Purported AT&T Moto X version leak reveals specs and benchmarks

by: Chris SmithJuly 22, 2013

Rogers Moto X video leak

An AT&T Moto X test version has apparently been caught in the wild, helping a website provide more details about the device, including specs and benchmarks.

Android Police obtained access to a variety of images showing the AT&T Moto X phone (model number XT1058, also known as “Ghost”) – we’ll note that this isn’t the first time we see an AT&T version of the handset get leaked. Here’s what the full specs list looks like, according to the publication:

  • dual-core Qualcomm S4 Pro MSM8960DT 1.7GHz CPU, Adreno 320 GPU. [Android Police] is still not sure what the “d” stands for in the processor model number, but it’s likely the same as MSM8960T – confirmed by [AnTuTu benchmark]
  • 2GB of RAM – confirmed by [AnTuTu benchmark]
  • 720×1184 4.7″ (about 4.5″ without on-screen buttons) display – confirmed by [AnTuTu benchmark]
  • 2.1MP front-facing camera / 10.5MP rear camera with flash – confirmed by [AnTuTu benchmark]
  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (ac made it in, nice!) – confirmed by FCC docs
  • Android 4.2.2 on the unit being tested – confirmed by [AnTuTu benchmark]
  • 16GB internal memory, 12GB of which is user-accessible (on the unit being tested) – confirmed by [AnTuTu benchmark]
  • NFC – confirmed by [images]
  • 2,200 mAh non-removable battery – confirmed by FCC docs and first tipped off by @evleaks
  • 128.5mm x 65mm – confirmed by FCC docs
  • no microSD support

Since we did talk about AnTuTu benchmarks, you’ll notice in the image gallery below that the XT1058 has scored 18753 in the test.

Interestingly, in the graphics department (3DMark Ice Storm Extreme), the Moto X topped 7100, outranking several devices including the Galaxy S4. However, the screen resolution (720p instead of 1080p) may have something to do with the score obtain by the handset, so we’ll have to wait for proper benchmarks performed on a final Moto X version before drawing any conclusions.

At the end of the day, these aren’t Motorola-confirmed specs and features, but they everything looks rather legitimate, considering what we’ve seen so far. With just 10 days to go until Google unveils the Moto X, we can only wonder whether there’s anything else to see about the handset, as the leaks “campaign” has apparently revealed all there is to know about the device.

  • Moses

    The most leaked mid-tier phone ever.

    • Onil

      so disapointing

  • OMGgary

    Not quite everything has been leaked. Leo Laporte said during the week that there is something about the X which hasn’t been leaked, and implied that it was something significant. So there may yet be a surprise in store.

    • MasterMuffin

      CM already installed? CM teased the nemesis thingy and this is Motorola’s revenge phone (?)

      • OMGgary

        Interesting theory, MM. The CM team would certainly deserve a shot at direct involvement with Google, they have done some great work with the code down through the years.

        • MasterMuffin

          Maybe interesting, but I think it’s highly unlikely

    • maxx1987

      pricing would be my guess

      • OMGgary

        A $200 smartphone of this calibre would be sweet.

        • maxx1987

          not sure they could go that low, but i think it’s possible. also considering that the nexus 4 is $350, and the parts in that device are equal if not more expensive than what will show up in the moto x. I could see something around $300 being entirely possible, and anything less would be a great surprise.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This is now all over the place. What about the 35k benchmark from not that long ago. What if this is the Moto X mini :P

    • OMGgary

      I’d love if you are right, and there is a whole family of X’s, with this as the entry level.

      • Luka Mlinar

        It’s a theory and a solid one i think. Nothing to do now but wait m8 :)

  • NarutoNamikaze1010

    I know this can’t be taken fully but I hope that final product has a External MicroSD slot :(

  • SamsaraGuru

    No removable battery. Too bad – it might have had a lot going for it – even if it didn’t measure up to the Galaxy S4 – in that it was being built in the U.S. But alas, apparently Motorola is just as deaf as a doornail as its equally hard of hearing competitors – Apple, Sony and HTC, and more interested in style and appearance – than functionality and making life easy for their customers.

