree these are some things that cause hair-pulling frustration when they get in the way of a great user experience — especially so if they’re bundled apps from the carriers. This is why I prefer rooting my phone and freezing unwanted apps as soon as I can.

But still, not all Android phones come with unwanted “stock” apps. Take Google Play Edition phones, for example. Or the Nexus line. For those of us who detest the likes of Sense UI, TouchWiz, Xperia and other customizations that manufacturers want to slap onto their devices, there’s always the vanilla Android experience with GPE. Or there are custom ROMs or even plain AOSP for those who are technically adept enough.

5. “I get free in-store tech support.”

Logcat. Solves everything.

Logcat. Solves everything.

Well, yes, but we Android users like to tweak, explore and optimize our devices to our heart’s content. Why drive to the store to have some Genius troubleshoot for you while you wait? Android fans like digging through XDA Developers, Google and other fine sources like Android Authority for our tech support needs.

Okay, I get it that Geniuses at Apple Stores know their stuff and are among the best in front-line customer and after-sales service. But I think it’s part of the Android experience to explore a bit and learn in the process.

6. “I can stream content to my TV using AirPlay.”

Sadly, the concept of 4K is lost on these people.

Sadly, the concept of 4K is lost on these people.

One word: Chromecast.

Okay, while supported content is a bit less expansive than AirPlay, I think the wider platform support will get Chromecast a competitive edge in the near future.

7. “I can get new software updates as soon as they’re available.”

Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.

Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.

Yes, but do you really want to? Sometimes, getting updates the moment they are released can cause headaches, like zero-day exploits and undocumented bugs. When Apple released iOS 6.0, it came with the then-unwanted Apple Maps, and a handful of battery-draining and data-eating bugs. I personally want to wait a while before updating, to see if other folks are experiencing problems.

And while the Android update process take months for carriers and manufacturers to work on, those with Nexus devices and Google Play Edition phones get updates and patches as soon as they are released by Google. And for those on the bleeding edge, there are custom ROMs with nightly builds.

8. “It has Siri.”

Self-driving cars? Delivery drones? Robot dogs? How soon until Skynet is self-aware?

Self-driving cars? Delivery drones? Robot dogs? How soon until Skynet is self-aware?

Frankly, in my experience, Google Now is a much smarter personal assistant than Siri. And all of these voice-powered assistants are nowhere as powerful as I’d want them to be. Get me Samantha (from Her), HAL 9000 (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) or Jane (from the Ender’s Game series), and we can start talking. But until my AI assistant can grow my investment portfolio for me, Siri, Google Now and Cortana are just over-hyped PDAs.

There’s one thing I’m afraid all these voice-powered assistants are leading to, however. Combined with big data, cloud-based apps and interconnected Internet-of-Things, we’re probably on our way to building Skynet.

9. “Emoji”

One does not simply send text with Emoji to Android users. It is known.

One does not simply send text with Emoji to Android users. It is known.

Yes, they’re fun, but they don’t exactly drastically improve my smartphone user experience. Besides, I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, when emoticons and BBS-language acronyms were all the rage. I can easily type a smiley face, thank you very much.

10. “There is every accessory imaginable.”

Here's how the wild, wild west was really won.

Here’s how the wild, wild west was really won.

It helps if your product line consists of only one or two current models in any given cycle. This makes it easier to build cases and other accessories for the iPhone and iPad, for example. But the same goes for the Samsung Galaxy line and even other lesser-known gadgets out there.

11. “Autocorrect this!”

Yeah, baby!

Yeah, baby!

We’ve all been hit by autocorrect mis-types at one point or another. But Android simply makes the typing experience miles better than the iPhone keyboard with options like Swype and Fleksy, my two favorite keyboard replacements.

Check out the video below.

What do you think? Have you had any bad experiences with iPhone users calling you out for your use of an Android smartphone or tablet? How did you react?

  • BumferryHogart

    I love my Android phone. I really do. But no phone/tablet is perfect. Neither apple or android or anyone involved in making these devices have come close to “the perfect device”.
    The fact that we have such choice as consumers means we all have the option to choose what feels right for us, at that time.
    For me the Nexus 4 good enough… for now.
    Would I buy an i-phone? possibly, if it was half the price brand new.

    I hate anyone who thinks their phone is better than the next persons or that Android is better than apple.

    It’s not.

    • Jayfeather787

      Nahhh. Android is way better than apple. Even you think so because you did not capitalize apple.

  • Andrew T Roach

    There’s no doubt that Android is very flexible and frankly is better for productivity in general.

    However, customer service, especially in-house replacements are a unique strength that Apple has: and can’t be matched without an Android retail presence.

    • Mike

      …and without Apple’s mark up. Haven’t needed some kid in a shop yet for my Galaxy and Nexus stuff.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      It has such a good service, that you have to wait or get an appointment, even if you need the phone fixed as soon as possible. Get out of here, you call up your cell provider, tell them the issue, they’ll send a replacement the next day, and you send it back, done.

    • Azeem

      Most Android users don’t need to go to a customer service center cuz most of them are tech savvy themselves and can fix these issues.

      • Azeem

        I can fix my phone’s problems easily.

        • mobilemann

          from the intelligence shown in these comments, i would say 90+% and probably you as well, could not get back from a soft brick.

    • Cal Rankin

      people who get an android are often smart enough to look around for a very easy fix to a problem.
      However, when the problems are a bit bigger, it’s always nice to have in-store support.

    • mildmanneredjanitor

      “flexible and better for productivity”
      That’s an oxymoron. When I had Android phones for three years I spent a huge amount of time fiddling with them to set it up how I wanted, probably more than actually using it!!
      Since switching to Windows phone I’m much happier. It just works. It’s better. And since 8.1 there’s no feature I’m missing, and there’s no apps I’m missing either.
      I don’t use IOS, but I know you don’t have that problem there either.
      Android is a mess.

  • G Mohal

    my samsung note 3 is superior than any iphone out there PERIOD

    • Android Developer

      Even Galaxy S (the first one) is superior in all its functions and potential than any other Iphone…

      • TheWay

        Galaxy S costs 10$ while the iPhone the first iPhone 2007 costs more than 10000$.. stupid!…its like comparing a ferari with your cheap car

        • Android Developer

          so, now you just added another advantage – price. higher price doesn’t always mean better product.
          See the reason for why diamonds are so expensive, even though they shouldn’t:

          Also, here’s why Android devices (and even old ones) are still better than IOS:

          • abazigal

            I remembered when I had to buy batteries for the digital cameras my pupils would be bringing out for an excursion. Initially, I thought I could save some money buy buying some cheap no-brand batteries from China. Turns out they could barely power the cameras I had bought them to use on. In the end, it was back to Energizer.

            Moral of the story – you get what you pay for.

            See? I can just as easily argue that sometimes, a product is priced more highly simply because it does in fact offer more utility to its target audience.

          • Android Developer

            yes, but it’s not always this way, and sometimes things get pricey even though there are really good alternatives at much lower price. Many people told me “Beats” is overpriced and that other, cheaper earphones (or headphones) are just the same.
            Also, note that nowadays, most of the electronics (and other stuff) come from China.

            I think that in order to get high quality products, you just have to check the tests that the product have passed (there are laws for the quality of the product, don’t remember how it’s called in English). You don’t always need to get the one of a highly popular brand.

          • Android Developer

            Not sure why my comments wasn’t published, so I will put a similar one instead:

            The reason for getting a bad quality product isn’t the price. It’s the bad quality of the product.

            You get what you’ve purchased, not what you paid for. You can pay as much as you wish, but you will get what you’ve chosen to purchase. Iphone’s manufacturing cost is actually around 200$ , while with all the hype and extra payments, it costs much more.

            Another example of overpriced products is bottled water. You pay about x100-x1000 more for water just because they are in a bottle with a nice label on them:

            When you purchased the batteries, did you check their quality before? Have you checked they pass the standard enforced on batteries (don’t remember how those laws are called in English) ?

            On the smartphone market, you get a lot of brands to choose from, and most of them give you a good device for cheaper price than the Iphone.

            People like to have a one mark on things to decide how good they work, to make it easy for them to choose. It’s not only for price. it’s on other stuff too:
            MP on cameras.
            Benchmark results on smartphones.
            MHZ for CPUs
            Horse power for cars.

            Not only that, but nowadays people tend to read just the title or sub-titles of articles on newspapers, making the newspapers trying to twist the facts to lure people into reading them.

          • abazigal

            You are also forgetting that manufacturing costs alone don’t always tell the whole picture of the relative worth or value of a phone, or any other device.

            The bill of raw materials don’t tell you that Apple invests a lot of money into designing their own processors, which in turn allows Apple to achieve a level of vertical integration no other OEM can can enjoy.

            Or that Apple is footing the bill of updating their OS and maintaining their own suite of services like Siri, iMessage, Maps and iCloud, which earn them no revenue (unlike other Android OEMs who simply tap on Google’s infrastructure for free). In short, Apple pumps an amazing amount of resources into allowing it to first define the experience it wants the consumers to enjoy, then work on the device, OS, apps and processor teams to deliver that customised experience.

            I can go on, but in a nutshell, I love my iPhone. I love that it looks great and works great and I feel it is worth every cent I paid for it. That’s my reality.

          • Android Developer

            So the design and integration costs are overpriced and inefficient (especially the unibody, which is very wasteful in materials and production costs, and this is a known fact). And if that’s what Apple stands for, this also explains another product line of them:
            Or, in case you don’t wish to watch those videos, look at the numbers:

            And about Apple’s services, I don’t think they don’t get any money from other companies who are willing to be on published there.

            About the IOS experience , have you watched the videos “Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google’s OS” I’ve mentioned ?

    • mobilemann

      i own one. (Note 3) It doesn’t do anything my iphone 5 didn’t do. (not talking about superficial bullshit)

      I’ve also had to install wake lock detector, greenify and it’s xposed setup to get near the control over my battery i do on iOS.

      Kids on this site are stupid. Like you.

      • g mohal

        So why did you buy one??

        • mobilemann

          Lol, because i post something in defense of iOS i suddenly prefer it to android? Mostly I wanted screen size:D (and i do like android, quite a lot, iOS does have a lot to learn (defaults and intents) but it doesn’t actually stop anything from being done on the platform.

          I’m an IT guy and i like to keep feet on both platforms, i love android as well, it is quite a bit more flexible, but that doesn’t mean VPN, VNC, etc don’t work on iOS.

          I take offense to children on this site who do nothing more than read facebook with their phones having a go at other users based on platform. I was an iOS user who used to setup siri proxy servers, to augment siri (without a jailbreak) You can be cool and geeky with anything.

        • mobilemann

          I love it, the screen size is great and i enjoy android, it’s definitely less restrictive with user data going between apps, which can be a great thing. But really, intents and screen size. (also wanted sd slot and removable batt). I take those advantages with the downsides (apps daemons that regularly laugh at deep sleep, and generally slightly worse quality apps)

  • jubia

    Playing devil’s advocate here a bit:

    > 3. “There’s an app for that …”

    Weird, I got that *a lot* from Android heads at the office when I switched from the iPhone to Android.

