Qualcomm touts how its 2010 technology is still better than Intel’s new Atom platform [video]

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 21, 2012

Intel is the king of the hill when it comes to desktop and notebook processors. But in the mobile world, the market is dominated by the likes of Qualcomm, with its Snapdragon chips that power numerous Android smartphones. Perhaps in response to the latest buzz that Intel is gearing up on its Clover Trail platform for tablet computers, Qualcomm has released a video that showcases how the Snapdragon stacks against the competition.

The video compares usable performance in several areas, including gaming and simple web browsing — scrolling and zooming. It seems the Snapdragon processor does it better than Intel Atom. Qualcomm also touts compatibility as among the main advantages of its platform. Some apps and games simply won’t work on Intel’s platform.

Now that’s not everything there is about the comparison. Qualcomm actually used an old phone — a 2011 Sony Xperia Arc S with a circa 2010 Snapdragon S2. How does this 2010 tech compare against the Intel Z2460 Medfield class chip? Check out the video below.

Is there hope for Intel to regain relevance in the mobile world? Of course it has a chance. But with the current apps and software platforms, it seems ARM will remain dominant for some time to come.

Not convinced? At least the soundtrack makes for some cool background music.

  • phreezerburn

    That’s a hilarious spot! Surprised Apple isn’t using the same “Windows doesn’t run OSX games!” advertizing. Epic fail. Mind you Apple could do the same with a G4 Powermac and today’s Version of the same. Apples to Apples (snicker) next time please. Not everyone checks their IQ at the keyboard.

  • spunker88

    Anyone else notice at 1:03 the competition is clearly running the GB browser which uses a grey address bar. Meanwhile Snapdragon is using the ICS browser which has a black address bar. The difference between those two versions of Android even on the same hardware would favor ICS due to better HW acceleration and newer browser.

  • Abir

    Have not seen the video but I think qualcomm and other ARM based chip makers are taking note of intel and starting to feel threatened, I mean with Intels resources if they start getting serious with mobile chip business (which I think they are, the Z2460 in lava xolo performs quite well) the rest of the chip makes would be out of it