Purported Galaxy S4 cases made in China spotted at CeBIT 2013 [video]

by: Chris SmithMarch 6, 2013


A few purported Galaxy S4 cases that were manufactured in China have been caught on video at CeBIT 2013, a computer show that’s currently underway in Hanover, Germany.

While not as interesting as MWC when it comes to mobile-related announcements, CeBIT can offer a sneak peak at certain new mobile devices, such as these Galaxy S4 cases. But we’ll tell you from the get-go that there’s no way to confirm whether they’re the real deal yet.


Assuming for a second that they’re indeed legit, we’d be able to get an idea of the general design lines of the fourth Galaxy S model. We’re looking at a rectangle device that looks more like the Galaxy S2 than the Galaxy S3 – something that sounds rather familiar, as we have talked about it before – but a handset that’s not that much bigger than the Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S4 is said to feature a 4.99-inch display, compared to the Galaxy S3’s 4.8-incher, without actually being that much bigger than its predecessor. In fact, the Galaxy S3 could be marginally longer than the Galaxy S4 according to these cases. Does that mean the Galaxy S4 could feature a smaller bezel? It’s too early to tell.


These cases also reveal that the Galaxy S4 could be slightly thicker than the Galaxy S3, and feature bigger openings for the flash, camera and speaker on the back, which are placed slightly lower than on the Galaxy S3. The button layout seems to be consistent with what the Galaxy S3 had to offer, and the same goes for ports, although the headset jack could be placed on the right side of the top edge instead of the left side, where a second microphone could be found. However, none of these cases offer any hints regarding the phone’s front design or its Home button.

At the same time, we’ll notice that this doesn’t seem to be the first time these Galaxy S4 cases got the attention of the press. In addition to today’s Mobile Geeks video, we also have a mid-February report from MobileFun featuring similar Galaxy S4 case designs. Do Chinese case makers know something we don’t?


While we may be looking at the first Galaxy S4 cases in the video and images above, we’re certainly going to hang on to our grain of salt until March 14 arrives. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Chinese case makers got it completely wrong, and we’ll just remind you the iPhone 5 case bonanza that hit the web prior to the iPhone 4S announcement. As it turned out, Apple unveiled only the iPhone 4S back in fall 2011, and the handset didn’t fit in any of the case models that were leaked before its arrival fit the actual device.

We’ll be on location in New York in just over a week from now to cover the Galaxy S4 announcement media event, so remember to keep us bookmarked for more timely Galaxy S4 updates.

  • Chines made iPhone 4 before Apple! :D

  • Bone

    The official render already leaked.

    • Bill

      That is a disgusting design, I hope that is fake. It doesn’t even look like a phone. Where did you get the picture from?

      • Олег Александров

        guys, i guess it’s joke.. this is lg l7 with samsung logo

    • Guest

      Where did you get that picture? Where was it leaked from? It looks very fake.

    • Marsg

      Its fake, look at the cases again, they have rounded corners and rounded sides, the above render looks similar to the Xperia Z

  • That will be an ugly bastard!

    LG copied the Note II design for the Optimus G Pro. Now Samsung is copying the Optimus L7 design for the Galaxy SIV?

    I really hope not…

  • Vai

    I really hope this isn’t an indication of the s4 design. It’s awful.

  • Marsg

    Does this mean its going to have an edge to edge display? Or at least close. Same size as the s3 but larger display ?

    • MatthewMurawski

      Hopefully. I’d like to see an AR a little wider than 16:9.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I do hope the S4 looks like this. A lot nicer than the S3 as long as it’s as thin or thinner. I don’t understand you people. Complain about the S3’s ugly design, then a year later, complain about the S4’s rumored “ugly” design that basically looks like a smaller original galaxy note or bigger S2. You guys just hate change. Get over it.

  • Robin

    we want some fuckin round sides.. !! at least please make it like s2.. It was the best design ever..

    • Олег Александров

      it looks very similar to s2

  • Jean Charles

    Learn about design from Sony

    • William L

      learn about updating your devices from 2 years ago from Samsung! Sony fail.

  • George

    Still one damn loudspeaker??PATHETIC.
    I’m a samsung fan,i’ve owned the S1 and the S3 and i’m completely dissapointed from samsung in loudspeaker performance.
    Htc one with dual speakers must be awesome.

  • Mark Ray

    I can ensure you guys that Cocoon case is the best case for Samsung Galaxy S4 http://www.squidoo.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-cases-2