Purported Android 4.4 KitKat screenshots and new features revealed (image gallery) – update

by: Chris SmithOctober 3, 2013

Android 4.4 KitKat screenshot

An extensive image gallery reportedly showing Android 4.4 KitKat running on a Nexus 4 has been posted online, with the OS still identifying itself as Key Lime Pie, Easter Egg included (screenshot above).

Gadget Helpline is the publication that supposedly managed to score a hands-on tour of Android 4.4, posting the images in the gallery at the end of this post alongside more details about the yet-to-be-released software.

Before proceeding, we’ll note that these images can’t be confirmed at this time, so don’t get excited/disappointed just yet.

Android 4.4 KitKat screenshot

Assuming they’re the real deal, we aren’t surprised to see the OS still listed as Key Lime Pie. This was the expected dessert name for the next Android version following Jelly Bean before Google announced it’s going to be called KitKat.

In fact, from what it’s known so far, even if KitKat has been established as a name since late 2012, with the deal finalized at MWC 2013, Android 4.4 was still known internally as Key Lime Pie to prevent leaks. That explains why recent Android 4.4 and/or Nexus 5 mention Key Lime Pie instead of KitKat – including today’s images – and why the Easter Egg shows a K coupled with a lime.

The About phone screen shows that this Nexus 4 runs Key Lime Pie version KRS65B, and the “Hammerhead” codename is also present – the same codename has been spotted in various Nexus 5-related leaks recently.

According to the publication, and from what we can see in these images, KitKat looks very much like Jelly Bean, with only a few design changes present. One of them affects the notifications icons, which will reportedly be white instead of blue. We’ll note that this is something recent leaks have suggested as well (we have even seen some screenshots), and can be seen in some of the images offered by Gadget Helpline.

Android 4.4 KitKat screenshot

The Dialer app has apparently been retouched, with the publication noting blacks that are “less prominent and […] a nice air of bright white to lighten things up.”

Certain under the hood improvements have also been described, including smoother animations, and a faster overall experience.

When it comes to new features, the screenshots reveal a new Settings menu that many Android fans will find useful, and that’s Printing. In addition to Printing, there are also new Payments and Wireless display (Miracast support) menus in Settings. A Manage Mobile plan option has also been found under Wireless and networks.

The printing feature seems to be available when browsing through Gallery images, but also in other apps, including QuickOffice – saving to PDF is also an option for pictures and documents. From the looks of it, when printing a file, the user is able to customize the print by selecting appropriate paper size, orientation, color options and page numbers to print.

Android 4.4 KitKat screenshot

Furthermore, QuickOffice apparently syncs with Drive, while QuickOffice, Drive and Keep apps look to be included in Android 4.4.

When it comes to the Gallery app, new photo editing apps have been found including Tilt-Shift, Center Focus, Negative and Posterize, but also an “adjustable quality slider” that can be used when exporting final image versions.

As for apps that require a mobile connection, the publication says that Android 4.4 has an option that prevents mobile data use when the phone is connected to a personal hotspot.

With all that said, we’ll note that these screenshots hardly confirm any of the recent Android 4.4 details we have talked about – not that those are any more official. We’ll again add that we’re not looking at a confirmed Android 4.4 build here, so take everything with a grain of salt. And finally, even if it’s an Android 4.4 version here, it’s most likely an older one – from mid- to late August – which means things may have changed since then.

We’ll be back with more Android 4.4 KitKat details once we have them. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about these newly discovered screenshots.

Update: new details discovered in some of these leaked KitKat images suggest that the Nexus 5 may be a Nexus 4 version, maybe a Nexus 4 (2013).

  • yama

    i like potato

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      I like turtles

  • bradley

    no hangouts installed? :/

    • mydroidhaswood

      So what? It’s in the playstore.

