Quad HD variant of Galaxy S5 could launch in early summer (Updated)

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 20, 2014


There’s some confusion around the upcoming Galaxy S5’s display resolution. Many rumors in the past months suggested that Samsung would release two versions of the device at the same time, a premium model with a Quad HD (2560×1440) display and a standard model with a Full HD screen.

Yesterday, Korea’s ETNews reported that, due to technical problems, Samsung has postponed the release of the Quad HD model, and will only launch the standard model at first. The story is backed by a few other sources – the New York Times reported the Galaxy S5 would only have a Full HD display; several benchmark sightings suggest the same thing; and user agent profile files of presumed AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile versions all show Full HD displays.

A person with knowledge of the matter has confirmed to Android Authority that a T-Mobile Galaxy S5 version will become available in early to mid-June. Our source could not confirm the resolution of the device, but, in light of other reports, we believe that the device coming in June is the Quad HD-equipped premium version of the Galaxy S5.

Moreover, an English-language version of ETNews’ original report, that was published today, states Samsung would roll out QHD smartphones “in large quantities” in the middle of the year.

Because the high-resolution QHD display requires a powerful SoC, the premium version’s spec sheet will differ from the standard version that will go on sale next month. With the Snapdragon 805 expected in summer, we can speculate that the premium Galaxy S5 will be among the first phones to feature it. It’s also possible that Samsung will reserve its own Exynos 5430 processor for the premium version, at least in some markets.

To recap, we find the following scenario likely: Samsung will sell the standard, Full HD Galaxy S5 (probably running a Snapdragon 800 variant) starting in March. The premium, Quad HD version (Snapdragon 805/Exynos 5430), will be released in early summer.

We don’t know if Samsung will announce both versions at MWC on Monday, or just the standard version. We’ll be there to report on it, so stay tuned for more.

Update: citing a Samsung executive, GSM Arena says the Galaxy S5 (we presume the standard version) will be in stores in three weeks.

  • George

    Atleast there will be a normal 1080 Galaxy and an overkill 1440 edition for the ones that think there will be a difference.

    • Jay Holm

      I believe in “technological advancements”, and therefore I don’t use the term “overkill”. I say bring on the pixels!!!

      No one ever said 2 or 3gb’s on a smartphone was “overkill”, I always welcome more memory, always.

      • SSDROiD

        That’s because increasing memory on a smartphone is still very relevant. We are still not even close to how fast smartphones can be. However, we are quickly closing in on the time (if we’re not already there) where we just can’t see the pixels on our phone screens and thus, upping the pixel count becomes unnecessary and just battery-consuming.

      • George

        Ram will always be needed and be useful.
        More pixels on the other hand have already been maxed out because the human eye can’t see more than 300ppi. (depending on distance too, we’re talking about phones right now)

        • Andrew T Roach

          Powering more ram does drain battery as well. So more than what’s necessary is too much.

        • KID ANDROID

          That’s false, I can tell the difference very very easily between 300ppi and 445 ppi …… Hell and I even need glasses lol

    • kstagg

      Am curious if the “premium” (?) will have a different look/feel. If that is the case, then yeah – I’ll be pissed.

  • DJ Focus

    When did a start saying ‘quad HD’ in all the other articles it was listed as 2k?

    • Dimitar Gospodinov

      actually QHD is more accurate than 2k ‘couse 2K is for projectior resolution

      • DJ Focus

        Then I wonder why they used 2k at all?

        • Dimitar Gospodinov

          Yeah…you know when somebody says something an everybody starts compy-pasteing…

  • Siphiwe

    I think Samsung should leave the QHD version for the GALAXY Note 4 rather than waiting for mid year for the Qualcomm processor to release another S5 iteration, full HD is still impressive.

  • Anita Francis

    From the numerous rumored spec reports S5 seems like a monster. But that screen size is still purportedly smaller than the LG G3, which is also coming soon. G3 is said to have a 5.5″ qHD display.

    Mobile phones were supposed to be small. 5.5″ is not exactly small! Anyway, lets play along for the time being.

    • SSDROiD

      Mobile phones (non-smart) were supposed to be small, yes.
      Smartphones were/are never supposed to be anything. It’s still an evolving market. I love my Note 3 and I am not switching to anything lower in size anytime soon. It may seem ridiculous to others with a big smartphone, but a large screen fits my needs perfectly!

  • Amine Elouakil

    So the S5 that will be lanched initialy will have the exact same specs as the Note 3

    -1080p display
    -Snapdragon S800
    -16mpx camera
    -3gb if ram

    they a few months later (3 to 5months) they’ll release another S5 :

    WHY?!! It will only confuse people and make some angry if they don’t annouce it day one, and if they do people won’t buy this device and will want to wait for the real S5.

    • Anon

      They’ll probably announce it on the same day, but will sell it later.

    • On a Clear Day

      Very good point – about people waiting. But, it may not deter people that much since there is supposed to be a price difference of about $200.00 I think between the standard and the Quad version.

      The questions I would have are:

      1. Is there really and truly – aside from the pleasure one might derive from knowing you have the sharpest, bestest screen then currently available – an true, discernible improvement in quality between the former and the latter?

      2. Is there going to be an appreciable difference in the speed and/or specs that again – aside from bragging rights – anyone who didn’t have the phone hooked up to testing equipment – could perceive.

      If the answers to these questions is no, then why would one bother to wait, if you wanted the phone now, when the only other differentiation might be a possibly prettier case to go with your negligible, undetectable hardware “improvements”?

      However, if the new one, was built to higher specs – durability wise akin to the S4 Active – being rougher and tougher; still had a removable battery and micro SD card, then I might hold off – I’ve waited this long, what’s a few months more. Lack of patience is not something I lack.