    Is Samsung the only company that realizes that to the extent you work to eliminate problems and roadblocks (like having to send back the phone when the battery in yours dies due to being a bad battery from the get go or after a year of use only has half the power it originally had) is one of the biggest pains in the ass?

    Oh well, there is one good thing about using a sealed battery (but only from the phone manufacturer’s standpoint) – it is a nice way to build in “planned obsolescence” since it is a guaranteed fact that within a predictable time period the battery will at worst fail and at best simply get the point its charge lasts almost no time, and then – even if the phone is still doing its job like gangbusters – will, sadly, regrettably (for us) have to replaced with their new (sealed battery) model so they can keep you buying even when you don’t need to spend money.

    Vance Packard – author of the Waste Makers – would be smiling knowingly right now that the same old “tricks” are being used on consumers now as when he wrote his book in 1960.


    • weed

      Your level of love for user replaceable batteries: Insanity.

      It’s really not that bad, seek some professional help to lead you out of your obsession.

    • Sean Karpa

      As a current iPhone user, Windows 7 user, and about to be Android Tablet user (Note 10.1 refresh, I will buy), I like to think I am fairly independent of the name brand I use. The removable battery is a non-issue for me. When I had my Moto rzr back in the day, I had an extra battery. However, I never carried it and used it only once. So it is something I would never use. As far as the battery going dead in a year, the standard warranty would be expired. So I would pay 15 bucks for a new battery and just replace it myself. Its 3 screws in the iPhone (I have done it a few times for people).
      As far as the weeks or months at a time? Please do not say nonsense. I sent my broken iPhone 4 off to apple (because I broke the screen, replaced the screen, it stopped charging, was out of warranty, and I wanted to see if they would replace it for free (which they didn’t; however, on a side note, I went to the store and tried again, they replaced it for free despite that fact it was out of warranty and user fixed and broken twice)).
      Anyway, Apple returned my phone through the mail in less than 4 days.
      Get the phone that is best for you. Personally, I like a balance. I think the HTC One and this phone have me eyeing Android for my next upgrade (1-3 years). I prefer the internal battery. You aren’t the only consumer in the world.

  • Roberto Tomás

    it actually doesn’t appear to be a 720p screen. actually, I am doubting somehow that all the pixels are reported, and instead hat it is a 720p screen but part of the screen is reserved for something?

    720p is 720×1280. not 1184

    • Andrei

      Probably onscreen buttons, just like the Nexus 4.

  • Joey Colclough

    So long as it comes outside North America I’ll be happy.
    Motorola used to be a leader in Europe, the original clamshell Razr was probably their biggest seller, now all Motorola sell here is the Razr i.
    Launch it with a €350-€450 price tag and they’ll make a killing.

  • David Serrada

    I’m disappointed, I awaited more of that phone well, I hope it could works fine, I’ll wait the Nexus 5 to see it and look which phone I’ll buy.

  • maxx1987

    the only thing im really disappointed about is the battery. really wanted to switch to this from my razr maxx, but i don’t know how much of a trade off the battery life is going to be for all those other features…battery life is, obviously, the most important feature to me.

  • Alu Zeros

    I’m actually disappointed, google should have introduced this as the new nexus with a battery that matches the razer line, and have 16/32/64gb storage options

  • Kindroid

    These specs look to be Razr HD with an extra gig of ram, 1.7 ghz vs 1.5ghz and and slightly smaller battery. The reviews of the Razr HD showed it to be able to do every thing the majority of users would want or need it to do…with little or no performance hiccups. So in these days of top end smartphones with pc processor specs…a “mid-tiered” model will probably satisfy the overwhelming number of users with very good performance. After all, one rocket being a little bit faster than another rocket…is still a rocket. And if Moto can deliver this gem for sub $300…off contract, they better have a boat load of them available at launch.

  • junhawng

    This was actually quite surprising, almost same specs as a US GS3 while having twice the perf.

  • Syed Mohammad

    I was going to wait for Moto X but no SD slot is just a disappointment to me, I had to transfer so many pictures and videos to my laptop because my Xperia S ran out of memory, i know i can’t live with 12gb only.