Purported Galaxy Note 3 front panel shown in more images

August 30, 2013

    Samsung Logo

    A new set of alleged Galaxy Note 3 images have been outed by a website, while an accessory maker has posted its own render of the next-gen Galaxy Note model.

    FanaticFone has shared a few images that reportedly show the front panel of the handset in black and white (see gallery below). These panels were apparently photographed from their front and back.

    Galaxy Note 3

    At this time, such images can’t be confirmed, and they may well be just renders – FanaticFone does not mention where it got them from – but they’re certainly similar to the pictures featuring the front panel of the Galaxy Note 3 that we showed you a few days ago.

    Once again, we’re looking at thin bezels and same overall design, including round corners, home button shape and sensor placement.

    The second Galaxy Note 3 image spotted online is likely a render and comes from Spigen. For some reason, the accessory maker is listing the Galaxy Note 3 on its website, telling potential customers that the handset “will be announced on Sept 4th,” and that “the next big thing is coming soon.”

    Spigen Galaxy Note 3 render

    A render of a white Galaxy Note 3 model placed next to a Spigen gift-wrapped box is featured. From the looks of it, the company seems to suggest that it will have Galaxy Note 3 accessories once the handset is launched.

    With just a few days to go until Samsung’s September 4 event, we’ll remind you to check out our Galaxy Note 3 rumor roundup while you wait. Android Authority will be live in Berlin, Germany, next week to thoroughly cover the Samsung event for you.

    What’s your take on today’s Galaxy Note 3 images?


    • charlie brown

      looks the same to me other than the other leak front panel

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      Looks about right…like it or not, an unmistakably Samsung phone.

    • asdfgh

      why cant oems just get rid of top and bottom bezel??? no one wants them

      • Chris Martinelli

        speakers, mic, front camera etc. They could probably make some effort to make it a bit smaller, but it has to be there.

    • Yasir

      why Left Touch Key is on the left??

      • uvaman

        Because you are looking wrong way :) Its back panel of the phone so its on right spot.

      • Mo

        Is the front panel shown from the back.

    • Yasir

      Back* touch key

      • Daniel DS

        Use the edit button =.=’

    • Desmond Ma

      The render from Spigen is poorly made. Samsung has already switched to Samsung InterFace instead of Samsung Imagination for their branding in the Galaxy product line.

    • Yama

      2,26mm bezel my imaginary donkeys hairy ass!

    • gilahacker

      Don’t get me wrong, I *want* one. But…

      Wasted space in the top bezel for the “Samsung” logo. Put it in the top-left corner, directly to the left of the earpiece. Would make the phone quite a bit smaller in height (at a time when we’re shaving fractions of a millimeter), or allow for a slightly bigger screen.

      Wasted bottom space for the physical home button and the capacitive buttons. On-screen buttons would solve this. Yes, I know some people still prefer the physical home button, I’d rather have more screen and/or less bezel.

    • velvetmxo

      i hope it packs some cool stuff or i’m getting the z ultra