Quickoffice for Android is now free, comes with 10GB of Drive storage

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 19, 2013


In a blog post today, Google has announced that Quickoffice is now free to download for iOS and Android.  Google also concedes that not everyone has “gone Google” yet, and the ‘.doc’ holdouts don’t make it easy for those who have.

While Quickoffice has been available for free to Google Apps customers for some time, today marks the coming out party for a wider audience. Anyone with a Google account will be able to download Quickoffice for free.

Speaking of free, Google is also giving those who download the app by September 26th an extra 10GB of free Drive storage for two years.

Google acquired Quickoffice in 2012, which was originally designed to thwart Microsoft’s proprietary treatment of Office documents. The app, which has been slowly making its way into Drive, is meant as a very crude viewer/editor for Office docs and spreadsheets. Quickoffice will only work with files stored in Drive, and those who may currently be using Quickoffice Pro or HD will need to download and use the new Quickoffice.

The app will also give users the ability to create .ZIP folders, as well as view Powerpoint files and charts in Excel spreadsheets.

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store, and even comes with a handy widget for quick access to your favorite files.

  • vgergo

    I don’t see the extra 10GB

  • Xome

    According to the post made to the Google Drive G+ account, you will see the 10GB in a few weeks time. I’m expecting an email notification.

  • Salvetat

    “Quickoffice will only work with files stored in Drive”
    To the trash it goes.

    • klp

      thats a lie, it works with my phone and sd card files

    • Hacker For Hire

      Dude, if you think that’s true then you need to rent out a dumpster.

  • Alu Zeros

    great, i don’t see 10gb, I would much rather have a native google music app then the 10gb. Google really should really create one app and just merge the drive and quick office app…makes more sense.

  • Conde

    There are other cloud services with more free GB’s , Copy is giving 20GB just for opening the account, check the link https://copy.com?r=iDQAXh