Samsung will soon flood the market with new tablet models, according to recent reports and leaks, introducing for the first time ever devices that will get a “Pro” moniker, as well as larger tablets with screen sizes measuring 12.2-inches.

We have already heard that the company is getting ready to unveil a variety of new Note and Tab tablets and launch them in the coming weeks, and now it looks like the Bluetooth SIG is confirming some of these rumors, at least when it comes to new Samsung devices getting their respective Bluetooth certification.

SammyToday has discovered several models in the Bluetooth SIG database as follows:

Samsung is yet to confirm the product name for these devices, but we’ll also note that some of them have made a visit to the FCC as well, on top of the Bluetooth SIG.

Furthermore, we’ll add that the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 seems to be a different 12.2-inch tablet than the Galaxy Note Pro we keep bumping into these days. This seems to suggest that the company will have different 12.2-inch tablets for different markets, but hopefully we’ll learn more about Samsung’s tablet plans in the coming days at CES 2014.

  • apianist16

    Well, if they had you confused before…

  • Jaun Lombard

    I have a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and it is awesome! Probably the best speakers of any Tab! What Samsung is doing is awesome! Budget tab 7 inch, 7,8 and 10.1 inch Tabs are mid range and Pro 8.3, 10.1 and 12.2 Pro will be top of the range. The Note Tabs are Premium! IF YOU WANT AN 8 INCH YOU HAVE THREE CHOICES, IF YOU WANT A 10.1 INCH YOU HAVE 3 AND TWELVE INCH 2. Very budget friendly and good choice. I will personally love the 10.1 inch Pro if better screen, but know I wont be able to afford it!

    Samsung is not flooding the market…they are bringing choices to at every level. Some people want a 8 inch tab, but he can choice the mid range, pro or Note!

    If you hate choices go buy the one LG tab on the markert!

  • Jayfeather787

    Sigh. More Samsung tablets again. Pro, lite, mega, mini, maxx, kids editiion, gaming edition. Way too many.

  • najiy91

    i hate 8″++. 7 is big enough.

    • Arturo Raygoza

      then don’t buy an 8 inch

  • k

    Why not a 9 incher? The kindle fire HDX seems like a very good size large screen tablet that can also be used one handed for a long time. Not everybody likes to pair their tablet with a keyboard at the expense of holdability. Some do sure, but not all.

    This way samsung will have tablets in all the size ranges.

    7 inch…8inch…..9inch…..10inch……and above 10 inch.

    And it should make all of them ‘pro edition’ with a stylus, to prevent confusion among consumers and to differentiate them from other tablets and also the upcoming apple 12.9 inch tablet which people have been talking about for months.

  • WestFiasco

    I hope the other manufacturers continue to do well. Samsung’s flooding the market with their own products and we all know it looks like the majority of people like them. A market with only Samsung products would be a terrible one for me.