Qualcomm dominates the LTE modem chip market, responsible for 86 percent of 47 million shipments in 2012

by: Brad WardFebruary 22, 2013


Market research firm Forward Concepts says that Qualcomm shipped 86 percent of the 47 million FDD-LTE cellphone modems shipped in 2012. The firm claims that Qualcomm’s success will continue into 2013 as its competitor, Samsung, shipped a mere nine percent of the 47 million cellphone modems in 2012.

Qualcomm and Samsung made up 95 percent of the market, but who held the other five percent? A small company known as GCT Semiconductor took three percent of the market thanks to design wins in LG handsets while NVIDIA and Renesas Mobile both gained one percent of the market. Forward Concepts noted that Renesas LTE modem sales mostly took place with Fujitsu handsets.

No doubt Qualcomm will do even better than last year as they continue to provide new tech like its “RF360 Front End Solution”, which supports roughly 40 4G LTE bands. It’ll be awesome to see what Qualcomm has in store for the market this year!

  • MasterMuffin

    Maybe that front end solution is the reason why Samsung may use Snappy in sgs4?

    • Mike Reid

      Exynos is the only thing holding Qualcomm back from a virtual monopoly.

      • MasterMuffin

        True, but Samsung will probably use what’s best for sgs4

      • cycad007

        Who else will use Exynos beside Samsung? I don’t see many OEMs jumping up and down for Exynos.