Qualcomm: no, the Galaxy S4 doesn’t record full HD video at 60fps

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 26, 2013

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Qualcomm recently stated in a blog spot that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is capable of Full HD video capture at no less than 60 fps. However, it may have been just a typo.

Normally, a blog post on Qualcomm’s official blog about the Samsung Galaxy S4 using Snapdragon 600 processors in some regions (70% of the first 10 million devices) shouldn’t have brought too much new information. So it came as a surprise when GSM Arena noticed that the post mentions something interesting – the 60 fps Full HD capture capability of the Galaxy S4. If the information was accurate, the Galaxy S4 would have been the first smartphone ever to boast this capability.

You can see a screenshot of the post below (taken from Google’s cached version of the page).

full hd 60 fps galaxy s4

If this was true, speculations about why Samsung failed to mention this important aspect would have been quite justified. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since it stops everyone from speculating), Qualcomm quashed the misinformation before it had a chance to spread, by simply modifying the blog post. The specification is now back to what everyone knew all along – 30 fps.

The whole thing seems to have been nothing more than a typo. Disappointed? Do you really need 60 fps video on your phone (unless you’re Peter Jackson?)

  • with that processor, it should be!

    • Filip Justin


  • MasterMuffin

    why not 120? :)

  • tomislav

    These combinations was between Snapd and Exynos. Exynos version should run 60fps.

  • Xvasek

    What a pity… I was looking forward to smooth video… No phono with smooth video. HTC ONE has choppy video and rumor say that should has 60 fps 1080p to.

    • Amine Elouakil

      Check out the Technobufalu review on that matter, they had a pre production and production units during the testing the preproduction had a sound issue, while on the final units it was gone no choppiness and the HDR works fine.

  • David Brymer

    htc are sending out update for there camera to make it better in april.

  • gdh

    Why not 240 ?

    • whoknowswhereor

      My note 2 does 240fps :) Check out slomo option. Obviously not at 1080 tho lol

  • anonym

    i think it’s 60fps on 720p videos

  • galaxys4case

    anonym is right.