Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 set for mass production in late May

by: Adam KoueiderApril 26, 2013

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The Snapdragon 600 processor is already a brilliantly fast processor, found in powerhouse devices like the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, but it’s only been warming the throne for the king of Qualcomm’s 2013 series of processors, the Snapdragon 800. At a media event in Beijing, Senior Product Manager Yufei Wang said that mass production for the Snapdragon 800 will start in late May, without revealing what devices would use the new processor.

To recap all of the improvements the Snapdragon 800 yields over its little brother, the 800 allows a higher clock speed of 2.3GHz (up from 1.9GHz on the 600), the more powerful Krait 400 architecture and the brand new Adreno 330 GPU set to light up those benchmarks like you’ve never seen (or at least one can hope so).

For those hoping for an octa-core beast incorporating big.LITTLE technology, you’ll be disappointed to know that the 800 is still a quad-core device. But the processor retains the asynchronous technology incorporated in the Snapdragon 600 meaning the processor will still be very power efficient. Features like 30 frames per second 4K playback capability will ensure devices incorporating this processor will be capable of utilizing all those pixels on your smartphone.

The Snapdragon 800 is certain to improve upon Qualcomm’s already brilliant processor lineup, especially with the new Adreno GPU. We could see this processor come out in devices in the latter parts of Q2, with ZTE are already sampling the SoC.

Are you excited about the Snapdragon 800? Think it will make a difference compared to the S4 and HTC One?

  • Balraj

    Htc one+ will have snapdragon 800 and some galaxy series will get it but I wonder which tablets will get them…
    Tablets are going to get really powerful !!!!

    • mjolnirxz

      HTC wont have another flagship this year, at least if they keep their word. The next flagship from samsung is the note 3, no more galaxy flagships this year either; but I think their exynos production would have ramped up by then so I think s800 is strictly for tablets from these 2 oem

      • Pat

        No it isn’t for tablets, why waste the sales potential and why are folks like you always assuming that powerful hardware ends up in tablets, when OEMs have neglected their Android tablet offerings with lower end hardware leaving the best of the crop for phablets and larger smartphones. Optimus G2/Sony Togari/Note 3/Huawei Ascend 2 and Nexus 5, all of which each will outsell a tablet will be most likely candidates for the snapdragon 800. Remember, the market is and will always be phone/phablet first priority, tablet second.

        • mjolnirxz

          how is it a waste of sales potential? the s800 costs more obviously and thus eating into the profit margins if you put it into the high revenue streams such as the flagship phones/phablets. and if you paid any attention to qualcomms product presentation they intend the s800 for tablets/laptops like chromebooks. Not saying that it wont appear in phones, but seeing how samsung has the s4 is out and most likely use exynos 5 for note 3, no more phones/phablets from this oem that would use s800. i was replying specifically to the comment regarding samsung and htc

      • Balraj

        It would be awesome to have a tablet with snapdragon 800
        Let’s guess, a new htc tab with snapdragon 800
        Samsung galaxy s tab with snap 800
        Ifa 2013 !!!

  • Steven Rothermel

    I would love to see the S800 in the next nexus phone/tablet. i have a feeling the next N7 will have the S4 pro just to cut costs. but the next nexus phone might just have the S800 in it….and it WILL be mine :)

  • slick8125

    Yusss I’ve been searching for snapdragon 800 like 5 times a day for more news. I can’t wait for a phone with this and RF360. It’ll be a monster

  • Sundar Bhandari

    Coming at the perfect time for the launch of the Nexus 5 this autumn or winter with New Nikon camera and Key Lime pie set to be released this May. What a superphone it’d be. Really can’t wait