Purported Google X Phone (AT&T XFON) images appear, show peculiar Motorola logo

by: Chris SmithMay 2, 2013

X Phone Render

A set of images reportedly showing an unannounced Motorola handset complete with AT&T branding have hit the web, with the Google X Phone being the immediate candidate for said leaked pictures.

Albeit not a confirmed product, the X Phone has been the star of various rumors and reports in the last few months, even though not all of them were on the same page.


Click here for bigger image. Image credit: @evleaks

Today’s images, provided by renknown leakster @evleaks, show a device that appears to be somewhat familiar, as it’s very similar to a leaked Motorola handset that was spotted in Vietnam before the Galaxy S4’s announcement, but never acknowledged by the company.

At the time it was said the handset was indeed a first X Phone prototype, after we initially believed it actually wasn’t. That particular rumor was not confirmed either, but today’s images seem to add some credence to those stories.

As you can see in these new images, we’re looking at a device that has the same Motorola branding on the top left corner, comes with AT&T carrier branding, (the 4G LTE logo can also be spotted right alongside the myAT&T app) and is protected by a black case that’s probably meant to conceal its overall appearance.


Image credit: @evleaks

Interestingly, the same Twitter account provides a photo of the back of the handset where you can barely see the XFON printed, with the same moniker also mentioned by @evleaks: “Model: XFON ATT.”

A very recent X Phone rumor did say that AT&T will be the exclusive X Phone carrier in the U.S. starting with August until winter, and these images seem to confirm that particular report.

That said, we’ll still remind you that nothing is confirmed yet.

Purported Google X Phone prototype.

Purported Google X Phone prototype revealed on March 13 by Vietnamese website Tinhte.vn

What’s intriguing is that Motorola logo on the left-hand top corner. Now that we have more images, it’s clear that the logo is not similar in all of them. We’re looking at a series of dots and curved lines in there that aren’t always similar. Is that an active button somehow related with the screen’s contents? What is supposed to do? Does it have anything to do with that creepy intelligence feature mentioned in the same report that said AT&T will be the first U.S. operator to carry the handset? Looking at that Vietnamese leak, you’ll also notice the same Motorola logo but with a different symbol arrangement, so why would it change?

The device featured by Tinhte.vn is clearly real, we’ve seen it in a video back in mid-March, and is remarkably similar to the handset in today’s leak. So what’s the purpose of that strange-looking logo? Also worth remind you is that a different rumor suggested that the back of the handset will also feature a similar Motorola logo that will come with touch-friendly abilities.


Purported Google X Phone prototype revealed on March 13 by Vietnamese website Tinhte.vn

We’ll be back with more details once they’re available, but for now let’s hear your thoughts on today’s new X Phone images and speculations on that peculiar Motorola logo/button.

  • benjammn

    a selfie button….maybe

  • RaptorOO7

    The XPhone idea is interesting but I am not going to get the first edition of it, I need to see Motorola PROVE its going to do better and deliver on what has been promised. Until then no thanks.

    • Hanshen Jordan

      Ah look… that nexus has brand logo on the front. No thanks.

      • Souske

        They say its going to be removed in the actual product.

  • E.

    The mock-up looks better, but they usually do.

  • Souske

    I was hoping for less bezel….

    • Russ

      It’s in a case to hide it from snoopy-leaky types.

  • Looks very Nexus 4-ish, which isn’t a bad thing but I was expecting something much different. This device better have some solid enhancements esp. in the camera department. Motorola is fading away quicker than you could remind people of their existence, so this better be good.

  • Arsenal™

    damn why did they have to put on the case?? :D

  • My best guess is that the Motorola ring is a programmable indicator that could show you time or status of battery (i would love that) or massage indicator or some other thing without turning on the screen. This could be done with e-ing easily enough. Kind of surprised it wasn’t done b4.

    • Anon

      Look, the rings are different in all the pics. Like it’s animated. O.O

  • Jeff Weatherup

    Oh, come on, Motorola! I’ve been waiting to see what your new phone lineup was going to be before buying a new phone! Please, please don’t make this an AT&T exclusive. If you were to bring your phones to T-Mobile right off the bat, I would buy one in a heartbeat! I guess what I’m trying to say is: Bring your phones to T-Mobile, then shut up and take my money!!

  • A

    Could be a clock