    “Why can’t I set all notifications in one single place?” “There is an app for that…”
    “Why it’s using the external speakers for notifications when I have the earphones in?” “There is an app for that…”

    And on, and on, and on…

    > 7. “I can get new software updates as soon as they’re available.”

    I get the point, but it is also ridiculous that my tablet released almost a year ago still doesn’t have the latest OS version, even when it is out for 4 months already. 4 months is time enough to fix most annoying issues; it’s taking so long to just jump a single minor release that a new revision of the latest minor was already released!

    IMHO, the problem is the damn secrecy Google keeps on their releases. While Apple usually delivers newer versions of their OS to developers to iron-out things a bit, Google keeps everything under wraps till the last minute, then releases and let companies scramble with mobile operators to release a new version — and even that, there are reports of recently released version botching people’s phones.

    (So, even if Google keeps things under wraps, they *still* manage to fuck things up, pretty much like Apple.)

    • Kash Gummaraju

      If it’s connecting to external speakers and not headphones, have the phone checked, not get an app. Why aren’t all your notifications in one place. Then get the OS fixed, because all my notifications are in one place without an app. What’s your tablet? iOS 7 just got its fix about a month ago, more than 4 months since users started reporting issues. Very few people have issues with new updates for Android, apple on the other hand has many more users being affected by bugs due to new releases.

      • jubia

        (Still playing Devil’s Advocate…)

        Well, then my S4 is broken. Apparently, so is Android (it happened with my standard Samsung distribution and still happens with my CM 10.2.1).

        Notifications themselves are in one place, but I can’t *SET* the notifications in a single place; I have to go app to app to set them.

        My tablet is an Xperia Z, which Sony promised we’d get 4.4.2 in February and then later pushed to July. 4.4.3 is hitting Nexus devices already and no update yet.

        Sure, Apple has some isses with their updates, but there are lots of reports of Kitkat updates bricking phones. Not getting slow, not draining battery, plain and simply bricking. Sure, the rolling updates prevent this getting widespread compared to the general battery draining that afflicted all iOS devices, but still, it happens.

        Not saying that “AMG, iPhone is, like, waaaay better than Android”, but if people keep ignoring that Android have its own problems, it will never get better.

        • Vardan Nazaretyan

          I had the problem on my old Desire S, but with my Nexus 5 I don’t have the notification sound issue. It comes through to headphones without any issue. Maybe Kit Kat has fixed that?

    • is that all?

      Really? I beg to differ, sounds like your tablet is a bloat filled Samsung, who are infamous for slow updates due to their extensive bastardization of android, poor consumer choice by you, a nexus 7 our 10 would have been better if prompt updating is your chief concern

      • jubia

        Sorry, wrong. Not Samsung, it’s a Sony device.

        Sure, I’d love to get a Nexus 10… if Google decided to SELL them in Brazil, for starts…

        (Also, props to Sony, their Android is a lot less weird than Samsung [I have a S4 for phone]. But still, they are taking MONTHS to simply go to 4.4.2.)

        [Again, as I mentioned, just playing Devil’s Advocate with my post. It’s not like Apple is the master of all things and can’t do wrong, but ignoring that Android has problems will never solve them.]

        • Kash Gummaraju

          Then root the tablet

  • Jayfeather787

    Conclusion: Apple users are stupid.

    • TheWay

      You mean people who own a Macbook Air are stupid?

      • Jayfeather787

        Actually, I quite like Apple laptops. I think they are overpriced, like every other Apple device, but they are built with a very nice design and materials. Those who buy it are not necessarily stupid as a whole, but were stupid in how they chose to spend their money. A chromebook is now the same thing as a macbook air. Neither have a DVD/CD/Blu-Ray player, and basically all they can do is browse the web.

        • abazigal

          Seriously? All a macbook air can do is surf the web? There are people out there doing stuff like logic cut pro and creating podcasts on the 11″ macbook air and you think it’s only good for surfing the web?

          • Jayfeather787

            Yep. It’s just a pretty chromebook. It doesn’t have the hardware for gaming really. Basically it doesn’t do anything more than a chromebook nowadays.

          • TheWay

            I give you a hint, instal an antivirus, open safari and feel free click on whatever you want do whatever u want on safari
            The games from Mac App Store works smooth on MacBook Air unles your using windows games

          • Jayfeather787

            Exactly!!! Real games don’t work on a Macbook Air.
            And I thought apple had antivirus built in.

          • TheWay

            it doesnt have antivirus built in..Mac simple dont get viruses
            I like to instal an antivirus in Air beacause i like to feel myself even more safer when i search porn

          • nishantsirohi123

            this ^^^^^^

          • Jayfeather787

            Well. Now that we know you search porn, I guess it’s best not to take your advice.

          • cee

            Sorry, but Mac’s can get viruses, I have managed Mac systems for 25 years, we had one in 1991! (it was a Worm that overwrote the same section of disk which made disk access slow!)

            I always run Sophos Antivirus (free and fast), to make sure I don’t pass on Windows viruses to Windows users. And have never had any problems since 1991.

          • Kash Gummaraju

            those are games? More like ported iPad and iPhone games

          • mobilemann

            Apple gets games, they are just a 2nd class citizen, but lots of stuff is there, steam, borderlands wow etc. Anything that’s really big, get’s ported.

            Just like how iOS get’s all the mobile games first, and anything that’s really good, will def come to android.

            Don’t worry, we’ll all get over it, except maybe you, because your a platform loyalist, aka a phoney.

          • Phil

            So if a computer doesn’t do gaming well, it is like a Chrome book? Do you know that not everyone likes to game on their computer? I don’t. In fact I barely play any game at all.

          • Lisandro O Oocks

            you don’t sound too fun

          • bulkycrap

            What if i told you that laptops aren’t only for gaming … heard the words productivity before ?

          • Kash Gummaraju

            Gaming specs(mostly low-end) are also essential for video editing, photo editing, and so on.

          • mobilemann

            yeah, photoshop is terrible without at GTX780. Oh wait, you’re an idiot.

          • Jayfeather787

            In which a chromebook can do it for a fifth of the price.

          • mobilemann

            mine macbook air has a thunderbolt port, which allows me to connect it to my audio interface, which allows a 11″ machine to simultaneously track 24 tracks of audio (the PCIE storage helps too) You are the worst kind of fanboy, one who has just enough knowledge to let everyone else know how stupid they are:D

          • Jayfeather787

            Great. Your little macbook has a nice little thunderbolt port.
            Get a USB port. You know what USB stands for?
            Universal Serial Bus. Universal. As in, it works with a lot of things.
            Good job Apple, for creating something that NO ONE
            uses and adding to your list of proprietary software and hardware it supports.

          • mobilemann

            thunderbolt is an intel standard you can get from any mobo maker these days. It’s like direct external pcie access. It also has usb 3 ports you troglodyte. I don’t understand the continual talk about stuff you know zero about.

          • Jayfeather787

            I know but apple is the one that mainly uses it.
            I was saying that USB has more uses and therefore I would prefer it over a thunderbolt. Speed and functionality mean nothing if only a couple things can utilize it.

          • mobilemann

            you’re confused, it doesn’t compete with usb. it does stuff USB can’t. USB is totally 100% necessary, but having a thunderbolt port does enable other things. (like the dude playing BL2 on an external graphics card on a 11″ mba)

          • Jayfeather787

            Ok thanks for explaining that.

          • BaylorC

            Thunderbolt was developed by Intel.

          • cee

            Abaz, Jayfeather thinks his Atom processor is the bomb.
            His brain is 8-Bit with the memory of of a zxSpectrum

          • Jayfeather787

            So I just saw this comment. First off, fuck you! Second off, my rig is far better than your piece of shit you have probably. Third off, AMD is the best.

        • TheWay

          Macs are expensive (except Macbook Air) but they are not overpriced
          They have some features that other companies doesnt have like “Hardware and Software config.”

          • Jayfeather787

            Except for the fact that I am paying 1000 dollars for a laptop that has integrated graphics. I can get a cheaper, better, faster laptop for much less.

          • abazigal

            Prove it. And it must also be as thin and slim as the Macbook air.

            Not to mention that only Apple computers can legally run OSX, which is itself worth a fair amount of utility to the right people.

          • Ray

            A while back I was helping a friend choose an ultrabook and the best one we found was a sony vaio. It was about $400 cheaper than the macbook air, and all the specs were comparable. If I recall correctly it had a 14″ screen, 6gb 1600hz ram, haswell i7, 7hrs of battery life, and a 256gb SSD. I remember the SSD scored really well on two benchmarks, and generally was quite well reviewed.

            The only thing I can give to apple beyond the design (which is purely subjective) is that they have amazing battery life. Though this really comes down to being able to finetune their OS, and generally being able to lock it down more

            It was also quite light and slim, I’m sure it wasn’t as slim as a macbook air, but the difference was imperceptible. .

          • abazigal

            I am going to need to trouble you to link me to it. I have tried searching online, and equivalent-specced laptops are retailing for well over $1.3k. Maybe a tad cheaper than an equivalently specced 13″ macbook air with 8gb ram and 256 ssd, but not really enough to be considered savings, IMO.

          • Ray

            I’m unable to access Apple’s macbook customization options at the moment (apparently its updating???), and for some reason Sony’s stock of vaios have suddenly shrunk. Just have to mention that I’m looking at canadian stores, so this might colour prices?

            Another thing I have to mention is that we’re students. So while Apple was offering a flat 10% off, IIRC, Sony was giving free upgrades. The upgrades were pretty nice, 4gb RAM>8gb RAM and 120gb SSD>256gb SSD. You’re right though, the sony vaio pro they have (which is lower specced than this one) is $1300. I’m afraid you’ll “have to” take my word for it? I’m sorry I couldn’t do better.

            Though I can give you the example of my toshiba laptop. It came out just before the haswell line, so there were pretty decent sales. It had a 3rd gen i7, 6gb RAM, 14″ screen, great Harmon Kardon speakers, and 256gb SSD. All for $800, though the battery life could be better (5.5-6hrs of decent usage). Its a toshiba satellite: with a better harddrive (for some reason I don’t see my model anywhere else.

          • Jayfeather787

            This is just one.
            This is an acer ultrabook that has better specs than the air and is much cheaper. It has a bigger screen, a hard drive and a solid state, and double the RAM.
            Check mate bitch.
            Also it runs windows, a real operating system. Not that mac OshitX
            I actually prefer a linux distro, but that’s a different conversation.

          • abazigal

            Are you so desperate to check my King that you would sacrifice your queen in the process? Not even checkmate, just so you have the opportunity to yell “Check!”?

            That laptop you linked to has a resolution of 1366×768 for a 15.6″ screen, and a pitiful 20gb of flash storage which is probably just enough to hold the OS. It is also heavier and bulkier than a macbook. I am also betting that its trackpad sucks. And you are comparing this to a laptop with 256gb of pure flash storage?

