Purported Galaxy Note 3 image and lockscreen wallpaper spotted

by: Chris SmithSeptember 1, 2013

Samsung Logo

Two distinct sources have provided new Galaxy Note 3 images, one reportedly showing an actual image of the upcoming smartphone and the other reportedly being the actual lockscreen wallpaper of the phone.

A tipster has apparently sent TechKiddy an image showing a handset that’s supposed to be the Galaxy Note 3. Naturally, the image can’t be confirmed at this time, but we’ll notice that some design elements are similar to what we saw in the past few days in pictures showing alleged front panels for the handset.

Galaxy Note 3

We have the same round corners as in those front panel pictures – although the overall shape is rather square – the same home button placement and front speaker, and the same slim bezels. Even a Samsung logo is almost visible.

If real, this may very well be the first notable Galaxy Note 3 image seen before the phone is actually announced.


In contrast to this blurry image, we have a very clear image showing the supposed official lockscreen wallpaper of the Galaxy Note 3. The image below comes from trusted source @evleaks:

The subliminal suggestion here seems to be the that Galaxy Note 3 will be a phone for creative individuals, just like its predecessors.

Galaxy Note 3 lockscreen wallpaper

That said, we’ll remind you that Android Authority will be covering the Galaxy Note 3 event live in Berlin, Germany next week, so keep following us for timely updates on Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.


  • Jack Parker

    God that looks ugly

    • MTF

      then leave it alone motherfucker, get sony xperia z1 instead

      • Jack Parker

        I have a Galaxy S3 so its not like I hate samsung phones, its just hideous.

  • Jean-Claude

    Samsung should take Clique and remix it for the Note 3: Ain’t nobody messin with my brick, brick, brick, brick, brick…

    • SNAKE3Y3Z


  • Ugo Marceau

    Loving the square design !

  • This ought to be a dummy box, guys, come on.

  • No One

    According to GSMArena this is not a real phone. The hardware components are real for testing purposes but the shell is just a dummy one so that one can see the real phone.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      I think I would have to agree. That is way too thick and unfinished.

  • M3D1T8R

    Yawn. I rarely even bother clicking on these Samsung product stories any more. Let me know when they wake up from their 2011 era moronic button layout nightmare. Too bad, since Samsung is doing so many other things right, with larger storage options, SD slots, and larger removable batteries. I tried to live with the buttons on my S3 a year ago, but after using a Nexus7 regularly, the Samsung backwards buttons and terrible home button drove me nuts, had to get rid of the thing. Now every new Samsung release I wait for them to correct this problem, and they stubbornly (almost like Apple, ha) stick to their faulty ways. So I’m much happier with my current HTC DNA despite its lowsy 16GB limitation (11 usable) and non-removable battery. PS. Touchwiz should die in a fire.

    • MasterMuffin

      HTC One’s button layout on the other hand is just fantastic

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah I know. Really too bad they didn’t just make the HTC logo the home button. Just this is why I prefer the DNA to the One.

        Never seems like anyone can make a device without at least one crucial flaw. Oh well, I keep waiting…Maybe next year..

        • MasterMuffin

          Maybe Nexus 5 will have a removable battery and an SD card slot…

          • mobilemann

            this, what other OEM really caters to those markets?

          • M3D1T8R

            Yeah, and while we’re dreaming, it will also work on Verizon LTE, and have a 3300mAh battery, and be priced from Google at $350 for 64GB! …

          • MasterMuffin

            sounds about right :D

          • Blowntoaster

            we can only hope that it does…

  • Nate

    the images of the note3 in this post are of a prototype note3. samsung is notorious for using those squared off box things to hide the phones actual design ;) look at this s4 lol http://www.ebay.com/itm/READ-Samsung-Galaxy-S-4-SCH-R970-16GB-Black-US-Cellular-Prototype-/380693528605?pt=Cell_Phones&hash=item58a31a401d

  • Looks like the Blackberry Z10

  • 72goojman72

    I’m hoping the rumors of the camera not having the image stabilization effect is false cause that would be a bummer..

    • Rhino”

      unfortunately its not a rumour its a statement Samsung acknowledged.

      apparently there are only 2 manufacturers of the part Samsung needs for the floating optical lens and apparently they cannot mass produce the numbers Samsung wanted which i think i read was 50million bear in mind they will be rumoured to do 8 different models of the note 3 for different markets.
      anyway they could not fulfil Samsung’s numbers as they already produce to company’s such as Htc, Sony and Nokia and would not be able to supply the needed amount to Samsung until 2014 when they will have expanded the manufacturing process

      i hope its a rumour too but apparently not :(

  • Ivan Myring

    I like the square look.

    • MTF

      but if sony did it you don’t like it bitch.

      • Ivan Myring

        No, the Xperia z is one of my favour it phones to look at, and is nicer than the note 3 to look at. But the viewing angles put me off getting one.
        I like square, black phones

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’m sorry but that thing looks hideous. I really hope that’s not it. Wasn’t planning on buying it to begin with because it’s not my cup of tea but they could have done a better job design wise.

  • singersorel

    Oh man, I really hope that is not the Note 3. I’ve been waiting 3 months to buy this phone, and I really hate that squared off look. I don’t like the wallpaper either, but that is usually easily changeable. Someone please confirm that this is not the Note 3. I’m getting very bummed right now.

  • aydell

    You ppl writing on here are a bunch of morons..who hav nothing better to do than come on a samsung site..n try n bash it..obviously if u weren’t interested..ya wouldnt be here..samsung is the #1 selling mobil phone company in the world..so. obviously they know wut their doin..not you idiots talkin bout a function on a phone that “u wasnt gonna buy anyway”.. bitch plz…note 2 was better than s3..n note 3 is gonna b better than s4..and nobody comes close..