      If I were Samsung, I wouldn’t try to play coy with me on what the respective specs are going to be for each iteration; when they unveil the S5 – tell us in detail what their plans are.

      Because if they don’t, then they will be forcing me to hold off buying now – and taking the risk of my growing impatient – or irritated with them – and exacting my irritation on them by
      “happening” upon a competing suitor intent upon courting my affections!

      • Amine Elouakil

        I doubt there will be a 200$ price difference on day one, unless Samsung will overprice the Prime version, and will change the price once it’s released, example 750$ vs 550$ and then drop it to 650$. A 100$ à l’Apple is more realistic, but I doubt it would be as effective tho

        I’m sure that most people that will want to buy the S5 on day one are the people that are interested of having the greatest and latest device and this is will confuse people.

        The competitors are doing cleaners launch (beside Sony that is which is in the same situation as Samsung) example the LG G3 will be released straight with the 805 or better, and will be released later, HTC is releasing the One with the S800 better camera ect ect which is a substantial update from the One 2013 and they’ll either release the Butterfly with the S805 or a One+ 6 months later (I doubt they’ll do the later, since they didn’t fall to that trap in 2013 when the S800 was released).

        but will be set in a few days anyway :D

        • On a Clear Day

          Yep. As the saying goes re pricing – something is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. I hope the tippy top model is only $650.00 or $550.00. As you say, time shortly will tell.

  • Jack Parker

    This is just going to piss people off, they’ll get a S5 thinking they’ve got the top of the line phone then bam! 2 monthd later they release a better version. What’s the point

    • bungadudu

      Same happened to the s4 and the s3 ;-)

  • Jusephe

    The entire galaxy S5 thing starts to getting more and more spoiled…. If they can’t make that 1440 by 2560 display and 805 why not postpone the launch for few months ? Why they need to release the S5 ? It will be just an SGS4 black edition (plastic leather back) with snapdragon 800 from SGS4 LTE-A renamed to S5 and only new thing will be another gigabyte of software balast.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Nooo! This ruins my day… I want to upgrade in April and now there will only be a small note 3 equivalent. This is crap. I won’t be able to hold out til June. And as others have said this is confusing the public. Can’t wait. And I was actually looking to get the 2k one

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Let’s just have one Galaxy s5, samsung…

    • SSDROiD

      You know that’s not going to happen.

  • Jay Holm

    My first Jump on T-Mobile isn’t until July 18th, so hopefully that paragraph will end up being true that the “Premium” version with the Snapdragon 805 and 1440p display will reach T-Mobile in the summer. I intend on holding in to the *S5* for more than 2yrs.

  • Bishop

    If they need the Snapdragon 805 to run the QHD resolution efficiently, they should just release 1 version of the S5 with the 1080p display and save the QHD display for the Galaxy Note 4. I don’t see why would Samsung put their effort to release another S5 a few months later with a QHD screen, when they can save that for the Note 4 which will come out a few months after that.

    Either way, I’m happy with my S4 for now and I’m skipping the S5 in favor for the Note 4.

    • JamJamBoom

      This is the same way i feel. Why release a ‘super’ S5 3 months later. Just debut all of this stuff in the Note 4 6 months later.

  • mustbepbs

    Merriam Webster definition of the word “Samsung”:


    • SSDROiD

      Samsung isn’t a word, it’s the name of a company. I’m sorry to nitpick, but your joke would’ve been so much funnier you had written “definition of the word variant: Samsung” instead of the opposite.

      • mustbepbs

        I’m sorry it wasn’t up to your high standards, master.

        I’ll try harder next time. ¬_¬

  • Jack Jennings

    This potentially supports the reports of the imminent full-HD handset being at a cheaper price-point than predecessors…if they’re going to bring out a more expensive version months after.

  • s

    big mistake… like iphone 5c

  • Bt56

    Why can’t Samsung use the recently announced Exynos 6 (inifinity) processor to power the GS5’s QHD display?


  • MobileRoamer

    Wow, it always amazes me when people complain about choice. Nothing but whining and complaining from fools. People are gonna be pissed, people are gonna be confused, blah blah blah. If there is a standard GS5 with 1080P and a 800, with aggressive pricing, it’ll be a perfect for a majority of consumers who couldn’t care less about specs. These people have no clue what prossesor they’re running. The snapdragon 800 will be plenty. Then if there is a second premium build and spec model, it’ll be perfect for the rest of us that want the latest and greatest. Why is this so hard to understand?

  • android guy

    If that is the case, I will reconsider S5 and might switch to LG or HTC.

    • Cotomeo

      I’m between these two as well

  • Groud Frank

    I’m happy with FHD and I’d prefer to see a race to better battery performance than pixel count. But if they really want to do this QHD thing then maybe they should go for the Tegra K1 one instead of the in-house and Qualcomm SoC. It may better be able to handle the higher resolution screen.

    • Anon

      Let QHD come out properly, and within a month FHD would ‘suck’. As far as battery performance goes, don’t expect to see manufacturers going down that road for a while. But they might just surprise us…

  • Neil Pagay

    So with the rumored 5.2 inch dislay, the FHD galaxy s5 variant would have a slightly lower ppi than the galaxy s4?

    • Bishop

      Yes, but that makes absolutely no difference as the resolution is still 1920×1080.


    There’s one single reason why they would release a QHD model and that’s just to say they did it first plain and simple. I mean there is really no reason to go that high def, at least at this point.

  • Roberto Tomás

    recent news suggests it will in fact be a 20nm 5430 Exynos with intel LTE modem. The modem makes sense to me, but making yet another A15/A7 does not.