Who among you first took the plunge with the original Motorola DROID? I bet quite a few of you. It was mine, too. I loved that device. It could take a good solid weekend beating, with drops, smacks, and come back with a big smile. Fast forward to today, and we have Motorola continuing its tradition of building tanks, fitting ever more inside, all while keeping their iconic war-like-ready aesthetics.

Seriously, I wil say again – where are the DROID RAZR MAXX contenders? Smartphone fanatics are currently whipping one another up into a frenzy with quad core this and HD 720p display that, and it’s all going nowhere, folks.  Why, you may ask? Read on dear friend.

Why is it going nowhere? Simply because manufacturers don’t seem to be getting the message about battery life. Don’t get me wrong — I love advancement. I get 2000+ emails a day as I comb the vast sea of freshly created information, scouring the ‘net like a scavenger, looking for the latest, most incredible innovations in the rapidly changing landscape that is the mobile space. Ever quietly, ever increasingly though, I find myself disturbed that not one single manufacturer has tuned into the fact that we love getting the most out of our devices, all day long. We all love unending  battery life, to  carry us throughout our days, like a trusted sidekick.

But it’s not all bad. I will say the exact same thing I said last year at this critical juncture in space and time, “we are on the verge of an absolute revolution in mobile computing.” The thing is though, is that we are always going to be going through a revolution in mobile computing. Bringing it back to batteries for a second, it’s important to note that the technology they are based on is improving at a paltry rate of 5-6% per year. Ugh. With our processors doubling in speed and performance every year or so, and with this trend increasing, something is going to have to give.

That being said, significant improvements are being made in areas of battery technology, and breakthroughs are happening the world over. In both research & development (R&D) departments of billion dollar tech giants, and the labs of the best universities in the world alike, the race is on to find the next major breakthrough. The ideal is to make a battery that is so good that it will ensure that we never have to think about batteries ever again. Oh what sweet joy it would be to never have to gaze up at the ominously depleting icon in the top right of our screen, or to have to look down at our laptop and figure out how much time we have left — that is the ultimate goal. And you can bet your donuts we will get there. The question is who, and when, and how.

So, if Motorola was able to get an absolutely gargantuan 3300 mAh battery into a very decently spec’ed device, and still retain a sub 9mm thin profile, why can’t other manufacturers? Good question, sir. It’s a question I have been asking myself for a while. I would be all in with Motorola, but so far they haven’t stepped up to the plate to deliver a truly next-gen quad core device with a 720p display yet, so i’m feeling the techno-lust come on mighty strong. But make no mistake – they are working on something delicious in the form of the Motorola DROID Fighter. Quad core toting, 3300mAh beefy battery beholdin’, I know not. But they are working on something for sure.

Oh the shame

According to the nerds over at Strategy Analytics, approximately 67 million LTE handsets will reach souls soon to be tortured this year — a tenfold increase over 2011 — and that’s just the beginning. They are predicting that 254 million LTE devices will be sold in 2016. Sounds good right? Sounds like we are in for a world of hurt. We all know what LTE, quad core, and anorexic batteries are going to party like together. It’s not going to be a party I want to clean up after. Don’t say we didn’t say so.

So I say to you lovely, gracious tech giants, heed my plea. Please allow your devices to hit the drive thru a few times and pack on a few extra mAh’s. Don’t worry, we will love them more. For after all, beauty is on the inside, right? You darn right bet it is.

Anyway, it’s all good right? Which manufacturer should step up to the plate? Which one will? What are your thoughts on battery life? Are you satisfied with yours? Let me know, because I gave up all my friends to be here, and I need some attention.

Disclaimer: no batteries were harmed in the creation of this article

Darcy LaCouvee
Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.
  • Most likely Samsung or HTC will step up to the plate. HTC has not had a lot of “good battery” devices. Samsung seems to be easing in some direction with the GS3, hopefully with a massive battery. Samsung will learn off of HTC and most likely incorporate the things that the One X doesn’t have.

    • I think Samsung is still on the thin-wagon. It remains to be seen. They’re under a lot of pressure, the anticipation around the Galaxy S3 is intense. They would be wise to put a nice fat battery in there though….