            Is there any wonder why it is being offloaded for as cheaply as it is? The manufacturer (Acer, a company who is infamous for products with shoddy build quality) has practically skimped on everything that would offer a better user experience, from the display to the storage, all to cut costs.

            Good lord, it’s like you are not even trying to have a meaningfully conversation here.

          • Jayfeather787

            Opps, my bad. I picked the wrong one.
            This one looks better. Configure it with a 240 GB SSD under the configure and buy, and ends up around 1000 bucks.
            It is larger than a mac air but better.

          • mobilemann

            not that weights 2.4 pounds. Aren’t you glad there are different laptops for different uses? Oh wait, you’re just a fucking idiot.

          • Jayfeather787

            I am glad that there are different laptops for different uses, as well as different things for different people. Different strokes for different folks.
            I’m the fucking idiot? Well, you just replied to this fucking idiot, so that means that I phased you in some sort of way. This bothers you. This penetrates your thing skull and you are not able to handle this, are you? You insignificant piece of scum, why don’t you just go join your apple clan and leave us be. I can assure you that no one will miss you.
            Good day.

          • mobilemann

            i’m glad your glad. And i’m sorry for calling you an idiot, only because you sound like you’re probably 11. That being said, welcome to the internet. Don’t let what strangers say upset you, lol.

          • Jayfeather787

            Ok you are a nice guy. Let me delete that comment.
            I am actually 13, so I do sound like an idiot, probably because I am one.

          • mobilemann

            now i feel bad. Just don’t worry about what assholes like me say on the net, lol.

          • Kash Gummaraju

            They are very overpriced. Look at lenovo’s offerings and come back to me.

          • TheWay

            Ok lets say i build custom PC using the exact same hardware found in Mac Pro and then i run geekbench.. and i get the same results like Mac Pro but when i use powerfull programs i notice that my custom PC is actually slower than Mac Pro.. beacause my windows is not optimized for my hardware like Apple so i call Microsoft to give me an optimized windows specifically made for my hardware..and their answer will be either ignore or it will cost more than 100000 $
            in conclusion Mac Pro is the fastest pc on the planet because of the “Hardware and Softaware optimization”

          • Ray

            First I’d like to the make the point that regardless of the mac notebook/ultrabook/desktop you buy they cap the GPU at a GTX 780M. Moreover if you’re planning to spend $2700 to build a decent rig, you can easily use the money more effectively to build your own rig, with a pretty nice TV (as a monitor). While I agree the Apple OS is probably better optimized for certain tasks, I can point to how gaming on my friend’s mac still gives much worse performance than my rig which is a year older than his and about $400 cheaper. Even then, if you build your own rig, you aren’t limited to Windows, you can look to the future and see one with a potentially more powerful Steam OS.

            But yes, I would say for most people they would find using apple devices (including the iphone) for some inexplicable reason slightly smoother and nicer, and otherwise it really depends on the applications that you want to run.

          • That’s why gaming studios and special FX studios all use mac pro’s… oh wait, they don’t.

          • mobilemann

            news flash: different products with different components cost different amounts and are used for different purposes. This laptop is amazing for some, for others, they should get the lenovo. (which has neither thunderbolt or PCIE storage)

        • Kash Gummaraju

          The mac lineup eschews functionality for design. The trackpad lacks proper functions, instead of swiping down to scroll down, you swipe down to scroll up and vice versa. The keyboards are not comfortable, they’re small and cramped. I cannot list the number of times I nearly punched a mac when using it.

          • mobilemann

            idiot, the trackpad is universally acclaimed to be the best in the industry. You are the first person i have ever seen on the web come down on it.

            It’s because you don’t care about the hardware, your care about the brand, fanboy.

          • Kash Gummaraju

            I care very much for the hardware, why do you think I use android? I’d like to see an article that says that the apple trackpad is the best(other than from an Apple dedicated blog)

        • Guest

          ITT: back-and-forth fanboying
          Just use what you want and don’t tell anyone about it.

      • Andrian Hendrawan

        MacbookPros before current ones –> w/o dvd drive, are very good.

        • Jayfeather787

          Agreed. +1

      • flamencoguy

        People who own Apple products are not necessarily stupid. They are blinded by faith and are brand and social status conscious. They do not like glitches but at the same time forgive Apple for every one of their missteps. To them it is a statement of who they are and how they fit in with their friends etc. Android users are renegades. They dare to be different and venture far from the ordinary. They are not afraid to have to tinker to get things right. I had to re-partition my internal memory to allocate more and shrink phone storage for the 32 GB in my phone. That means rooting the phone, installing TWRP and wipe memory and installing a new ROM with redefined partitioning specs.

        • Benny X

          Renegades? daring to be different and venturing far from the ordinary?

          Different from what? what ordinariness are they venturing away from?

          there’s always been a segment of computer-using people that have had the desire to tweak things more to their liking.. that’s not being a renegade, that’s just being normal. Communities that support that kind of tweaking have been commonplace for decades!

      • Daniel Nasim

        Did you know that Google employees use Macs?

    • John

      Apple users are stupid ? C’mon that’s an extremely bias thing to say. Not every apple user hates Android.

      I’ll correct it for you:

      Conclusion: Apple & android FANboys are stupid

      • Blowntoaster

        you too sir are wrong.
        You should have said: “Fanboys are stupid”. some idiot fanboy will always come and post some crap in a comment section or blog to piss someone else off and ruin the experience. It happens every time.

        • K2

          Good point. But that is not being stupid. That is deliberately taunting.

          And both do that.


      Apple users just want things to work right out of the box.

      Android users like to have options, and by options I mean the ability to adapt their phone to their liking.

  • blanco112

    Sure you can get a smaller android phone of you want, but all the flagships are BIG. So yeah I can get a 4 in screen but prepared to sacrifice performance. Not a problem for me as I like big phones but I know a few people who don’t want something so big.

    Also the argument for seven is weak. Of course faster updates are better. Not every one is perfect out of the gate, but you’ll also get any bug fixes faster too. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for Kitkat on my Verizon galaxy s4. And if you don’t want it immediately, you can wait and not install it.

    • ramon blok

      The sony xperia z1 compact is a small flagship device, it got a 4,3 inch display and still has the snapdragon 800 on the inside. so you don’t actually need an enormous android if you want high end specs.

  • Rafi

    No one has ever won an iPhone-Android argument with me! Android is the most powerful and user customisable mobile platform I’ve seen! Let’s not talk about the various superphones that run Android because that’ll take forever. Yes, literally. People go for Apple products just because they’re designed in a fancy way, oh and people like expensive stuff too!

    • Epic Tea

      android is better, but ios is capable of accomplishing what most consumers need, and most consumers could care less they aren’t usually fanatics as you see on these tech sites.

      • K2

        *clap* *clap*

    • K2

      iphone costs the same as other flagships on contract. And no not all people buy iphones because they are designed like that.

  • Epic Tea

    funny thing is you have to download an app on ios to accomplish what are often baked into android’s OS, thus taking up precious space.

  • androidfan

    I am a android fan and i love my Nexus 5, but I do really like the iPhone designs and its form factor (can text with one hand etc), i sometimes do feel the Nexus 5 is a bit too big. If they can make a nexus in a iPhone body with a micro usb charger, you can call it an abomination, but i’d buy it.

    • N4

      Many say apple have great design, quality materials, premium build but all apple devices can’t connect to my car’s bluetooth and other non apple gadgets. Android devices, pre-android devices, nokias, PSP/PSVita connect without issues. #1 reason why I don’t buy Apple. There are apple devices in the house only because they were gifts from family or forced to use (kid’s school insist on Ipads, no android tablets allowed).

  • trollbomber

    It’s a holy war!! With either side preaching use our device or…. Butthurt…. Pathetic all of you!
    Honestly what is the fixation with that anyway?
    Meanwhile I’ll remain aligned with the tech worlds quiet achiever, One to which none of the above bullet points apply to, & I’m not going to wax lyrical about them either, it’s against my better interests to do that, while you 2 mobs of isheep & Samtragics are too busy suicide bombing one another with vitriol to notice or find out for yourselves how awesome Motorola have become…

    • Heisenberg

      What you’ve described is not just limited to tech. In Sports, politics, gaming, media, and many more – we see the same behaviour.

  • sumi

    my friend has to upgraded his iphone already twice.. i am still hanging with my Motorola Atrix with custom ROM.. :)
    Apple is like more of a show piece, and many doesnt even use/know complete features of it…

  • Android Developer

    OK, so here are my comments to the article’s points:
    1. My device isn’t enormous. It’s the iphone which has become tiny. At least make the screen take more space of the device, instead of all this empty space, or make the device smaller and let the screen stay at the same size. Now the Iphone 5 looks like a TV remote control…
    2. How about the next things as a part of good design: USB support? compatibility support? SD card support? replaceable battery? better materials than aluminium? less waste from unibody manufacturing ? front facing speakers?
    All part of better designs for many Android devices, that the iphone lacks.
    And let’s not forget the design of the OS itself, which you can customize to your likings in so many ways…
    3. There are more Android apps, more games (count the emulators too), and more potential of Android apps (live wallpapers, keyboards, widgets,…) than on IOS.
    4. at least I can disable what I don’t like, instead of putting it into “junk folder” as on IOS.
    5. best support service is the one that you don’t need.
    6. I can connect my device via HDMI/MHL to the TV. some devices already have IR, Miracast and let’s not forget all the cool diskokey-size devices that run on Android and connect to the TV already…
    7. Me too. and when the manufacturer will stop, I can always put ROMs to still get the latest, and still get a very good performance.
    8. I can’t count the number of alternative apps out there that do the same. Still don’t use either Siri or any other, as customized shortcuts on the launcher are still quite quick for me. Plus, Siri doesn’t support Hebrew and many other languages, while Google Now does (or at least allows searching ).
    9. There are already many keyboards that have it,either built in or as a plugin.
    10. Many have become useless from Iphone 5, since they don’t support the new connector.
    11. I have seen many keyboards out there that have really cool features regarding auto-correct. Many even learn from what you’ve written in the past, and predict what you’ll type next.

  • Heisenberg

    12. “It just works”

    I’m surprised you’ve missed the most annoying one. Android really isn’t that difficult to use, but a lot of people assume it’s hardwork!

    • Pouf LeBlanc

      “It just works. When it didn’t, you’ll constantly searching for workaround.”


      • nishantsirohi123

        yes, for example, sharing images via bluetooth

  • Nathan Buffington

    (INTELLIGENT) RAGE: 99% of iPhone users literally know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about technology. They don’t understand what “PPI” or “RAM” is. All they know is that is has a fruit on it and can facetime and has instagram. That’s it. I’ve repeatedly tried to get into intellectual debates with iPhone user about which is better, but they ALL end in them saying “more people have iPhones”(false) and “Androids are so big and ugly” and “Siri”. Not that they even know anything about what Androids are capable of, they just aren’t iPhones… Please comment if u want to debate or respond!