      • bradley

        i was hoping hangouts would replace the messaging app though

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Is that so hard to change a f!cking build.prop file to say Kit Kat instead of Key Lime Pie. I do understand that Google used that name internally for a long time as a name of a new Android release, but if they decided to call it Kit Kat, than why the heck they don’t change the build.prop and the Easter egg?

    • Guest

      And isn’t that a slice of lime in the first pic?

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        That’s the Easter egg I wrote about too.

    • Faketuan

      Is it that hard to look on the build date? This leak is obviously older than the news about the name. build date is 08/29, the name got public on 09/03. Thats the reason all the leaks are still called KLP instead of KitKat (As you said, the internal name was KLP).

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        I get what You say, but that kind of partnering decisions aren’t made in one day. They should have obviously started partnering before announcing the new name, thus, they new about the name (possibly) before the build date of current leak.

        • Faketuan

          Sure they started partnering some time before the announcement. But that does not necessarily mean the android team knew about this from the start, and even if they knew about this some time before the announcement, they probably wouldn’t change it instantly just to have the new name in the build. Or they were told not to implement it before the announcement. Who knows? It would just be wrong if a newer build would still have the name KLP. Because as you said, changing the name is no magic.

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            I hope they don’t forget to change the name when they have the final build of it :D

        • frhow

          When they announced it Kit Kat, they stated that even internally everyone thought it was going to be Key Lime pie except for a very select few to prevent leaks including probably the owner of this leaked screenshot.

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            So that’s one of the main reasons for the build numbers telling us that it’s still called KLP.

  • Boris Shobat

    If its not face I`m disappointed, same UI new color WHITE!

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Google Now like!!! Couldn’t agree more!

  • Alex Vainshtein

    Printing and Accessibility icon is the same? They couldn’t find different icon for printing?

  • Steven Schoen

    “Android 4.4 has an option that prevents mobile data use when the phone is connected to a personal hotspot.”

    This was added in Jelly Bean.

    • Ark

      Do you know where that option is(stock 4.3)? When I have my hotspot on, the internet on my phone stops working while it still works for my iPad/laptop. That option would explain it.

  • davidtb

    You can always flavor vanilla. (there’s so many apps to do so)
    Why,.. is a better question to me.

    I like innovation as much as the next, but to fix what could work better, probably doesn’t require any new interface.

  • DAndre Bankzz

    y r nexus users adament on proclaiming the nexus line is better or even on competes with the galaxy brands(S4 &NOTE lines ) This design is played out i had the similar UI on my s2 with it rooted with paranoidandroid and all the other aokp etc.. This is tiring!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DAndre Bankzz


      • frhow

        And Touchwiz has a better UI? The same UI for years……

      • TechDevil

        You can stop with the ALL CAPS ALREADY. Makes everything you write more ridicolous, and nobody takes it seriously.

    • QlamFam

      What do you mean played out? Is the UI not usable anymore?

    • Jase Mase

      So you like the TouchWiz theme better than the AOSP?


  • Twerk Master

    So what’s new? Haha yawn

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  • MasterMuffin

    “Manage Mobile plan” I have had this for a long time in my AOSP ROMs, I thought it was a default Android feature?

    • Simos Katsiaris

      it is, it come with 4.3

      • MasterMuffin

        Thanks, I thought so

  • Tanner Hoyt

    Just because Google doesn’t completely redesign the entire UI every few years doesn’t mean they aren’t innovating.

    • Jaun Lombard

      They never redesigned the UI completely…

      • Elmir Buljubasic


      • Tanner Hoyt

        Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich?

        • Dan McKellip

          Gingerbread to Honeycomb…

          • Tanner Hoyt

            Technically yes, but hardly anyone used Honeycomb. Android tablets were hardly selling at the time. Honeycomb was just a mess. They never should have split the OS like that. Most people consider Android 4.0 the true next version after 2.3.

          • D’Ander McSullivan

            lol no love for Honeycomb

      • Tim

        I see no reason they have to?
        The ginger to ICS step was a big one,
        why start over if you have already something nice?
        Although an entire icon redesign would be nice

        • TechDevil

          Maybe not a complete redesign is necessary, but I always find it nice to see graphical tweaks here and there in new software versions.

