qualcomm-snapdragon-s4Earlier this year Qualcomm’s purported processor road map was leaked onto the Internet. Among the various processor models listed was the APQ8084, a Snapdragon 800 variant with a new GPU – the Adreno 420.

It looks like Qualcomm is sticking to its roadmap as a recently spotted benchmark from AnTuTu, shows the APQ8084 running at 2.5GHz. The quad-core test device was running Android 4.3 and sported the new Adreno 420 GPU.

Current thoughts are that the new Adreno 400 series will support DirectX11 and WebGL2.0. In terms of performance it should have a 10% greater pixel fill rate than the Adreno 330. The Ardeno 420 also has a higher clock speed at 500MHz. The combined APQ8084 SoC package will feature hardware decoding for the new H.265 standard plus it can handle 4K video playback. It also supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Snapdragon APQ8084

The new SoC can also handle 64-bit DDR3 memory. This isn’t to be confused with 64-bit processing in the CPU, but rather when data is fetched from the memory the data path is 8 bytes wide. However the CPU will only be able to receive the data 4 bytes at a time.

The APQ8084 isn’t expected to be available until 2014 so any initial devices using the chip will likely be announced at next year’s CES.

Gary Sims
Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade and specializes in open source systems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems. He has many years of experience in system design and development as well as system administration, system security and networking protocols. He also knows several programming languages, as he was previously a software engineer for 10 years.
  • wat

    Needs 64 bit processing by then or Samsung and Chinese companies will make them obsolete

    • anro15

      I would prefer the Arm v8 Instruction Set WITH 64-bit capability.

      • wat

        This CPU does not support 64 bit though, they really need to reconsider how long they want to leave it. This chip with 64 bit processing would be a start, but power VR series 6 GPU is better too

      • zourite

        There is no other realistic way to implement 64bit in an ARM CPU. Everyone does/will do it this way (ARMv8 ISA).

    • zxc

      No point in making 64 bit unless the device has 4GB or more RAM

      • wat

        Except benchmarks have proved that similarly clocked 64 bit CPUs have a gain of 15%~ compared to 32bit. RAM is irrelevant to the comparison of computer power in smartphones at the moment.

        • NeedName

          That’s due to the chip design, not just because it’s 64 bit.

          ARM’s 64 bit chip instruction set and 64-bit SoC from companies will be out in 2014. . . not long. And hopefully by that time Android will be able to take maximum advantage of these new chips.

          • wat

            False. It was shown with two variants of a piece of software (32bit and 64bit) on the iPhone 5S compared to… the iPhone 5S. The 64 bit program crunched data 15%+ faster. So it cannot be down to quantity of transistors etc.

          • Joshua Hill

            Wasn’t that only Apples own apps that were designed to take advantage of 64 bit everything else will show no noticeable improvement until developers recode their apps, can’t see that happening too quickly. I’m glad Apple have got the ball rolling but as a consumer I see no need for 64 bit for another year or so. I’ll Let the apps and OS catch up first.

          • wat

            No it was some company with a program that makes pretty pictures based on mathematical calculations, I’ll post the article in a reply when I have time to find it again

          • Joshua Hill

            Thanks. I’ll have a quick Google for it later when I get a chance too.

          • Joshua Hill

            Don’t think this was the comparison you were talking about but it has lots of useful data and analysis http://www.anandtech.com/show/7335/the-iphone-5s-review/4

          • zourite

            ARM 64bit ISA is already implemented in Apple’s Cyclone core, and YES, software utilizing 64bits data/instructions/register are immediately faster whatever the RAM amount.

          • zourite

            ARM 64bit ISA is already implemented in Apple’s Cyclone core, and YES, software utilizing 64bits data/instructions/register are immediately faster whatever the RAM amount.

      • zourite

        Yes of course. You don’t know what you are saying.

  • Luka Mlinar

    I thought the point is not to have directx?

    • guest laughing

      Girls, you’re all pretty.

  • APai

    so this one will beat the A7 hands down in gaming / gpu dept at least. this was expected in qualcomm roadmap, I was only waiting how long it’d take qualcomm to release this. Gotta see where it stacks against the cpu, even if this cpu comes close to the a7 then half the battle is won for any upcoming phone because apple has no successor for another year – their ipad line is already out with the same a7 chip. so much for tim and his cooks trumpeting on and on

    • Roodly Philogene

      it might be the same a7 but higher clocked. If Apple want to play the numbers game, all it has to do is raise clock speed or just go quad core. Imagine a quadcore a7. That would smash anything on the market right now.

      • wat

        no open GL 3, it is not the same at all

        • MrMagoo

          I hear you on the GL 3, but Direct X 11 is the big step here. Baby steps my friend… baby steps. What we have in the terms of capabilies on portables nowadays is rediculous as it is. I’m waiting to see what the whole “Project Logan” is gonna bring us as far as Nvidia is concerned!

      • APai

        Imagine a quadcore a7 – I doubt that’s played that way :) just multiply the cores! if they could, they would!

    • Balraj

      Dude relax..if Qualcomm has a successor so does Apple
      These fights will always be on
      S5 vs iPhone 6 n so on
      Let’s enjoy..
      I don’t want anybody to win :-P

      • APai

        “if Qualcomm has a successor so does Apple”
        oh I’m itching for a showdown, especially since apple has a year to update their stuff, they were nowhere near snapdragon 800 from the time it was announced till a7 was announced, it’s nice to dethrone them pretty early.

        “Let’s enjoy..I don’t want anybody to win”
        ..but, of course! I’m ALL for that. the more commoditized these phones become the better it is – no one asks which laptop you have, we just bother about functionality.