    • Jarl

      that about sums it up :)

    • TheWay

      Hey, I’m not an iPhone user but i am an Apple fan..and i can tell you there only two advatanges an Android has over an iPhone: bigger display and cheaper

      • Nathan Buffington

        Nicer screens, better speakers, faster processor, better cameras, more customizable, touchless control (Moto X), shall I continue??

        • abazigal

          Do you really want to get into a discussion about quality of cameras and faster processors? The S5 loses to the iPhone 5s in several benchmarks despite sporting a faster processor with more cores. That ought to tell you that specs alone don’t always tell the whole picture.

          • Nathan Buffington

            Oh gosh the S5 is not the only Android phone.. Have you looked at the Xperia Z2? Its camera destroys the iPhone.. and Even my Nexus 5 is much faster than the iPhone. Oh and don’t forget Androids can be waterproof!!

          • TheWay

            Please just pick one feature like camera i can’t answer to all of wanna know why the iPhone camera s the most popular camera? because they don;t cheat, when you test the iPhone camera what u see is what u get..they don’t fool you like others
            You must use photo aplications to see wich one takes better photos..u can’t tell with the naked eye

          • Jayfeather787

            What? You don’t cheat on a camera. I do know though, that an 8 MP sensor is not as good as a 20 MP sensor.

          • TheWay

            Just so you know the iPhone 5s 8 mp camera wipes the floor with iPhone 4S 8 mp camera in quality
            bigger MP does matter but sometimes it doesnt
            Are saying that Nokia N8 12 MP camera is better than iPhone 5s 8 MP camera?

          • nishantsirohi123

            actually it is

          • abazigal

            For a smartphone, the distinction is really overly fine. Unless you are regularly printing life-sized prints of photos taken from your smartphone, most of the time, you will opt to compress them to save on bandwidth anyways.

            I personally feel that this megapixel race is getting out of hand. Good to see that Apple is not being suckered into a meaningless spec race.

          • Damon Adrian

            don’t make silly excuses like “you don’t need 20mp.” just face it, z2 has better camera

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            Can’t we just say that you don’t really need 20MP but the Z2 does have the better camera? I mean, 13 or even 8MP are enough, but it’s not the whole story. Aperture, OIS etc. That’s one of the main reasons I would consider the Z2’s camera over any other Android and iPhone camera, it has not only a lot of pixels, but overall a better camera hardware and software.

          • Damon Adrian

            they should improve the software a little more and the z2 will beat the s5 in everything (except usb 3)

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            The software is good enough imho. TouchWiz isn’t that big of a competitor for timescape UI.

          • Damon Adrian

            i meant camera software (processing)

          • Vardan Nazaretyan


          • free hugs… and .. candy ;)

            SONY <3 …… or lumia …..

          • Azeem

            LOL, what kind of foolery are you talking about? You somehow have an insider’s look on how OEMs make their smartphone cameras? Don’t be crazy.

          • Benny X

            I can tell you why the iPhone camera is the most popular camera.. it’s because it’s made by Sony, who knows how to make good cameras.

          • abazigal

            Except that you are not going to find this one mythical Android phone sporting all those aforementioned features that thoroughly trounce the iPhone in every way. Where is this phone with the camera of the Z2, speed of the Nexus5 and waterproofing of the S5?

            Each of these phones is not without its share of drawbacks. Thats the thing – they are all packages of compromises. Each phone prioritises a certain set of features over the rest. It just so happens that the iPhone is able to do many of the basic stuff really well, like taking photos and surfing the web.

          • Nathan Buffington

            Well the Z2 actually does have all of those, including waterproofing. But the beauty of Android is you can find a special feature that you want your phone to specialize in (build quality, camera, speakers) and then you can find a phone made just for you!

          • Mark Gardner

            This phone would be the HTC One M8.

          • Michael Muyunda

            Note 3 beats the 5s in benchmarks and before you talk about the benchmark boosting, you can put it into a high power mode.
            -Note 3 has a higher res screen
            -bigger screen
            -pressure sensitive stylus
            -more sensitive screen (check on gizmodo)
            -Better battery life
            -wireless charging
            -Multi window
            -removable back to replace batteries
            -sd card slot, which means a total of 160gb
            -50gb dropbox
            -IR blaster
            -runs android…that’s another list
            There it is a phone that thoroughly trounces the iPhone. Also how does iPhone do basic stuff well? Surfing the web is better on android since you can change the default browser + bigger screen + adblock. Android is just better.

          • abazigal

            There is a saying – You don’t miss what you don’t need.

            To me, screen size is a matter of personal preference. If I need a way larger screen for stuff, that’s what my iPad mini is for.

            I am a teacher using my iPad in the classroom every day (in tandem with airplay mirroring) for more than 2 years now, so I daresay I am quite clear about what I want, what I have come to appreciate, and what I definitely don’t really need on an iOS device.

            For me, walking around the classroom with iPad in hand, I love that the responsive touchscreen means I can annotate on my documents with ease using my fingers (and only my fingers) rather than fumble with a stylus. Same goes for my iPhone – what exactly would I use a stylus for again?

            My iPhone’s battery life is enough to last me through the day, and I am personally not quite sold on the whole idea of wireless charging yet. Or at least not the current incarnation, where I have to leave my phone on a mat and not move it. Shouldn’t the term imply that my phone can be charged remotely regardless of where I am in the room?

            I am also using a 64-gb iPhone, which provides ample storage space. I am also convinced that multi-windows is exactly the wrong sort of complexity that I hope never invades / pollutes iOS (be it the iPhone or iPad or some hybrid product). I honestly can’t see myself fiddling with multiple resizable windows.

            50gb dropbox is something I can simply pay for if I want it. My current 10gb account suffices. IR Blaster for…?

            Runs Android? That’s actually a step back for me, since I am quite deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem (iMac, macbook air, iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv).

            As for basic stuff, let’s use the web-surfing example. Stuff like inertia-based scrolling just feels right on the iPhone, where the screen moves precisely as much as you would expect it to when you flick up and down. We will probably have to agree to disagree here, but therein lies the paradox of choice. I don’t need half a dozen options that don’t work well. I just need one good option to work properly for me.

          • Michael Muyunda

            All your excuses are “I don’t need it”, but when Apple invents it its another story. Also the extra options are OPTIONAL so they wont pollute anything. You might as well get a moto x. It does everything the iPhone does for probably half the cost.

          • abazigal

            Apple usually has a record of improving on existing features / technologies and delivering a more refined product. For example, I don’t see myself using wireless charging in its current incarnation, but if Apple could create some sort of base charging station that could emit electromagnetic waves that charges my iOS devices regardless of where they are in the room, I feel that would be much more useful.

            Same thing with stuff like fusion drive. Apple wasn’t the first to ship PCs with flash and hard-disk storage, but they were the first to add custom software to treat them as 1 contiguous drive so that consumers didn’t have to manually manage which files go where. Typical Apple refinement.

            I disagree that the extra options are optional. I believe there is an opportunity cost involved in terms of the time and resources expended in implementing them. Resources which, all other things equal, could have been devoted to refining some other aspects of the device or focused on introducing features that actually worked.

          • Kash Gummaraju

            Wow, you’re the most unproductive smartphone user I’ve seen. And also the most biased
            1. He listed an advantage being a more responsive screen
            2. A longer battery life
            3. Free 50gb space on dropbox- why do you want to pay?
            4. You fiddle with multiwindow on OSX and Windows
            5. IR blaster is for controlling and connecting to media devices such as Smart TVs(without permission), Chromecast, Roku, Projectors, speakers, etc.
            6.Really? You can easily expand to more than 64gb if you buy a 32gb or 16gb for a fraction of the price of a 64gb phone
            7. Longer battery life? Why do you not want that?
            8. The feature of choice- in Android it all comes down to choices that you make, not the manufacturer’s choices(for most part, not including hardware).

            Your argument that “you don’t need it” is a big excuse, everyone has seen people like you claim that you don’t need something at first, and when Apple introduces it on their platforms, you suddenly NEED it. I suggest you think logically before you say something. If you feel that you don’t want Android, because you’re so invested in the system , say that it’d be a hassle to move on. But there’s a way you can use your Apple TV with an Android, “AllCast”


            All those features do work well, check the reviews. You obviously have yet to actually touch an Android

          • Cole Raney

            The Z2has the speed of the Nexus 5 and BETTER waterproofing than the S5. The e S5 also has a decent camera, the speed of the nexus 5, and tge best screen. Only the new HTC one lacks in any area (waterproofing) so far this year. All major flagships put the latest iPhone to shame. Especially in design. It was nice on the iPhone 4, but it has been 4 years.

          • Azeem

            The LG G2 has a great camera and the speed of the Nexus 5. It may not have the waterproofing of the Z2, but 2/3 is pretty damn good. Speaking of the Z2, there’s your true answer.

          • Phil

            Jesus, are you people check what you are saying? A phone being waterproof has nothing to do with the OS it is running. Any phone can be waterproof as long as the oem make it like that.

          • mobilemann

            the comments down here are pure smh.

          • Basr83

            No offense to S5 users but Samsung does add way too much performance hindering junk with TouchWiz and that stands out in benchmark tests. Of course if you really look into it iPhone 5S performing better on graphics for example with a third of the pixels, technology that only renders the visual part and not the full scene with the hidden bits and still only marginally outperforms a S5 when both have quad-core graphics. Really the performance isn’t impressive, it’s quite the opposite. Only the CPU performance is interesting, but coupled with 64bits processing it should be on par with your basic quad-core ARM A15 Android phone, but since most SoC’s are clocked quite a bit higher it’s hard to make a decent comparison. Performance on stock android with similar clockspeeds should offer similar performance to a iPhone 5S. Of course die size and more also impact performance but I doubt the difference would be noteworthy if you really try to compete on equal specs.

          • abazigal

            Some of the benchmarks were for offscreen rendering tests, and so are resolution-independent. It’s just that Android phones chose to have 4 slower cores over 2 faster cores when the majority of apps and processes aren’t designed to utilise more than 2 cores anyways, hence their subpar performance despite sporting better specs on paper.

          • Basr83

            Apple’s advantage lies primarily in the 64bits setup it currently enjoys and benchmarks take full advantage of that. Were they run using 32bits performance would drop to about half of those scores. The advantage is short-lived however as 64bits performance is due to arrive on Android later this year, and likely to send the iPhone 5S down to a moderate performer.

          • Kash Gummaraju

            64bit requires 4gb RAM to work, you cannot at all attribute any perfomance jump to the 64bit processor.

