Thin this, ultra svelte that. So what? Sure, we all love thin – but if it sacrifices overall functionality – or even more importantly – battery life, then consumers get downright angry.

A recent JD Power survey revealed that people’s chief concern is with battery life or lack thereof. The race towards thinness is simply not in line with what consumers want. While it serves as a great marketing message, much like “quad core” does, it actually ends up hurting consumers by forcing them to remain near the ‘ol outlet.

Android devices are all about mobility and utility. Try and think of something your Android can’t do. Can you? Ok, good. Now go and do a good search on Google. Go and check out XDA Forums. Check out our comprehensive How to section. If you open your mind to the incredible gamut of potential functions that your Android can do, then you begin to realize that this is truly one of the most flexible platforms out there. Yes, you need to root your device to get the most out of it, and to truly make it your own.

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Quad Core QWERTY Superphones!

So, with this in mind, I wanted to reach out to you and ask you – do you want the manufacturers to make a quad core, big, brightly displayed QWERTY superphone? Let us know! Check out the poll below, and list your dream specs in the comments, and we will make sure that the manufacturers see this. I, for one, believe there is substantial demand for such a device,  and that if they make it, people will most certainly by it.

Here’s the specs I’m proposing it should have:

  • 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display
  • 1280×800 Resolution
  • 4000 mAh battery (more preferably)
  • 1.5GHz Quad core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 64GB internal memory, with microSD card slot
  • HDMI out, MHL, USB
  • 5 row QWERTY backlit keyboard
  • 12MP camera
  • less than 12mm thin

And so, what say you? Let us know, and if there is enough interest, I’ll get a petition started. We’re here for you, QWERTY lovers. Really, let us know and we will make sure the manufacturers know.

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Darcy LaCouvee
Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.
  • Guest

    There’s a VERY good reason why we are seeing fewer and fewer and fewer qwerty phones. No one wants them. Heavy, thick, bulky, expensive. Duh.

    • randypower

      There’s a VERY good reason why you are wrong. You jump to conclusions for others. And you say duh.

      • Amreezhussain

        I agree with randypower, QWERTY is the way forward, typing texts and e-mails. The touch screen is great for browsing the internet, pinch and zoom and angry birds. Besides that my original motorola milestone is great WITH a qwerty, not a touch screen. We have almost been brainwashed into believing that tapping on these flat screens is the future, I assure you it is not. What are we all using right now to type on this forum?? a keyboard. what did we use to click yes in the space above?? a mouse. QWERTY=keyboard touch screen= mouse. Simple.

    • I like how you’ve made up my mind for me.

      I used a slab for a year before switching to a QWERTY. I have a Droid 3. It’s not terribly thick or bulky. On screen keyboards take up too much screen real estate, and they suck for emulating games.

  • There’s very few things I’m looking for in my next phone.

    1) I want a Tegra 3 (I like the idea of the 4-plus-1 or “companion core”)
    2) I would LOVE to keep my QWERTY keyboard (I have an out-of-date Droid 2 now)
    3) a front-facing camera (Pretty standard now)
    4) AN UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER (I.E. no more Moto phones)

    right now I can’t even get a Tegra 3 in a phone from Verizon, and if I want the QWERTY I have to go with the D3, which I’m pretty sure has none of the other items on my list. (MAYBE a front-facing camera, I’m not sure)

  • Guest 2

    You can’t say no one wants a qwerty keyboard, because some do. That’s personal preference.
    I’m not going to list everything that a smartphone (or the operating systems) need, but usb host-mode and being able to connect to ad-hoc networks, are two things that I could mention straight away that are needed. I would go as far as saying usb host-mode, or usb on-the-go if you like, is only going to become more important as mobile computing grows.

