Qualcomm reveals Quick Charge 1.0, hints at faster charging technology in the works

by: Brad WardFebruary 14, 2013


Qualcomm announced via its blog on Feb. 14 that some of its Snapdragon chips in devices have a new technology they call Quick Charge 1.0. This charging technology makes devices charge 40% faster than they normally would.

A device without a Snapdragon chip with Quick Charge 1.0 can take up to four hours to get a full charge, this means that you’re using your device much less. With Quick Charge 1.0, your device becomes “truly mobile” and can take three hours or less to get a full charge. The beautiful thing about Quick Charge is that this is all possible through existing USB charging accessories; new cables and chargers are not necessary for it to work.

At the end of Qualcomm’s blog post the company mentioned that this technology is available in more than 70 Snapdragon-based devices today, including the Galaxy S3. Not only that, but Qualcomm also hinted at even faster charging technology in the works by saying, “come back next week for exciting news on the newest advancement in fast charging technology.”

Qualcomm is truly innovating with this technology, which it acquired in June of 2012. Most of us have become so attached to our smartphones that leaving it alone on a charger for four hours is a strenuous task. Be sure to check out Qualcomm’s blog post to see a full list of devices that have the Snapdragon chip with Quick Charge 1.0!

  • MasterMuffin

    Next: MAKE THE BATTERYS LAST LONGER. If you can’t get the charging to under an hour, don’t waste your time when you can innovate on better things!

  • silvereye

    My galaxy note 2 takes only 3 hours to fully charge.

  • Techy

    My point exactly! Good word master muffin!