          • mobilemann

            how stupid are you? It’s not just ram, it’s registers, fanboy

          • Basr83

            Saying that just proves you know nothing at all about the advantages 64bits offers over 32bits. 64bits doesn’t just let you utilize more than 4GB of RAM, but also allows data to transfer twice as fast as a 32 bits system allows. Apple has made the effort to push through 64bits support in iOS7 and all the necessary subsystems to allow performance during benchmarks to fully utilize 64 bits and as a result performance can be as much as twice as high for the hardware. The 64bits enabled quadcore GPU in the iphone 5S essential can perform at the same level as a 32 bits octacore GPU. Sure that’s not an entirely accurate statement as more factors into it, but simplistic reasoning that’s how it currently performs. At the end of the day its not so impressive how the iPhone 5S scores in benchmark tests. Framerates are actually somewhat disappointing for a 64 bits enabled system. In some tests it loses out to Android devices almost a year older than it, on rendering it fares better because that can fully use the 64bits performance to the max. Halve those results of benchmark tests and you have an idea of how the iPhone 5S performs on 32bits.

          • Kash Gummaraju

            Just how blind and biased are you?

          • nishantsirohi123

            isheep got none of it, isheep still suks on apple

          • Azeem

            Keyword here is benchmarks. Any smartphone user knows that benchmarks are nothing compared to real world experience.

        • TheWay

          Why do you think gimmicky feature like touchless control is better than Touch ID feature? just so you know a Siri voice control feature to unlock your phone is never gonna happen

          • Jayfeather787

            The touchless control is better than Apple’s Touch ID because touchless control doesn’t give my fingerprint to the NSA.

          • Nathan Buffington


          • cee

            Like Shamesung does? To the NSA Scr-U-gle servers are an open book.

          • mobilemann

            by this idiotic logic, it gives your voice to the NSA instead.

          • phandroid

            As a moto x user, touchless control is definitely not a gimmick. It actually makes things much easier. Don’t judge unless you’ve used it yourself for an extended period of time.

          • Nathan Buffington

            Touchless control is incredible, especially for people who don’t wanna waster time putting their thumb at a special angle and then holding down the home button to talk to some moron that will just search something random on BING

          • mobilemann

            siri has a ton more actual commands it can respond to (it’s simply been around longer) It can also book restaurants / movie tickets.

          • Azeem

            Touchless control and gimmicky? You, sir, are clueless. Motorola Touchless Control and Moto Assist are the two most useful features of the Moto X.

        • mobilemann

          apple and nokia have better camera software than anything that’s on android right now ( i say this owning a note 3)

          Touch-less control is on more phones than the moto x, it’s also on the note 3, s5, and could be setup with any s800 based phone. Of course you don’t know these things because you’re just a fanboy.

          In general the A7 is faster in some area’s, slower in others than the s800/801.

          You’re basically wrong about 60% of you type on average. (even with the android points) You’re stupidity actually hurts.

    • cee

      You must be some kind of ultra hard core programmer like all other HaemaRoid users seeing as you know such in-depth technical terms like ppi and RAM.

      How come not one Haemeroid hacker spotted the Heartbleed bug? Haemeroiders claim they comb googles code, and claim it’s better than and safer than iOS because of this!?!

      You are a user, nothing more. Google may give you the sense that your hacking everything and bashing code, but really you have no more specialist knowledge than any contempory 13yo.

      As with most haemerioders your egos are massive but your careers never really match up to what you think you are, which is what I like to call a youtube experts, any bozo has the same knowledge as you by just checking your browser history.

      • Ray

        Hemorrhoid joke? Its the first time I’ve seen this lol.

        I don’t think that the OP would say that he is an “ultra hard core programmer” and that knowing what PPI, RAM, bootloader, and kernel mean wouldn’t make you one. It just seems that there are more “techy” users within the android population that I’ve met, than iOS users. This is not to say that we’re somehow more intelligent, but we do tend to crawl through XDA forums, have an itchy finger to constantly modify our phone. This gives us some very cursory knowledge of the inner workings of our phones.

        Regarding the open-source aspect of android, its generally a strength. I’m sure you the advantages of open source software and how it affects all parties. I don’t know why an amateur android programmer didn’t notice it, probably the same reason bugs exist in general. However, I thought it was a google dev who had discovered the issue, with the aid of the open ssl team? Moreover, I’m sure there are iOS developers who could’ve noticed these issues as well.

        • cee

          Ray, as you are the second rational Android user I have ever come across, respect is due. We can have a proper debate.

          I find the worst Roid-Ragers have the least knowledge. There is a regular one on this very site called Roberto Tomas who actually said Apple are not known for screen technology, is he kidding? From the first Personal Computer with a video display to the first HiRes Smartphones. I think we can all agree Tomas and Nathan are what I like to call a Know-Nothing-Winkel-Bags.

          Like under this post is another Nathanism, better camera, nicer screen. He has read the Motorola (the company that got Gordon Gekko’d by Google for patents) page, as I did, Google ‘claimed’ it had a camera better than a SLR, then two days after the first review lambasted the camera, they changes the site, but Nathan still propagates the initial marketing hype. And with 25 years in digital graphics, I can tell you a display that over saturates colours, is a doorstop to any professional.

          If Google say it, they follow like (please insert animal that produces wool and get shagged by the Welsh and Kiwis, a lot)_____________

          These ‘Roiders I’m talking about work in the ‘IT Department’, have very cursory knowledge of computers and like I said, most 13 year olds would run rings around them. (As a side note, I have managed IT Departments on and off since 1989, as well as being a heavy-weight commercial artist, so my IT management style is customer focused, not about make my life easier and the customers harder, as most IT departments do!)

          Open source (and it is still being debated around the world if Android is a true open source project because in a roundabout way it is a massive revenue generator for Google (hence they have not been sued directly due to the issue of slippery accounting)) and non-open source, well Firefox is crap and slow, Safari is faster and with a cleaner interface, Chrome, I never used due to privacy issues and IE is a joke.

          I don’t know if Chrome is open source but most of the software I use isn’t open source. Most people who use software to do a professional job do not use open source, Gimp vs Photoshop, no contest (and if one of my retouchers asks for Gimp over PS, I’d ask them to leave).

          The point I didn’t get across so well may have been about Heartbleed. Every piece of code on every platform is susceptible to error/malfeasance. I have no issue and don’t want to poor salt on any wounds. But if Roid-Ragers insist that the security advantage lie with them, then they need to learn how to comb the code, and actually do it. Roid-Ragers tend to talk very loud and say very little.

          I do not include you Ray when I refer to Roid-Rage.

          • Ray

            Thank you for not including me lol.

            I agree that it is still debatable if android, and a lot of google software is the same as normal open-source. However, I’ve found Chrome to be about as fast as Safari and Opera (well this is a given since this is Chrome, effectively). Chrome/Chromium OS is open source, as we’ve discussed. For professionals, its probably better to use bespoken software than regular consumer software or open source, BUT there are certain advantages. I like to run a heavily customized Chrome, that has far more functions than your general browser. For example I have HTTPS everywhere, hola unblocker, a few notification apps, and I enjoy being able to access Google sites easier. It really seems to depend on what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to sacrifice to gain it.

            I still feel as though its still debatable whether an Open source OS is safer than one that isn’t, but I doubt I have any qualifications to talk about it.

            I’d also like to point out I’m just a 20 year old student who just reads wikis/articles/XDA forum posts, so everything I say could be wrong, or be misinterpreted.

      • Benny X

        the ‘Heartbleed bug’ is not just an Android problem. the root of the problem lies with OpenSSL, which runs on a ton of web page servers/commerce websites as well. Only version 4.1.1 of Android used this, so it’s not like *all* Android users are suffering. Google may have known about the bug a month before saying anything, but they certainly were not the authors of the buggy code, so ‘combing Google’s code’ does not really fit into this discussion. It was already ‘combed’ before being incorporated into that particular version of Android. Bugs slip through cracks. That’s the nature of human-created code.

    • abazigal

      And how is this a bad thing?

      I see it as a strength that millions of people are evidently capable of using iOS devices, and benefiting greatly from them, without needing to be tech-savvy. I can read up on technology if I want to enrich myself, but I shouldn’t need to know what RAM is to power on my phone, send an email, surf the web, or play music.

      I too have tons of Android-using friends of colleagues who wouldn’t know any of the tech jargon you are throwing around. We are all dedicated staff who contribute our fair share to society. I fail to see how this makes them, or us, any less capable of a human being.

      IMO, you lost the moment you tried to win the argument by using purely specs. To us, specs is just one part of the whole story. If anything, Apple has demonstrated time and time again that specs alone don’t always tell the whole story. The iPad ran a phone OS, had 256mb of RAM and a single-core processor. It turned out to offer a vastly superior user experience compared to a Windows tablet sporting desktop-class specs. This is something paper specs alone can never tell you.

      And the people you tried to talk to have already won the argument right from the very start, simply by virtue of being happy with their iphones and not having to go around trying to pick fights just to validate their choice of phones.

      What’s even more dismaying? That your post actually garnered 25 likes. My faith in humanity just waned that little bit more…

      • Damon Adrian

        go and get your PhD and then we’ll talk.

        • abazigal

          And that’s the best you can do?

      • jangeloracoma

        I like your thinking. I actually held on to my iPhone 4 for the longest time as my primary phone (alongside a handful of Android devices, of course). It’s not about the specs, but the user experience. I marveled at how it could provide a great experience with a single-core 800 Mhz processor with “just” 512MB of RAM. But eventually, the realities of rising hardware requirements caught up and rendered that particular iPhone model too slow for my taste. I ended up giving it to my kid, and it’s now still a well-loved device.

        • mobilemann


    • K2

      You know nothing about iphone users. You are absolutely wrong.

      • Azeem

        What gives you the right to tell someone they are wrong? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, sir.

        • K2

          What gives you the right to tell me i am wrong?

          And what i said is fact, not just an opinion.

    • mobilemann

      Hey Child,

      i like both android and iOS, but i had a much harder time getting my cross platform services setup properly on android than iOS. Most of this came down to app quality however. (WHERE’S MY ANDROID IFTTT APP?)

      Can i use the built in VPN client for my L2TP VPN server? No. I have to use a 3rd party one.

      It’s 2014 and Plex didn’t work properly without an external video app (on samsung phones, which are the majority of android phones sold) until this year.

      We finally got a google play API in the form of an xposed module! Now i can have google play parse my requests for my media server and have it play on my TV! Too bad i was doing this on iOS with Siri proxy for 2 years.


  • Jarl

    is that a trick question? :)

  • Jarl

    I heard my mother say to a 10 year old kid “that’s a nice tablet”, the kid replied “it’s not a tablet, it’s an ipad”

    nuff said

  • Vincentius Phang


    • abazigal

      Apple has just released iBeacon.

      How makes you think that Apple is late to the NFC party, when it may simply be Android which is late to the iBeacon party (considering how few phones support Bluetooth 4.0?). :D

      • Jayfeather787

        No Android is not late to an iBeacon party. iBeacon is just some stupid little apple invention that is not as good as NFC, that was released later and then you start discussing Bluetooth. NFC and Bluetooth are completely different things. Get your facts straight before commenting on this.

        • TheWay

          stupid invention? u mean like iPhone, iPad, Multitouch Screen?
          AirDrop works pretty well is better than “let me touch your phone”
          iBeacon uses many features one of them is NFC

          • mobilemann

            if airdrop even worked between iOS and Mac’s, i would be supporter of it, but it’s pretty fucking useless.

