Quick Review: Flipboard for Android

by: SamMay 11, 2012

We recently told you that the Samsung Galaxy S3 version of the iOS favourite FlipBoard had been extracted and posted online. I’ve grabbed it off of XDA and tried it out on a Samsung Galaxy S2, an Asus Transformer, an HTC One X and an HTC Desire HD.

So, let me share my experiences with you.

Everything works

The first thing I should mention is that everything in the application works, this ranges from the namesake swiping between news posts to signing into Twitter. The initial set-up of an account and selecting news genres is easy, and from there you are shown the homepage, the screenshot below is of the landing page on the Galaxy S2.

Once you choose a news category from the homepage you can swipe up and down the list of current news stories. The real fun comes when you choose one to read because Flipboard eliminates the need for scrolling and zooming to see small writing. Everything is automatically shown at a comfortable font level with images and headlines also adjusted to fit attractively on the page. When you’re done with reading one page, enjoy the animation as you vertically flip the page over.

No tablet love

Whilst Flipboard works fine on phones, the let down in this build of the application is that there is no tablet compatibility. I like so many other Android fans like to use my Tablet to keep up to date on news and current events, and right now that can’t be done with Flipboard. The program was extracted from a Galaxy S3 it’s optimised for phones and not tablets. As a result the tablet attempts to scale things up. This behaviour doesn’t make the application look all that bad, because everything has already been prepared for the Galaxy S3’s 1280×720 display. It’s the interaction between news posts and their borders that have been scaled up. Also, it’s important you know that sadly, landscape mode doesn’t work either, not even on phones.

Final thoughts

Altogether I wouldn’t use this version of Flipboard on a day to day basis. It’s interesting in terms of styling and transitions, but not yet at a level to replace other news aggregators like Feedly. For me, Feedly is better because it synchronises across devices quickly with my already-established Google Account, and looks great on my tablet (screenshot below).

Perhaps when Flipboard releases itself to all devices there will be many improvements and tweaks to make it look and behave in a way that is even lovelier than it is now. If you’re a fan of the iOS version then this Android build will do you just fine, but if you want a far more developed and robust application then you’ve got to pick Feedly.

If you are interested in trying the S3 build of Flipboard, check out the link below! Any thoughts?

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  • I’m still enjoying Flipboard on my galaxy tab even thought I’m not using it that much.

  • Ted

    The android version of Flipboard wasnt made for tablets. In fact, if anyone complains about it not running well on their phone and they dont have a Galaxy S3 they have no reason to. It wasn’t supposed to be on any other phone or device.

    I must say that I love my android devices. But being able to side-load is one of the reason some iOS developers are hesitant to create certain apps for android. I hope this doesn’t push the folks over at Flipboard away and that they just chalk this one up to this risk of building apps for android.

  • Fongy

    This ‘review’ is like someone saying “I’ve just stolen someone else’s clothes…. they weren’t designed for me or meant for me… and I’m really disappointed that they don’t fit on me… I’m going back to the clothes that I bought… for me…”

    What a f*ckwad…
    Absolutely pointless waste of cyberspace…

  • The application is working great on my tablet (a $150 cheap chinese tablet).
    It takes information from all the sources I set up.
    The only problem is that the landscape mode doesn’t work.