  • jkuchtaofmi

    There is already a contender out there today, has been since January 2012, it’s called the LG Spectrum. It has an optional 3000 mAh battery available. I’ve had this phone now for about 6 weeks with the extended battery just like the Driod Raze Maxx and it lasts all day long for me even when hitting 4G web sites. This is the most unrecognized phone on the market with this extended battery capability.

    • The extended battery adds an extremely thick hump to the middle of the back of the phone. It looks awkward, it becomes super thick. Any phone can have an extended hump battery. Droid Razr Maxx makes it fit nicely from the start.

  • I’ve had the original EVO 4G since its birth in 2010, and I have loved this phone from the start, but you strike the most obvious of points: the battery life makes me want to punt a small child. I finally couldn’t take having to charge my phone literally all day long, just to get maybe 1-2hrs out of it, caved, and bought the behemoth 3500mAh battery by “generic” that we Evo owners all know too well from Amazon. The fun part is guessing which random manufacturer it will be shipped from. But when a battery is $8 a pop, do I really care? Not really. The behemoth finally started to see the end of it’s meaningful life about 3-4 months ago, so I JUST purchased the 2600mAh from Ontrion – big mistake there. It’s made little to no difference, even compared to my now-one-year-old “generic” battery, which cost 1/4 of the price.

    Bottom line: battery life is an atrocity. It is appallingly bad how manufacturers know that until ONE of them steps up – none have to. It’s as simple as that. It also means that whoever DOES step up is going to reap the benefits something fierce.

  • In total absolute agreement. I almost ordered the HTC One X from http://www.expansys-usa.com but that darn sealed battery at 1800mah completely stopped me. From reviews around the web, battery life is good but not great and that’s the non LTE version with the Tegra 3. I’d happily give up razor thin design for more battery AND removable replaceable battery. Come on manufacturers, I want to spend some $$$ but at least meet me halfway at around 2700mah at the very least!

  • Cube

    Motorola makes good stuff. Everything I buy from them feels solid and runs well so they are my first choice of anything.

    Xoom tablets phones whatever.

    Oh and they made the Motorola 68000 the CPU that powers the Sega genesis and sega CD and a lot of other sega stuff so that puts them on top for running most of my fave stuff.




  • Extended battery options don’t count because they are after-sale accessories….my HTC Incredible back in 2010 had a 1350mAh battery…which was crazy…but then throwing in better specs, faster processor, and 4G into the Thunderbolt and upping it to 1650 or 1750 is just stupid. My incredible lasts 3 hours when I’m playing a game/watching a movie…since then most phones come with around 1750-1900…no battery inside a phone greater than 4″ should have anything less than 2000…the batteries are out there, the space is there, and the prices for these are already $300 so money is being made like crazy……the Droid Fighter is rumored to have the new TI OMAP 4470 and new graphics processor and 4.6″ HD AMOLED 720p screen with the Maxx’s battery…but until I see those specs confirmed I’ll just wait and keep crossing my fingers.

  • Spotfist

    AAAaaaargh! Darcy, reading your articles always seem to fill me with anger. Not because I dissagree but because I completely agree with you on almost every point and then wonder why none of your ideas come to market… We had this very discussion in the office the other day, who wants a smart phone if it last a day. Someone needs to slap 2 RAZR’s together, two batteries or just one big one, flip out QWERTY, quad core etc… Where are they? Is it just you and I who want these phones?


  • Larry E

    I am dying to see more phones with 3300mah(or better) batteries built in.

    All the people saying you can buy one from Amazon are delusional. I’ve never purchased an Extended battery from Amazon that actually worked even as well as the original, regular battery. I tried with phones and with my Nintendo DS, but no luck yet.

    I’d put up with an even larger phone (12mm) if I could get a 6000mah battery. I can’t wait to see more options out there from companies other than Motorola.

    Hats off to Motorola for having the brains to create this phone for us users that don’t care about 1080p, Retina displays. We just want to use our phones without having to charge it multiple times during the day.