            Apple fanboys are just as bad as Android or MS ones.

          • abazigal

            I think airdrop won’t work on older Macs due to a hardware limitation (the wifi or bluetooth technology Macs use lack some critical component or something). Apple might enable it on future Macs, so don’t hold your breath.

        • abazigal

          NFC isn’t really that different from Bluetooth, and I was referring more to their intended use, rather than how they work from a technical perspective.

          NFC has had many years to catch on, and it is still far from being a standard, or widely adopted. I think it is safe to say that the current state is as good as it gets. Aside from some places which use them for mobile payments, and a small niche section of users who actually bother to use NFC tags.

          iBeacon sports way more functionality and features in the context of offering a better shopping / payments experience.

          iBeacon may not be the future, but NFC won’t be either.

  • abazigal

    Many of the comments mentioned above are not necessarily wrong, but I feel that they have been reported out of context. Here’s my take on them, and this is coming from a pro-Apple device user.

    1+2) What they often mean is that the design is perfect for them. A larger screen isn’t objectively better or worse (any more than a 17″ desktop replacement is any better or worse than an 11″ ultrabook). It’s wholly an issue of personal preference and use case.

    3) I don’t see what’s wrong with referring to software as apps. Seems you are just grasping at straws here.

    4+7) The thing is that outside of the US and maybe a few other countries, stock Android is a rarity. Take Singapore for instance. You will not find the Nexus 5 phone or Google Play editions of HTC One or S5 on sale anywhere. Most people will be using Touchwiz and for them, Touchwiz is Android.

    5) Applecare goes beyond simple in-store support. Once, my iMac developed screen problems. A quick call later, 2 repairmen came down the next day, brought my iMac back for servicing, and delivered it back to my home 2 days later.

    There is nothing stopping an Apple user from tinkering and experimenting with his devices either. But all other things equal, it is still nice to be assured nonetheless that worst comes to worse, there is someone you can turn to to have your devices fixed, rather than be left in the cold or be stuck with shoddy aftercare service.

    6) Chromecast isn’t anywhere near as robust or as reliable as Apple TV. You are also missing out that Apple TV also allows for stuff like airplay mirroring (which I have used to mirror my iPad in my classroom). Sure, there are other devices like the EZ-cast dongle which allow similar things, but they aren’t are fully-featured, nor as reliable as Apple TV. In short, you get what you pay for.

    7) Nothing is stopping you from waiting out a few months before downloading the next update of ios. It’s ultimately a trade-off. Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the new update now (as well as the downsides of any bugs?). Myself, I find that iOS updates are, for most part, extremely stable and I have always updated the moment they become available, with no drawbacks thus far.

    How is this any better than Android, where many devices don’t even see an update at all?

    8+9) Don’t really use them; no comments.

    10) I find that it is generally easier to find an accessory custom-built for the iPhone or iPad compared to even the Samsung phones.

    11) Autocorrect is one of those things that has worked marvellously for me at times, and a disaster at others (about a 80-20 mix). But overall, I would say it is actually quite good once you get the hang of it.

    But personally, I don’t really care about this. Many of my friends and colleagues use Android devices, and I don’t go around calling them out for their choice of products, even though I am “all-in” with Apple products. I personally feel it is very silly, petty and pointless. That said, I have also gotten my fair share of flak from “pro-Android” supporters. Irritating, no doubt, so I guess I can empathise with how you feel. :P

    • jangeloracoma

      As a point of disclosure, I use both Apple and Android platforms. I own both Android devices and iOS devices, and even a Nokia (technically still an Android, as it’s the X). I also use Microsoft enterprise apps and services at work, and so I have had my fair share of exposure to these platforms. My main work machine is a Mac.

      Just a few comments.

      1+2 – Yes, there’s no subjectively perfect design. It’s just sometimes annoying when someone tries to force his/her opinion on others, proclaiming that the platform he/she is using is the perfect one-size-fits-all device.

      3 – Not really the nomenclature, but rather the idea of there being an app for just about anything. I see hundreds of useless apps on the various app stores. Not just useless for my own context, mind you, but something that I don’t see the point behind, like apps that are submitted to the app store that just mimic the functionality of the OS itself. In some cases, there are trivial apps that are really just time-wasters and productivity killers.

      There’s an app for everything. But do we really need all of these?

      4+7 – I tend to think it’s even worse in the US, where carriers impose their own influence upon the manufacturers. Updates have to go through carrier certification. Out of the box, you have apps and bloatware coming from the carriers. Perhaps it’s a balance. It’s also in the US where GPE and Nexus devices first ship, to the benefit of those out for a vanilla Android experience.

      • abazigal

        Point 3 – I don’t deny that at the moment, there are tons of crap apps flooding the iOS store (and I do wish that Apple would take some time to purge the store of them). However, that doesn’t change the fact that iOS is nevertheless home to many a useful app which often offers a better UI optimised for touch and direct input, compared to say, an equivalent web app.

        Offhand, I can think of apps like 1password, fantastical, paper (the Facebook version), and omnifocus as examples of extremely useful apps which are currently iOS only. The challenge is weeding through all these crap and sifting the really good ones worth your while.

      • mobilemann

        I don’t think you know dick about what your talking about. Your comments about airplay were pretty clear on that. (air play is incredibly different, just due to the way core video works on iOS)

        Siri to me is the same. I use it for texts, alarms, opening apps when i don’t wanna touch the phone, just like google now. Although siri can do a few more things, i can’t book a table with google now (i do use open table quite a bit) nor can i get movie tickets (although i haven’t used that particular feature yet).

        Only thing that i really see as better on the android side is the immediate availability of being able to use for example: the s800’s voice core. This combined with google now (although i needed another xposed mod to even use this with google now, and not s-voice without battery consumption coming from another app / background daemon)

        However, the xposed Google Now API is pretty amazing. I can now use it to control my TV and Plex setup. Before you count this as a Android win, i was able to do this with Siri by setting up a siri proxy server. (you know, i’m a real geek, not just some facebook kid who thinks rooting his phone is “leet”)

        Calling the hardware accessory eco system anything but a strength is just another joke. Again, not that i would buy them, but nothing in my eco systems is platform dependent. You know, because i’m not an idiot fanboy.

  • cee

    We don’t call you ‘Fandroids’, we call you HaemaRoids.

    • FreeThinker1984

      You troll this website and censor people who disagree with you!

  • Ho Chia Leung

    The situation I faced when arguing with ISheeps:
    – when an application or a game was released on iOS first (eg: cut the rope?) then on Android, iSheeps will go like “ow see, Android is a copy cat!”

    – iSheeps: Android claims itself as a freeware, why there are IAP and paid apps?

    • cee

      And haemerioders think they are all top level programmers, when the closest they’ve come to working on computers is bashing a sales till and saying do you want to go large

      • mobilemann

        FYI, you are the same as him. just the mirror image.

        • cee

          I hope so.

          • mobilemann

            I can’t be sure of either thing. Nor do i care.

      • FreeThinker1984

        I work as a programmer for a living!

        • cee

          No, I do not want to go large.

          Next time I’m in MickyD’s, don’t bother to ask me again, I have told you once and for all.

        • cee

          Your funny, keep taking meds.

          Pressing the go large button at Micky D’s is not really programming!

  • F.this

    let’s grow up and not fight over this corporation!!! Do you think they care about your
    @$$?? No they want your money ..

  • iamajimm

    How do I react? I just remind them their using a woman’s phone-lol. Seriously, every woman and child has an iphone; common, it’s for beginners or….

    • cee

      Seeing as yours doesn’t fit in a pocket, don’t forget your handbag.

      Only losers get their pride from their phone, how long is the bonnet of your car?

      • iamajimm

        harharhar-ah cee you slay me; I bet that iphone isn’t the only little thing in your pants eh?

        • cee

          So dumb, you copied my pun, very Samgle of you.

          Glad to see all google cultist are frightened of women, is that why when Samgle release a product, the accompanying video ALWAYS show some HaemeRoider picking a girl only because of his phone.

          Ps my clit is bigger than that spilt pea you call a dick

          • See You Next Tuesday

            Keep on the hormones and some of that bulk might migrate up to your chest.

          • cee

            have you ever had relations with a woman who isn’t related to you?

      • See You Next Tuesday

        Guess that makes you a loser then, since you can’t shut up about how your ownership of an iphone means you are so rich, well educated and smart.

      • FreeThinker1984


  • StraightEdgeNexus

    ROFL Hilarious articles with all those meme. Btw there arent many iboys trolling out there now, atleast not as much as in 2010-2011 years. But now an entirely new annoying species are born nokia fanboys claiming themselves WP fanboys. They are just sick ones.

    • mobilemann

      dude, you are the same thing you claim to hate. brand cheerleaders are all sick. You should get help.

  • Rick jaan

    number 3 : my s2 n s4 are best heater

  • Aeden Cole

    I like both iOS and Android, but i prefer Android because of the amount of customization. Size-wise, i actually dislike big-sized phones like 5-6 inches, that is why i am still using my Sony Xperia P, too sad Android doesn’t have alot of good options in this range of sizes.

    • Azeem

      4 words: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.

  • abazigal

    I would also like to elaborate more on what I feel about point 3.

    The people here seem to think that form and function are mutually exclusive, and one can come only at the expense of another. Personally, I feel that form is simply a subset of function, and this has been demonstrated by Apple numerous times as well. That sometimes, it is the form of a particular device that enables that certain function.

    Yes, there was antannaegate, but why did Apple make this suicidal move of making a metal phone with exposed antennas that shorted out when gripped the wrong way? They clearly knew about the laws of physics and faradays’s cage and all. Plastic would be the most obvious material. But it’s precisely because Apple refused to be bound by this seemingly iron-clad rule that metal devices and radio signals don’t play well together. They worked hard to find a workaround, broke that rule (though it would take the 4s to perfect this design) and the world is better off for it because people subsequently got an iPhone that both looked great and worked great. If not for Apple challenging the system, we would probably still all be rocking plastic phones.

    Then there is the macbook air. Some see the removal of the VGA and HDMI ports as a blatant attempt to sell more adaptors. But it also meant a thinner and lighter laptop that wasn’t constrained by the thickness of those ports. That’s why we have magnetic magsafe chargers and cylindrical Mac Pros and all-in-one iMacs. If design was left solely to engineers (no disrespect here), we would still be stick with blocky and unimaginative desktops and mobile devices.

    Apple isn’t perfect, but they aren’t run by idiots either. I personally feel that they often make more right calls than not with regards to what features to omit and what features to emphasise.

  • number29

    I suppose, given you claim to be fair, you’ll be doing an article from the other way around?

    • cee

      Really, the whole site is luke warm journalism at best. A rolling advert for HaemeRiod worst.

      It’s Fox/Sky news for HaemeRoid. That’s why so many iSheep flood the comments section on these sites, if Shamsung & ScroUgle didn’t pay people to disparage other brands, you wouldn’t get so many people on a wind up.

