Purported Galaxy Note 2 slim bezel revealed in leaked image

by: Chris SmithAugust 15, 2012
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We’re two weeks away from Samsung’s Berlin-based Galaxy Note 2 Unpacked event, and while we already have plenty of leaked details for the company’s new tablet, and while we have already seen a variety of leaked images and/or mockups of the device, we’re yet to see the official press images of the phablet.

Today it’s no different, as those images have not been leaked by Samsung yet. But we can show you an interesting image of the bezel of the device, as leaked by NowhereElse.

In addition to showing us what a small bezel on the Galaxy Note 2 looks like, the image above also seems to confirm the fact that the new phablet’s display will be 0.2-inch longer than its predecessor, just as currently rumored. The use of a smaller bezel is surely a reason for Samsung’s rumored decision to go with a 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 instead of the regular 5.3-inch panel used by its predecessor.

What’s also interesting about the image is that it’s suggested that it has been taken in a lab of some sort – notice the protection equipment worn by the person taking the picture. Of course, there’s always the chance the image above has been produced by some designer interested in generating some buzz ahead of the Galaxy Note 2’s announcement event, so we’ll also have to consider the fact the image may be a fake.

We’ll be back with more Galaxy Note 2 news as we approach IFA 2012.

  • Tom Cruise

    Looks great :)

  • Robert

    Just hope it had hd super amoled plus with a snapdragon s4 pro for us version, and bigger battery around 3000 mah would be fine.

  • yimengh

    This looks like it was actually taken in a factory. Even the photographer is wearing plastic covers over his shoes.

  • Which carrier is getting it? ?? Hope verizon