Q2 2014 app stats: Google Play improves all around, still trails iOS in revenue

by: Joe HindyJuly 20, 2014

app stats
Q2 of 2014 is in the books and that means it’s time to look back at the app stats and see how well the Google Play Store did over the last three months. More importantly, we’ll take a look and see how it fared against the rival iOS in terms of downloads and revenue. Let’s get started.


app stats
The stats
According to App Annie’s latest numbers, the Google Play Store increased its download numbers by 60% from Q1 of 2014 while iOS saw a 45% increase of theirs. The Google Play Store is up over 150 million downloads while iOS is hovering around 100 million.
The takeaway
Google has increased their lead over iOS in terms of downloads. App Annie attributes this to the explosive growth of emerging markets. More specifically, Thailand, Brazil, and India are largely responsible for the growth which shows that Android is doing better in emerging markets.

2. Revenue

app stats
The stats
Unfortunately, Google’s explosive download growth has not translated to the same amount of revenue growth. As per the norm, iOS continues to dominate the Google Play Store in overall revenue with about 80% more revenue than Google Play. iOS revenue is up about 45% from last quarter and has just over $100 million in total revenue while Google Play saw over 30% growth and around $60 million in total revenue.
The takeaway
Even though iOS actually expanded their advantage over Google Play in this category, the important stat is that both markets grew over 30% from last quarter. This means the emerging markets that have fueled Google’s growth in terms of downloads have also contributed greatly to their growth in revenue. Both Apple and Google garnered considerable revenue from Asia (namely Japan) but Apple ultimately ended up with the advantage thanks to their dominance in China.

3. Top countries: Downloads

app stats
The stats
The top five countries that contributed to Google Play’s downloads in Q2 2014 were the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, and South Korea.
The takeaway
Brazil and India have gone from emerging markets to download juggernauts in the Google Play ecosystem. Brazil holds its spot at number two but India has shown a surge of growth that has put them back at number three. You may be wondering why we didn’t post the iOS numbers and that’s because they’re identical to what they were last quarter. And last year, for that matter.

4. Top countries: Revenue

app stats
The stats
The top five countries that contributed to Google Play’s revenue are Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany, and Taiwan.
The takeaway
Despite having very strong numbers in emerging markets, we see just how small of an impact the download surge has had on revenue. Despite seeing what amounts to a renaissance in app downloads in Brazil and India, neither country made a blip in the top five in revenue. At a glance this may be alarming but with emerging markets, the revenue will come over time rather than suddenly. It is worth noting that Taiwan is new to the top five and that Japan managed to make it to number one on this list despite not making a blip on the downloads chart. Again, we didn’t include iOS stats here because they’re exactly identical to last quarter and last year.

5. Top app categories: Downloads

app stats
The stats
The top categories in terms of downloads in the Google Play Store were games, tools, communication, entertainment, and social.
The takeaway
There isn’t much to take away here. These stats are pretty much the same from last quarter with tools and communications switching places. There really isn’t anything here that doesn’t make any sense.

6. Top app categories: Revenue

app stats
The stats
The top categories in terms of revenue in the Google Play Store were games, communication, social, tools, and travel & local.
The takeaway
Once again, there isn’t much to takeaway here. These are the categories where people are spending the most money. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that games is in the top spot.

7. Key takeaways

Here are a few of the big takeaways for the Q2 app stats.

  1. Both Google Play and iOS improved dramatically in app downloads from Q1 2014.
  2. Consequently, both Google Play and iOS improved dramatically in app revenue from Q1 2014.
  3. Google Play outpaced iOS in downloads while iOS outpaced Google Play in revenue. This is nothing new.
  4. Brazil, India, and Thailand are top dogs in the emerging market game with Indonesia and Vietnam not far behind.
  5. Games contribute the most to revenue and downloads on both Android and iOS.
  6. Japan is outpacing everyone in revenue growth on both iOS and Android.
  7. With Google introducing Android One later this year and focusing more on emerging markets, it’s clear that Google wants to put the emerging markets on the forefront of their growth efforts. Thus, we can expect countries like Brazil, India, and Indonesia to continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

There is still half of the year left to go and the all-important holiday season is still on the horizon. It’ll be interesting to see how everything pans out come Q1 2015.

  • Fabian Taveras

    Play store looking solid looking forward to seeing play store topping the app store and then apples defeat would be complete.

    • Gustavo

      For that to happen Google needs to sort it out its issues with China government to put Play Store in more phones there.

      • JosephHindy

        This is the most informed comment so far. Yes, in order for Android to beat Apple in revenue, they’re gonna need China.

    • filaos

      Same wishfull thinking, year after year ?

      • Fabian Taveras

        Year after year? No after reading this, this seems very encouraging news for the play store and not mention it’s bound to happen in the near future anyways with the billions of Android users it’s going to happen soon bro.

  • hit

    On no5 and 6 on your table thing it still says countrgy when it should be category

  • bakakun028

    I dont understand how Japan was able to top the revenues chart while not even being in the top 5 for downloads…

    • MasterMuffin


    • David T

      Probably in app purchases.

    • filaos

      5 people actually paying for one app always make more revenue than 10,000 people only downloading free apps.

      • bakakun028

        You might have had a point if you didn’t exaggerate it so much. 10,000 people downloading a free app would bring in much more revenue through in-app purchases and advertisements. I think they might have a completely different culture when it comes to paying for apps. Perhaps they don’t abhor in-app purchases like we do in North America but rather embrace it. Not sure…

        • JosephHindy

          People in north america don’t even abhor IAPs. IAP haters are a very small minority in every country. Most people use them as needed but don’t really care if they’re there or not. They don’t read blogs and send comments so they’re never included but the fact is that worldwide, IAPs account for over 90% of Android’s revenue which means that’s what everyone is using which means not everyone abhors it like some would like to believe.

    • Afnan Muhammad

      That means each person in Japan spend much more than other android user in other country.

  • hoggleboggle

    Does App Annie include inapp purchases and ad revenue in this or just outright purchases?

    • JosephHindy

      I would assume all revenue. The last report I did a post on included it and I very severely doubt that with more than 90% of the revenue flow that the Play Store made that much money without in app purchases.

  • طراحی سایت

    ummm , Probably in app purchases.
    Thanks For Post .

  • DDT

    If google so much ahead of Apple in terms of downloads, why they didn’t said how many apps were downloaded ? WWDC 2013- 50 billion, IO 2013 48 billion, WWDC 2014 got a 75 billion milestone and IO 2014 ? They told us about some selfies and steps count and similar crap but nothing about app downloads. I found it hard to believe they would hold their month closed if they surpassed Apple so I am assuming they likely didn’t.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    go gp! go! gp just needs more time to prove itself

  • rosy lily

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  • patrick mork

    guys these numbers are way off. Play is doing several BILLION downloads per month… ;)