      Even this article skirted the real arguments, which are:
      iphone users are dumb, but are better educated and have better incomes than HaemeRioders

      iPhones are expensive and are for people to show off how much money they have, says the HaemeRioder with the ridiculously massive white phone (we call them chavs in the UK)

      My fav come only from men, who work in IT departments, know nothing about high level Coding, they just replace components and use installers, but carry on as if they bash code, they will tell you how they keep HaemeRoid safe by checking ScrUogles code…but not one of them spotted Heartbleed.

      • Azeem

        Show me these “facts”, if you would. Then and only then will I believe you at all.

        • cee

          Bing it

          • mobilemann

            while you’re at it kid, bing “burden of truth” /smh

          • cee

            have you looked at this site before? the standard statement on this site regarding the last Shamesung defeat at trial is: we don’t want to get into the rights and wrongs of the case here. THEY LOST. THEY WERE FOUND IN THE WRONG AGAIN ON APPEAL. Come on AA, just fess up and say to all the HaemorRoids, it is a stolen product.

          • mobilemann

            all i’m saying is citations aren’t your enemy.

          • cee

            most comment sections don’t allow links, I only just realised Disqus does, so I will start adding them for you, sorry you had to search for it yourself kid!

          • mobilemann

            also, to be clear, i don’t think android is as a whole (especially stock ) anywhere near a stolen product. Not that i’m up for idiotic apple bashing either.

          • cee
          • mobilemann

            Who cares.

          • cee
  • nishantsirohi123

    what annoys me about the apple products is the price, and mind you i bought an unlocked galaxy note 2
    the iPad Air, it looks the same, runs the same, and is slightly thinner, so you pay extra for ….well ….. the “Air”

    • cee

      Get a better education and job like most apple consumers do. Then you could concern yourself with getting the best and not the cheapest.

      • FreeThinker1984


      • nishantsirohi123

        So apparently anyone Who has an apple product has better education and better employment.
        What you just said ultimately Is what everyone hates about apple users, This false and shallow sense of pride. Truth is that iPhone being so popular in USA is because of the whole contract system, tell me how many unlocked iPhone are sold in USA

  • K2

    Some of these are replies to taunts from android fans. Ever considered it?

    Frankly fans of both platforms are equally obsessive, stupid, greedy, selfish, abusive, disrespectful. Not all fans of both platforms. But many fans.

    There are a lot if iphone fans who dont hate android, and there are a lot of android fans who dont hate apple.

    • mobilemann

      I wish there were more people who tried to get this point across. It’s beyond idiotic for those who just like technology in general, regardless of brand.

  • K2

    Tech media is responsible too. They play up differences between ifans and fandroids in order to generate clicks.

  • 1. Coming from the company that still uses the archaic 4:3 ratio I laugh at people telling me having a bigger screen is bad. Hell having a tiny screen makes typing and media consumption horrible.

    2. Because those huge as bezel and tiny screen is perfect?

    3. Where is my file manager as well as well as working gaming emulators that don’t lag? Oh, I forgot the platform isn’t open enough for that. How about being able to set an app as the default app? Nope can’t do that either.

    4. However you also can’t remove them or disable them if you want to so nor can you use a 3rd party app as the default since it keeps reverting you back to the stock app.

    5. I don’t need someone pretending to be an expert helping me because i’m not an idiot and can find solutions out myself.

    6. I don’t use this so I don’t have a comment on it.

    7. So can I and I can also get fixes for bugs that appear in a new version without having to wait for it to be officially rolled out, not to mention custom ROMs have extra features that make it better than any stock ROM as well as stock android.


    • mobilemann

      First, J. Angelo Racoma is a fanboy, who doesn’t know enough about iOS to talk about it, but neither do 90% of the commenters here.

      1. the current iphone is 4:3? (it’s not) fucks sake kid.

      2. I think the iphone bezels are a little big myself, but compare an ipad’s bezel to a nexus 7, lol. you give sony a pass? It needs a reduction, but you’re going overboard. (typical for a fanboy)

      3. Where is my file manager as well as well as working gaming emulators that don’t lag?

      There are plenty. Your just a fanboy so you don’t know where to look. I just got a 60fps gameboy advance one for my ipad mini retina, without jailbreak. There are plenty of file managers too, although files have to be passed between apps because of sandboxing. (a pretty good but sometimes annoying security feature)

      Which google just implemented to SD cards, which has caused several freak-outs on un educated blogs like this one.

      You’re totally right about some of this though: Default apps is something apple should have added way back in the day though, i totally agree on that. It’s beyond idiotic. As is their cornering of their javascript acceleration engine only for their own apps.

      Comparing Chromecast to Airplay is a fucking joke. Chromecast support has to be built into apps, any iOS app using core video can use airplay (meaning it’s built into anything that has anything to cast in the first place)

      Also, mirroring works far better. This is from someone who uses both daily. The Chromecast i bought is relegated to movies on a projector. (because of mirroring performance.

      Siri to me is the same. I use it for texts, alarms, opening apps when i don’t wanna touch the phone, just like google now. Although siri can do a few more things, i can’t book a table with google now (i do use open table quite a bit) nor can i get movie tickets (although i haven’t used that particular feature yet).

      However, the xposed Google Now API is pretty amazing. I can now use it to control my TV and Plex setup. Before you count this as a Android win, i was able to do this with Siri by setting up a siri proxy server. (you know, i’m a real geek, not just some facebook kid who thinks rooting his phone is “leet”)

      Calling the hardware accessory eco system anything but a strength is just another joke. Again, not that i would buy them, but nothing in my eco systems is platform dependent. You know, because i’m not an idiot fanboy.

  • Cliff_Pettigrew

    I was recently “upgraded” to an iphone 5S as my work phone. I tried desperately to stay with Android even offering to pay for the phone myself, but it wasn’t allowed. So I jumped in to the world of IOS guns a blazin’. My experience so far (3 months in) is that of disappointment and frustration. I miss a larger screen, I miss the ability to put app icons or folders where I want them, or not have them on the screen at all and just have an app drawer. There are many small things and functions that I miss. But the worst part of being an iphone owner is all the other iphone owners reactions. “Don’t you just LOOOOOVE it!”, “Isn’t it AMAZING?”. When I express my frustration at what it can’t do or changes I would like to see they get really defensive as if I slapped their child.

    • mobilemann

      While i wont’ go back to iOS until the screen is significantly bigger, Different != Worse in terms of app layout.

      I too prefer the ability to customize, which is why i currently have a note 3. Doesn’t mean i don’t miss the best thing about iOS, the way way better apps.

  • mobilemann

    “XDA Developers, Google and other fine sources like Android Authority for our tech support needs.”

    i almsot spit my coffee on this one. for the record, no one will ever unbrick their device from this website. We all go to XDA. Apple users have modmyi, etc. J Angelo, what a fucking fanboy.

  • cee

    A few of the real arguments that you missed in the article.

    Apple users are Stupid:- Well every surveys produced show this to be the other way round, HaemorRoiders have less education, have lower metal agility and earn less in lower skilled jobs. But hey someone sitting in his mum basement knows better than a professional company carrying out surveys for their bread and butter.

    iPhone buyers are just falling for marketing:- Love this one, Apple in 2013 spent $1.2 billion on marketing EVERYTHING, from desktops to laptops, software to peripheries, phones and tablets, basically every product either physical or intellectual they sell or give away.

    Shamsung, $12 billion last year, increasing to $14.5 billion this year.

    Scr-U-gle, spent 0.5 on one phone in 2013, they refuse to disclose their true total marketing budgets, but if you guessed at $0.5 billion on one product you can assume they spend at least the same on every product, multiply that by every Scr-U-gle product, I’ll let you do the maths.

    Then I would personally factor in that each phone maker who sells an HaemorRoid handset spend at least $0.5 billion on product promotion.

    Total budget marketing budget for HaemorRoid over Apples’ poultry $1.2 billion must be getting into the $40 TO 100 billion range. Who has fallen for marketing? I’ll spell it out because we already know about the low IQ’s, YOU.

    iPhone buyers queue like idiots:- Please see the picture attached. So your idiots too. But the difference is the people we buy our phones from appreciate that we queue, where as Shamesung thing you are due for public ridicule .

    People only buy iPhones because they are like sheep following the crowd:- Another of my favourite ones. This may have been true in the past before HaemorRiod went after the bottom of the market. But the majority of sales are HaemorRoid, if anything Apple is the underdog. So with more cheap HaemorRoids than iPhones I think the Sheep are HaemorRoiders not the iOS posse.

    Following like sheep is an old saying from way before mobile phones were invented, it refers to the fact that people just follow the largest crowd because then they don’t have to think for themselves and implies stupidity.

    Like you all did with Windows, again an inferior product that just aped Mac OS, badly.

    Apple is evil:- As a important military supplier with long-term contracts with the US military, the company motto should change to “Don’t be EVIL, unless there is profit in it, ah fuck it just be EVIL, MONEY!”

    Or when Scr-U-gle stole data from almost every home on the planet. Denied it happened, then denied any knowledge of it, then admitted that several layers of management had approved the ‘rogue engineers’ and apologised saying it should never have happened. Only to then fight in court across the world to say they have a right to said data and still retain it even thought they have been instructed by multiple government privacy bodies to delete it immediately. (The value of this data is so high that Scr-U-gle have budgeted to pay billions in fines to keep retaining the data.)

    Or they tell everyone to hand all of their personal data including medical records and DNA over to Google, but when someone dares to ‘Google’ Eric Shit, and write an article about what they found, guess what, the website that published the article were blackballed by Scr-U-gle for a year.

    Eric is a gem, reminds me of Steve Ballmer, both have really dropped their respective companies in it by opening there mouths. Eric, I salute your balls for telling everyone that Scr-U-gle are busy ‘pressing themselves right up against the creepy line’, and ‘Google is the new Microsoft’, good one, make you look archaic and redundant. Or He thought ‘Don’t be evil was a stupid motto’

    Or the most telling of all after being kicked off the Apple board where he would have been privy to the introduction of the iPad, he said ‘we were late to the tablet market’, I wonder why you were late? You can’t miss the train if you got your ass bounced off of it.

    iPhone copied android:- Even the people who worked on HaemorRoid admit that “We’re going to have to start over”, or in layman’s terms ‘lets just copy the iPhone!’. iPhone has not really change that much since the first one, what happened to the original HaemorRoid design for the G1?

    Android is more secure than iOS:- Didn’t a group of some of the worlds best developers and computer security scientist laugh in Eric Shits face when he made such a claim in 2013? YES!

    Android user are more technical than iPhone users:- Using an installer is easy, can you double click a button, then you can install software, any moron can do it, just go visit your IT department and see the level of stupidity and luddism.

