Pushbullet update allows you to reply to texts from your PC

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 27, 2014


Pushbullet’s capabilities are becoming much more complex and interactive with every update. The last version allowed users to copy/paste across computers and smartphones, an outstanding and productive feature many of you loved. Today’s update is even more exciting – it makes it a little easier to communicate by allowing you to respond to text messages from your computer.

Previously exclusive to only 4 messaging apps, this feature is now compatible with all texting apps.

Previously exclusive to only 4 messaging apps, this feature is now compatible with all texting apps. This is what makes this update special, as it provides PC/Android text messaging syncing without limitations. Using this feature is relatively simple and natural; we can see it becoming a function you will no longer know how to live without.

Users need simply click on the text message notification on their computers. After that, just type away and press enter. That’s it! All without ever picking up your phone.

I did run into some discrepancies and wasn't able to recreate this feature.

I did run into some discrepancies and wasn’t able to recreate this feature, though. It’s quite a bummer, as I was amazingly excited to give it a test. Maybe the feature is still rolling out? It could just be that I am not using Windows. We are not quite sure, but we would love to hear your experiences with this feature.

Regardless, Pushbullet is bringing great multi-platform functionality, pushing (pun not intended) some very highly-requested features we would otherwise have to jump through hoops to get. Want to test out this and other features? Go ahead and download all your Pusbullet apps from the official website.

  • RichSPK

    Text from my PC? That’s why I have Google Voice!

    • RichSPK

      Well, that’s not WHY I have it, but it’s a nice perk.

  • frankob

    Airdroid already has this feature, but it is a software-as-service web app… Judging by the video and the article, I was hoping this was a crossplatform desktop app, which I would prefer. But they only have a Windows desktop app, with a “coming soon” for Mac, and no mention of GNU/Linux, which is what I am using.
    Now, you will say there are the browser extensions, and both supported browsers are crossplatform. But if I have to keep my browser open for this to work, how is it better than Airdroid?

    • Jesus

      …ok so what is this feature then?

      • frankob

        Really? What are we talking about? :-D

    • David T

      The Chrome extension can run in background (just like hangouts for example), so you don’t actually have to keep your browser open. The guy in the video is on an mac and he doesn’t have a browser open.

      • frankob

        Maybe he’s using the “coming soon” software for Macs, he’s a dev… :-D
        I am not a fan of Chrome, I am rarely using it, and mostly for testing purposes… But maybe this could be worth considering. :-D

        • David T

          You don’t actually have to use Chrome or even leave it open. The extension just runs in the background and you don’t really notice it unless there is a notification.

  • Jun

    Handcent SMS can do that as well

  • Clement Tee

    doesnt work with whatsapp

    • David T

      It’s only working with SMS, not messaging apps like WhatsApp.

  • ineptone

    It doesn’t appear to work with OS X. I’ve tried it on three different Macs and was left wanting with each one. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Windows machines at my disposal as a result of my intolerance for that OS in all it’s iterations from 95 to 8.1.

  • Sqube

    Is there any hope of MMS support with this? I know AirDroid doesn’t have that capability.

  • Halimou

    Not working with handcent app …

    • geekgirl

      It didn’t work for me either with Handcent

  • takpro

    Doesn’t work with Textra. Textra says it will in a couple of weeks.

    • takpro

      Update: Textra is now working

      • Ken R

        Did yo do anything different? Still not working with Textra for me.

        • takpro

          No I didn’t do anything different. It just popped up yesterday, with the reply option and it worked. My wife still uses the stock sms app on her Nexus 4 and it was working this morning. Perhaps it was because I had been encouraging them to do this for a couple of months. Maybe by the time you read this it will be working for you too.