  • Geoff

    I had my original Moto Droid for years and used it until the keys literally started falling off. My upgrade has been up since November but I haven’t used it. Why? Because nothing on the market right now is appealing to me, so instead I bought a used HTC Incredible (good phone, but my GOODNESS do I miss that physical keyboard!). The Droid was top of the food chain when it first came out but the line has since fallen into, dare I say, “entry level” smartphone territory. It’s as if the drive to compete directly with the Apple style and surpass them through screen size and feature-sets has distracted manufacturers from marketing practical phones that are in the consumers best interest. Their advertisements suggests that you need this super huge screen, but really you don’t. Not on a phone at least. Leave that to tablets.

    Quad-cores are right around the corner but the longer I hold out the sadder I get as I see us QWERTY fans being neglected. All of the superphones are full touch and have astonishingly large screens that I simply do not deem fit for mobile (I don’t want to feel my phone pressing against me when I put it in my pocket). I’m not a fanboy by any means but I will say this; Apple was right to keep the screen size under 4″. Anything over that is overkill and comes off as show-offy, not to mention the drain on the battery. Netflix videos and web browsing are just fine on my Droid and with all the other larger screen phones I’ve played with I’d say the trade off isn’t worth it. Heck, I can’t even reach across the whole screen to click widgets without two hands because I’ve got short fingers.

    Anyhoo, my dream specs:

    3.7-3.9″ HD Super AMOLED display
    “Full HD” 1080p Resolution
    4000 mAh battery (more preferably)
    2.0GHz Quad core processor
    2GB of RAM
    8GB internal memory, with microSD card slot
    HDMI out, MHL, USB
    5 row QWERTY backlit keyboard
    12MP camera
    Small enough to fit in my pocket without it poking me when I bend over.

    I hope one of the manufacturers sees this article and realizes the QWERTY market is much larger than they think.

  • QWERTY phones offer manufacturers a lower profit margin to a smaller market of people, no one is debating that. What is up for debate is whether or not there’s enough of a niche market to warrant the making of this device*. The statistics speak for themselves, according to the polls the results are off the charts! Literally, go look.

    *contingent on the inclusion of an s-pen, otherwise almost perfect

    And anyone who doesn’t spread this link as deep into the webbernets as possible doesn’t deserve to have one or complain about not having one.

  • randypower

    Thank you got writing this article. There are some of us who strongly prefer a real keyboard, and are willing to put up with a little extra bulk for a good one.

    Sadly, few keyboards are very good. The non-Android sidekicks were always the best. Samsung can’t make a keyboard that doesn’t repeat letters, and HTC’s keyboards are ok but nothing to get real excited about.. I’d like a good big phone with those specs and a great keyboard on Sprint (family is on that carrier), made by HTC or maybe LG. I’d buy one outright like that.

    I like that specs list and hope

  • I would buy two straight away.

  • Guest

    Put me in for at least 2 superphones… The display could be a little smaller – under 4.5″ I’d say, but other than that – dream phone.

  • Spotfist

    Nice to see Im not the only one although living in the UK certainly gives that impression, MWC had ZERO QWERTY phones. I would have thought Sony or HTC would have one model but als no.

    It seems that manufacturers believe we don’t like QWERTY phones here in europe, but it makes me laugh as most that do arrive are already out of date, if Motorola rleased the milestone 4 tomorrow who would buy it? It seems to be the worst of the RAZR lineup and is already looking old tech.

    I get the feeling that we are being tricked into thinking touchscreen is a good idea but this is a bonus for the manufacturers because a physicla keyboard costs more. I say we need quad core flip out QWERTY but maybe using another touchscreen as the keypad (just an idea) the pad could then be used as a keyboard or game controller, it’s only a screen after all. could you imagin 2 motorola RAZR’s stuck together?

  • Matthew Wilson

    I currently have a rooted Desire Z running ICS. It’s functional and does the job for now. I was thinking of upgrading to the Samsung Captivate Glide but have decided to wait for a quad core QWERTY phone. It’ll happen eventually …

  • Ysela

    Right now I have a Galaxy S Glide (Canadian version of the Captivate Glide), Dual Core, Qwerty, Tegra 2, it’s not the One X, but does everything I want it to do, and more.