    Not one so called HaemorRoid expert (who consist of janitors, cleaners, burger slingers and bin men or the lowest rung of technology, IT Departmetns, if they have a job or trade) spotted Heartbleed, and even Google didn’t spot it.The NSA who has been ‘helping secure’ Android (or again in laymen’s terms, Google has lost control of its own OS, and the NSA want their own backdoor into your phone as they have on Scr-U-gle servers). So the ‘so called best coders’ didn’t spot it, the haermorRoiders didn’t spot it. So where are these ‘technical proficient ‘Roiders’?

    iPhone is poor quality:- Compared to high end PLEATHER, LMFAO

    Mac are too expensive:- I regularly do something no HaemorRoider has ever done, check. Macs are cheaper than a PC with the same spec. Including residuals Macs become a bargain. I check with the top five PC vendors every time a new Mac comes out and they are always cheaper (even when you apply the 30% discounts that PC vendors tend to offer through the whole time a product is on sale for.

    Note; most of the time I have to compare a lower spec’ed/higher priced PC because they don’t have things like PCI SSD, Thunderbolt 2, dual graphics card, ECC memory and Xenon processors.

    In the long run quality product tend to float to the top, like Macs now dominate desktop and laptop sales, so when everyone gets fed up with invasions of privacy due to Scr-U-gles business model and the lower quality of phones and tablets, they will go over to the Daddy, and use them Bitch-phones for what they were intended for, holding down paper in a room with an open window.

    • FreeThinker1984

      Comments like yours are exactly the reason why I support Android and I’ll never buy an iPhone or iPad, even though I could easily afford several! Your snobby elitism does Apple no favours. You seem to think that you are better than other people just because you’re wealthy. You keep going on about Android users being poor and uneducated people, but a lot of us are techies and there are many high-end Android devices on the market as well as low-end/budget ones.

      Besides, why does it matter to you so much if some Android users are poor and uneducated? Surely everyone in the world should have access to information and technology? Not just the privileged few who can afford proprietary devices such as Apple’s or Microsoft’s. Access to open source technology can help to empower people, especially those in developing countries and people on low incomes. Think of all the educational websites that are available on the internet that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to access if it wasn’t for the availability of low-cost Linux/Android devices. Also, if more people around the world have access to the internet and technology, it will be easier for them to set up their own businesses, therefore providing security for their families.

      Also I strongly believe in individual liberty, which is another reason that I support open source. If someone pays for an electronic device or piece of software, they should be free to customise it as they wish without being restricted by either big business or government.

      • abazigal

        The thing is that you people are the ones who keep saying that Apple users are dumb or isheep or some other derogatory comment, simply because we are using what you claim to be overpriced or inferior products, despite numerous attempts at explaining why we believe this is not the case.

        Then when evidence is surfaced showing just the exact opposite, you all turn around and claim that we are trying to start a class war or that we look down on you, when we are simply showing proof about why the whole “Apple users are dumb” argument is fallacious. Attack the argument, not the arguer.

        Besides, we are not the ones making up the numbers, these are hard cold facts generated by independent 3rd party research like Twitter who have nothing to gain by perpetuating an Apple/Android class war. I feel that it is you Android users who are refusing to look at the figures objectively and interpret them for what they are.

        Which I personally feel says a lot more about all of you then it says about Apple users in general.

        • cee


      • cee

        Have another go Freethinker1984 (joke name right?. You are repeating verbatium Scr-U-gles marketing!)

        If you bothered to read it properly, you will see they are answers to ELITIST comments made by Roid-Ragers.

        Not once did I say that there is an issue with Roider’s being poor, but why would I expect a Roid-Rager like you to read it properly?

        Millions of people who earn less than $150 a month own Apple product and love them. They love the freedom to browse and connect without having their data harvested to make rich people richer (which Scr-U-gle didn’t like so they they broke the law again to get access to iOS user data). They like the fact that it is so simple to connect and communicate in a safe environment without giving all their data to people like the NSA and CIA (both have financial and intellectual property fingers in Scr-U-gles and HaemorRoids pie). And they like the fact they have the original, not a cheap knock-off.

        And lets talk about life span and residuals, the one thing no HaemorRoider wants to talk about. My four year old iPhone is fantastic still, my wife’s three year old iPhone 4s is amazing still, and the resale price on Ebay is to be honest, so high it is embarrassing . Your four year old Motorola/Shamesung/HTC is either at the bottom of a land fill or doing what it was built for, propping open doors.

        True freeing of technology from so called ‘Techies’ has been Apple’s business since its inception in 1976, and everyone has benefited from that, including Microsoft fans, Ubuntu/Linux fans, and HaemorRoiders (did you see the G1’s interface? If I was Andy Rubin’s I too would have thrown all my years of work away and copied the iPhone).

        Scr-U-gle’s business is to sell your data to advertisers, every product they produce is for that reason, no other, and if you think that is not true, the billions upon billions that have been spent on marketing has been well spent. Who really benefits from this, Serg, Larry, Eric.

        You see free is not free when you have to pay by other means, you have no concept of the true value of your data, or you would not give it away so freely to Scr-U-gle who package it into a profile (another thing they lied about, didn’t they promise this would never happen?) and sell it to other corporations.

        Even supermarkets who give you money back for your shopping data make billions from you. Only the foolish allow a corporate entity to invade there privacy so much.

        If Time-Warner or say the NSA sent you a letter asking for copies of all your correspondence, for you to carry a device that is ‘always listening’ to you and the people in your presence, for a copy of all your photos, for a list everything you looked at and invaded your private home for information on you and everyone you associate with, then asked for your DNA and medical records, would that be okay? That is what Scr-U-gle does everyday. Helped by people like you, I guess some HaemorRoiders are stupid, start thinking for yourself!

        Your liberties are curtailed by Scr-U-gle, they give you a edited version of the web for profit. How well does your internet based business do without Scr-U-gles consent to allow it to be higher on a search page?

        You claim to promote equality and freedom, when really you are pushing for a monopoly by the corporation who ignore law, lie and profit from ignorance.

        Has that Hatorade turn bitter yet? No Roid-Ragers love the sharp bite of Hatorade.

        Your claim of freedom to customise is a joke, as Scr-U-gle has rules regarding this, not so open source is it really. You even defeat yourself with your own argument, Scr-U-gle is one of the worlds largest corporate machines who make billions off people falling for a clever marketing ploy.

        If they really were so concerned with a technological level playing field, they would be a charity, but as Eric Shit states on Scr-U-gles behalf, they are proudly cut-throat capitalists.

        Look at netbooks, they were meant to be cheap devices for the third world, they turned out to be over price junk that if YOU were poor, and had spent what little you had on one, you would hate Scr-U-gle, no one got a refund did they?

        Instead of just being a yes-man and a corporate shill, try some independent and critical thinking between the ‘baitin’ and ‘Free-stuff’ that isn’t free at all.

        Keep deluding yourself with your boxed freedom.

        • FreeThinker1984

          How am I supposed to know who the guest likers are?!

        • FreeThinker1984

          Why don’t you install pure Linux on your phone then if you don’t like Android?

          • cee

            See again you have not read my original comment properly, I have the original and best multi-touch smart phone market, an iPhone.

            Let me know when your off your meds, and can read properly and form a cogent argument.


          • cee

            I think Mista Lawnge Said it best:

            I do what I want and I answer to who,
            No-one, heh I thought you knew,
            My favorite meal is anything with meat,
            My favorite quote, “Can I have a receipt?’
            My favorite show is ‘Who’s the Boss’
            And my favorite ho, is yours of course,
            And everyday is Saturday my friend,
            Go to sleep wake up,
            Yo! it’s Saturday again,
            It’s fly, gettin paid to do what you want
            Don’t believe me, (burrrp) see?

        • FreeThinker1984

          You tried to censor me by marking my reply to you as spam! Nice try!

          Thanks for the entertainment. You are the one trolling an Android
          website after all. If you hate it so much, why are you here? Presumably
          you have nothing useful to do with your time.

          The fact that the
          mods here haven’t banned you is testament to the libertarianism of
          Android supporters. I bet if I went on an Apple website and started
          insulting people, I’d be banned instantly. But I have better things to
          do with my life.

          You must be an authoritarian if you support a
          patent trolling company like Apple. And my phone can do a lot more than
          any iPhone! I can use custom widgets and launchers for example. I can
          also extend my phone’s functionality free of charge by creating my own
          apps in Java. Apple has copied a lot of JellyBean features in iOS. Yet
          you claim Google are the lawbreakers!

          Do you seriously believe
          that online activity on iOS devices isn’t harvested by the NSA?! Unless
          you use a proxy, everything is monitored.

          At least Google does try
          to cater to all price points and anyone has the freedom to build an
          Android device. I don’t believe in monopolies – I support anyone who
          creates open source software. If another company created an alternative
          to Android (that’s open source) I’d consider it.

          Apple is a corporate machine preying on people falling for a clever marketing ploy. There – I fixed it for you!

          If you hate corporations and are suspicious of Google, why don’t you run pure Linux on your phone?

          • cee


            I did not mark you comment as spam.

            Your comment was removed by the moderators, they spotted you and took it down of their own accord, I was waiting to blast you for coming back with foolishness and another factually wrong statement.

            Maybe it is because of your previous comments regarding your mental health issues that they took it down, or because it was full of BS, like the rest of your paranoid comments.

            Maybe AA didn’t like that you were saying they were doing something they don’t do, or it was Disqus, who do moderate and operate this comments section.

            You can’t even get right what is in front of your face!

            By the way, oh that burns repeating my arguments with worse grammar and punctuation.

            PS. You are the only person on this site to get two guest likes in less than five minutes, coincidence? NO.

            PPS. Referring to your comment that was taken down by Disqus: Yes, I work if I want to, I have made enough money by A: putting my money where my mouth is and bought Apple shares six years ago, and B: reinvesting my profits.

            You can hate me but you should see the size of my house, and the spec levels on my Merc, (I got rid of the BMW convertible, needed a bigger car).

          • FreeThinker1984

            That’s really low of you, trawling through my posting history and dredging up my mental health problems in an attempt to discredit me. Have you always been a bully? You have no idea about my life or the barriers I’ve had to overcome to get to where I am today. 1 in 4 people will suffer in their lifetime, I just hope you’ll never have to go through what I’ve been through. But you sound like you came from a nice privileged background, whereas I came from one of those broken “poor, uneducated” families that you like to look down upon, and I’ve had to struggle and strive for everything I have.

            This is the end of it. You enjoy your phone and I’ll enjoy mine.!

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  • Bryan Buchanan

    In matters of taste, there can be no dispute. I’ve got an LG G2…POWER!!!! Hahaha. I digress, we need not mock any of our smartphone bretheren for having a different view on what platform they would prefer to use. That being said….come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now.

  • Goblin Shark

    I switch back and forth, actually. I like both.

  • kakakadaf

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  • Guest

    “In fact, we now refer to computer programs as apps instead of just software.”
    I don’t know who you think “we” are, but the word “app” makes me want to shoot myself.

  • Xuan Chew

    I use macs, and iPads but also has 2 droids with me. I love them all. There’s really no point to fight over Android vs iOS.