Qualcomm Samsung Galaxy S4 camera specs typo admitted, no 60fps after all

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 28, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 12 aa 600

Remember when Qualcomm said in a blog post that the Samsung Galaxy S4’s back camera was capable of capturing 1080p video at 60fps and we were seriously suspecting an error.

Well, it looked like an error because it was an error indeed. Phone Arena has asked Qualcomm about it and the company (that’s helping HTC promote the One these days) gave an answer.

The person writing the blog post made a typo, writing 60fps instead of 30fps, and getting the whole planet worked up about it in the process. It would have been something to see the first smartphone camera capable of recording 60fps video in 1080p (and it would have been even more interesting to find out why Samsung wasn’t promoting the feature,) but I guess we’ll just have to wait for it for a while longer.

When do you think we’ll have a smartphone capable of recording Full HD video at 60fps on the market?

  • ccsvchost

    bad news after some hype just kills it…

  • Jack

    so both HTC and Samsung don’t capture 1080p video at 60fps?

    • Rob C

      HTC can go up to 96fps, just not at 1080P. HTC uses an ImageChip-2.

      Source: http://www.htc.com/ca/zoe/specifications/

      Camera Full Size Resolution:
      2688×1520 16:9 ratio
      Shutter speed up to 48fps with reduced motion blur

      Maximum frames per second:
      Up to 8fps continuous shooting

      Video Resolutions:
      1080P up to 30 FPS
      720P up to 60 FPS
      1080P with HDR up to 28 FPS
      768×432 up to 96 FPS
      H.264 high profile, up to 20mbps

      • Tcv4

        Htc’s “up to” thing is worrying.

        • Rob C

          Yes, and instead of 30FPS I would prefer 29.97103 (in appropriate parts of the World) locked, never more, never less (and not “up to” either). We can only hope that is what they meant.

          The 96FPS seems an interesting addition. According to the User Manual the HDR works on both Cameras.

      • John Koetsier poyo

        don’t to believe..
        HTC still not quietly brilliant

        maybe brilliant to make fact..

        remove quietly brilliant 1st then u can believe

        sad with htc..i’m htc fanzz too

    • John Koetsier poyo

      qualcomm can’t 60fps but only 30fps..HTC comfirm can’t too and HTC just better design but with S4 exynos can 1080p 60fps..

      • xvasek

        Are you really sure that Exnos can record 1080p 60fps? If yes I will buy someting from unofficial import…

  • Snapdragon 800 and probably the Nvidia Tegrs 4 devices will be able to tun 60fps.
    as Qualcomm did say that their 800 chip can record in 4K so it should be able to pull of 60fps in 1080p

  • This is #sucks ,im not going to buy the #S4 im going to wait for the iPhone #5s

  • RarestName

    Good thing if you look at it in another way. Now the videos recorded are increasing in size and it’s annoying.

  • i think it will be able when phone have arrund 256 gb memory , b the video would consume too much memory

  • Jusephe

    Probably iPhone 5S will record in 60 FPS.

  • It’s still ok, there are many other great features! (::

  • Anna

    i dont think either of them do! S4 is still better though judging from this:


    I don’t think there is anything too low quality about 30fps anyway :S who cares.

  • Adam

    Why would anyone want to wait for the iPhone 5s, it’s going to be the same thing as the iPhone 5, but you get an amazing S at the end. Lmao. Galaxy S4 is the way to go, full 1080p HD display, with something like 440ppi. Apple is falling behind Android, and I don’t see them catching up anytime soon.

    • David Brymer

      Omg ur sounding like apple fans now, and thats wat the s4 should hav been called sg3s….or sg3 + :) :) :) :)