    Maybe in the future, when some games start “Asking” for Quad Core Phones, or if a new version of Android, that have something I really, really want, it’s released, maybe then I’ll consider upgrading.

    Right know, I have a Qwerty Keyboard, Dual Core, and I’m going to get an ICS Update by AT&T in the upcoming months, so, everything it’s just f*cking right for me :D

  • TMe

    Loved my Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2 after that. Loved my Desire Z as well until I dropped it. Looking forward to the next qwerty HTC and unfortunaty have to cope with the ginormous limitations of an IphOne 4s. Jeez… Never knew Iphones are years behind and really rely on brand blindness of Jobs followers.

    • Name

      I had a HTCTouch Pro also, that I changed for a Galaxy S2, I still miss it, for its built quality, front keys and a very complete QWERTY keyboard that has a row of numbers independent of the letter keys on it.
      My dream device is a thing like HTC Touch Pro 1 in matter of keys and, big screen as Galaxy S2, modern HW specifications and a S-Pen like Galaxy Note.

  • tenten

    I own a Sharp Galapagos 005SH. It’s a total dream, with a smartly designed keyboard (one button access to various alphabets and another button just for emoticons), and I’d happily use it for a long time, if I were able to access 3G internet outside of Japan. It’s such a shame that Samsung, HTC etc. haven’t caught onto Japanese design sense.

  • hej hej

    why more than 4 inch? your thumb cant reach, eather its the specs above with 4 inch display HD resolution, or 5 inch with fits for both hand thumb reach, hardware button at the lover right cornor for easy unlock (right conor because so you dont touch the button accidentically when reaching with your thumb at the upper left conor), no more that HD display as its irellevant for the human eye to see a better resolution on that scale and all it would do was to consume battery, need NFC chip to, minimum 3 button headset remote ,minimum dualcore 1ghz.else all in above hes above post. A STYLUS and HDMI!

    my dream phone with abouve specs:
    dualcore 1 gz (or more)
    qwerty 4 lines (or more)
    A STILYS! (nice with buttons on)
    nfc chip
    front camera 1.3mp (only)
    back cam 8 mp WITH BIG LINSE (maybe more)
    LED notificator!
    SLCD2 display (for more battery, else AMOLED if samsung fixes powerconsuming)
    HARDWARE button (one or more on front buttom to easy unlock)
    did i mention A STYLUS + QWERTY? ye ;p

    • hej hej

      maybe a “gamepad” or something in the left conor of the QWERT board for games and mouse input, could be awesome,
      gamepad+stylus+qwerty+1gz dualcore(minimum), 4inch HD display(or 5), omg :o
      its my dream.

  • I type a lot more on my phone than I used to, and while swype is great, a query keyboard is going to be better always. A large screen is not necessary since there is no virtual keyboard to take up real estate, so 4.3 is fine for me. Basically it would be a HTC one X, 4.3 inch screen, and good battery life.

  • spacey

    Atleast you guys in the US have some decent qwerty keyboard phones to choose from. UK there is nothing decent and I cannot bare to use a pure touch sreen phone for texting, its crap and you loose too much realestate. I am certain the manufacturers are missing a trick here, hard qwerty will be back I am sure.

  • Max

    I’m waiting for what seems like years now for a proper horizontal QWERTY phone here in Europe – I only want three things: the keyboard, an AMOLED display and ICS. Is that too much to ask, dammit? Yes, Samsung, allegedly biggest phone manufacturer just having passed Nokia for that spot I’M LOOKING AT YOU. I need a smartphone, and HTC just said they don’t want my money! Are you equally stupid or what?!?

  • kourampies

    Im still stuck with my Desire Z and Motorola Milestone, because simply there are no QWERTY devices on the market.

    If there was a QWERTY device with modern specs, lets say something like a galaxy S3 with keyboard, I would buy it no matter how expensive, bulky and it would be.