    • wat

      no open GL 3, it sucks. Qualcomm need to stop pissing about and just use Power VR GPU.

      • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

        They don’t need to specify OpenGL ES 3.0 is obvious it’ll exist
        WebGL is a different category

      • APai

        just wait until qualcomm optimizes their stuff. powewrVR trails in a lot of GLbenchmark scores. so, it’s not exactly a cakewalk for powerVR, and remember this is snapdragon 800 with the 400mhz clock, the new iteration is clocked at 500mhz, so it should boost the qualcomm chips significantly to level off where powerVR was ahead. OR, where they were head to head – beat the a7 (and its powerVR) easily.

        • wat

          They’re comparing S800 GPU to Power VR series 5 though not series 6 right? If not then link please

          • APai

            they are comparing the a7 which has a powerVR series6

          • wat

            Link please

          • APai

            gfxbench dot com.
            just google. please.

  • ProudToBePinoy

    I think it’s better if Qualcomm would reserve their processors . c’mon Snapdragon 800 was just release few months ago and it is so freaking fast it can handle everything. so i think it’s better if they’ll release by the end of 2014 and make it even better…. Let us enjoy snapdragon 800 first…

    • Relaxasaurus

      No way. Be happy with your current phone yet let technology makes leaps & bounds as much as far as it can.

      Then your next phone will be a monster

    • Miguel Ortiz

      Only problem is they’ll fall behind and won’t lead 2014 like they did with 2013.

  • Balraj

    2014 just two months away
    S5 then iPhone 6
    Later lg g3 then note 4 followed by nexus 6 :-)
    64 bit processors…

    • Sky Baun

      should we just keep waiting for the perfect phone?

      • Balraj

        Actually if you keep waiting, you ‘ll be waiting all your life
        Best is buy what’s available..today’s top line products(wrt hardware) will not get outdated for atleast two years

        • Relaxasaurus

          Word. I have a Galaxy Nexus and it’s a perfectly good phone still. It’s rooted with the latest Android and with my customizations. Aside from stutters here & there I ask myself if I really need to drop $350+ on a new phone.

          As a tech geek, yes. But it still hurts to have such a nice backup that will collect dust in a drawer. :-}

          • Alan Shearer

            Yes and yes
            except for games mine works great

        • Xerllok

          Moore’s Law… Amen

        • ahmed waddey

          Wel we better wait until all the technologies goes stop at a certain limit .. example moores law… Intel cant reduce the size as much as they wanted ! or Gigahertz race is at a halt

          • GB

            FYI: Cost per TFLOPS is speeding up, not slowing down.


            It’s roughly 2x FLOPS every 1 year now.

            D-Wave’s Quantum Computer is 2x qubits per year, meaning potentially 2^n factor speedup every 1 year, where n is current number of qubits processor (512). (However, those processors are for servers now, and adiabatic thermal system has its bottlenecks)

    • Oli72

      i see this going in the nexus 6 phablet(note 4)

  • Jusephe

    Will it match the A7 in P/P ?

  • shamatuu

    Might be be in the Note 4.

  • philippe v d g

    perfect smartphone for me 3Ghz quad core 64bit 4GB of ram full HD and 1 terraflop gpu and of course 4G advanced 21mp camera

    • Miguel Ortiz

      For me, a Lumia device with those specs. Unbreakable phone+best camera phone+android= best phone ever

    • Leonardo Rojas

      For what? For it to have idle 80% of its power waiting 2 years for the OS to catch up? Or to have it waiting 2 years for any “super demanding” game to even get to use 30% of its GPU power?

      It’s just silly. Even Adreno 320 is a 2 years future proofed winning bet starting now. -.-

  • Joshua Hill

    Did you mean it’s pixel fill rate is 10% faster clock for clock compared to an Adreno 330 or it’s 10% faster because as you next point out it’s clocked at 500MHz (approx. 10% more). If it’s just the increase in clock speed big whoop, it’s just an overclocked Adreno 330. Hopefully there’s something else going on here???

  • Moosa Mahsoom

    Perhaps, they could be releasing several models @ CES. This could be like a S800 with a better graphics chips. There could also be 64 bit chips ready to be announced probably would be released in devices around Q3 2014.

  • Cottonswab

    You guys do know that Adreno is an anagram of RADEON a former ATI and now AMD graphics product? thus DX 9.x-11 capability? – Just puttting that out for those that don’t know.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    For what? For it to have idle 80% of its power waiting 2 years for the OS to catch up? Or to have it waiting 2 years for any “super demanding” game to even get to use 30% of its GPU power?

    It’s just silly how they make the chips that powerful but nothing on Android can get to use half its power. Nothing too bad. But, even Adreno 320 and Snapdragon S4 quad CPU is a 2 years future proofed winning bet starting now. -.-

    I wish they let batteries to catch up first: 48 hours battery life per charge with 24 hours of “screen on”.

  • madmills92

    Am I the only person feeling frustrated at the speed at which out flagship are outdated , £500 and it’s outspec’d and out tech’d within 4 months or so of owning it .
    Im not saying for them to slow down but why not wait a year and release somthing far more powerful instead of all these baby-step upgrades every few months that leave me feeling flag-shipless

  • Karan Puri

    why is it that 1.2ghz dual core of the iphone 5s is fast?..we had those similar specs in android 2 years back and it wasn’t so fast…i guess some fault comes to the software, back than android was still growing..

    but besides the point what makes iphone so fast regardless of poor specs…???

    is it the crazy amt of optimization? or the way IOS is written?..android is very fast now…but it need higher specs to be blazingly fast….is android not optimized nicely?

  • Mehdi