    I absolutely adore the keyboard on the Desire Z/G2, and I ve been using it for almost the two years, some keys nowadays are not responding as well, and I ll have to repair it soon.

  • Troy

    My first smart phone was the Motorola Q9h and I brought it especially for the QWERTY keyboard and it was Windows which meant I could sync easily with my work desktop, later I moved onto the Android QWERTY sliders with the Xperia X10 Mini Pro and last year got the Xperia Pro. I would definitely like to have a new QWERTY phone to upgrade to within the next two years. I love my current phone and the physical keyboard is brilliant to use. My dream specs are the same as Geoff (Apart from maybe the screen size) but just in case you would like them in my comment as well I have copied and pasted them in here.

    3.7-4.3″ HD Super AMOLED display
    “Full HD” 1080p Resolution
    4000 mAh battery (more preferably)
    2.0GHz Quad core processor
    2GB of RAM
    8GB internal memory, with microSD card slot
    HDMI out, MHL, USB
    5 row QWERTY backlit keyboard
    12MP camera

  • Nathan

    I would buy a quad-core QWERTY smartphone in a second. I plan to hold on to my Droid 2 Global until such time when someone releases a great QWERTY phone. I hope the Droid 5 will be the answer to my prayers now that Google has taken over Motorola and is going to focus on less devices with awesome specs.

  • no ty

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with QWERTY could be very nice

  • Gradmg13

    I have the samsung galaxy s1 epic 4G from sprint. I’ve had it for almost two years now and I’m typing this message from it right now. I want a new galaxy because this one just isn’t fast enough anymore. I love having a qwerty keybored. I was going to get the s3 but then I heard samsung might come out with another s3 version featuring a qwerty keybored. Ill gladly wait for it now. I only hope it has the saxme specs as the original s3 or better.

    My dream phone specs would be:
    4.5-4.8″ super AMOLED HD Plus display
    Full HD 1080p 1280×800 resolution
    4000 mAh battery (more perferably)
    1.5-2.0GHz dual or quad core processor
    2GB of RAM
    32-64GB internal memory with microSD card slot
    HDMI out and USB
    5 row QWERTY backlit keybored
    8-12MP camera and a 2MP or higher front facing camera
    Less than 12mm thin

  • tetris eleven

    I’m still on my Nokia N900. I love this phone, and so far there has been nothing on the market that has surpassed it in terms of features and functionality and open framework(ness).

    A Quad-core QWERTY phone would sway my opinion though. Hopefully Project Mer would also be completed and I could then switch OS’s too

  • jai

    the blackberry q10 is out … why doesnt someone come up with an android qwerty ???????????

  • i want a nokia n900 with the hardware os a samsung galaxy s4 i hate samsung and apple

    come on nkia why you being gay stop copping these twats when i own own city i am going to make it illegal to have a apple device ahahahaha fuck

    wtf wrong with buttons u retards

  • Markku Hänninen

    Using Nokia N900 as well. I will buy good QWERTY quad core Android 4 phone when it comes available.

  • Czepa

    I am definitely all for this, i am at the moment trying to buy a

    Motorola Droid 4 XT894 that will work in australia, perfect phone IMO. but i want something i can trust to be worth hard earned cash that i would gladly pay alot for if it were: HEAVY (light phones piss me off), THICK (but not too wide or long), WATER PROOF TO 2M when the qwerty slide is closed (no texting in the toilet), SHOCK RESISTANT TO 5m (perhaps optional rubber lined version).

    I would gladly pay upwards of 450AUD for a smartphone. do you remember the days of the nokia 3310’s they were fat as a brick but were perfectly comfortable in a pocket, something slightly wider and longer with touchscreen HD display is no problem. now, if im really looking for ‘the perfect smartphone’ i want to know that my phone is built well and is FAIR: (


  • Ninjascroll

    it’s 2015 and LG released yet another dualcore qwerty phone -.- octacores are just around the corner for F’s sake!