          • Lou_Sasshole

            I wouldn’t be surprised if we get flat icons pretty soon down the line.

      • Peter Blanco

        Let’s be logical here. You can’t just change the UI every year just because, especially if it works. You shouldn’t change it every 6 years like Apple either but you get the idea.

      • Jaun Lombard

        People..before you comment…I know the functionality improved but I am referring to the look of Android…Windows is something new…yes the functionality is not as good as android, but the look is more modern and functional! I wont mind an Android phone with the look of Windows Phone…

        • airtonix

          There’s a difference?

    • gierso


      they change little bits….

      android from 1.5 to 2.2 look very much the same, but then gingerbread came. some how it looked similar yet much more refined and useful .. then and the the drastic change in ui from 3.0+ which have been really similar, with enhancements as dual notification pages, and control buttons in notifications and more snapiness.

      i expect soon a drastic change.,.. but i cant imagine how it will be. but im certain that Kitkat will be similar with very nice enhancements. :)

  • Groud Frank

    I think we’re in for one hell of a troll from Google when the ”real” Kit Kat is released. I find it hard to believe that Google would make a major firmware update and not give the UI some more than minor changes. If these screen shot are true then I think Google would have been better off calling it Jellybean 4.4.

    • Bjajjull

      They will troll us so much that it will be named Key Lime Pie and KitKat just was trolling and marketing. Well, I’m not saying it is like that, just that I wouldn’t be surprised because, it’s Google.

      • megatron

        I don’t get why Google would want to name a product after something that is copyrighted. Seems like more money than it’s worth. I hope they stick with KLP.

        • XV

          There was no money exchanged between the sides.

        • jordan

          Google struck up a deal with Nestle. Neither side is paying, they’re both advertising each other’s products. KitKat on android, android on KitKat bars.

          • megatron


    • mobilemann

      are you expecting major UI overhauls every OS update?

      • c3vzn

        Every named update has had a noticeable UI update, so it should be expected.

        • mobilemann

          no, they didn’t. cupcake to dougnut? donut to eclair? froyo to GB? ICS to JB? please.

          • TechDevil

            All of the ones you mentioned have had some sort of a UI update… I don’t know what you’re trying to prove with your comment…

          • mobilemann

            so does 4.3 to 4.4, in about the same amount. My point is obvious.

          • TechDevil

            Your earlier post was that c3vzn was wrong when he said all versions have had a noticeable UI update, but he is actually correct. There have been lots of updates in the UI through the years. Some difference between 4.3 and 4.4 is to be expected.

          • mobilemann

            i’m sorry, i don’t have time to explain what “major” means to each guy that replies, and i’d rather stalk fed ex for my note. 3.

            Have a good day!

          • TechDevil

            The word “major” is not a definite word. “Major” means different things to different people, so you saying that you don’t have time to explain what “major” means does not mean you know the exact definition of major. Either way, every update has seen some form of a noticeable change in the UI. Maybe not a “major” one, but certainly a change somewhere. Your point is once again invalid.

          • mobilemann

            You call me arrogant, then immediately explain what subjectivity is. Major is pretty easy to identify for most people, the change from 2.3 to 3.0 was major. I understand you look like a big fucking idiot, and you’re backed into a corner and would literally say anything to “win” (lol) But get the fuck over yourself, hypocrite.

          • Jase Mase

            You’re an ass. Shut the fuck up dude.

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            get your own idiot to troll

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            You should change your name to trollman.

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            Wow. That escalated quickly. You can make all the insults you want at me, it won’t change the fact I’m on the winning side of this ;) If you can’t deal with that, then this is not worth my time. In fact, you going all rogue and trying to insult me personally rather than going for constructive criticism just explains how little you know and how childish you are (maybe you actually are a child yourself, who knows through the Internet anyways). So go ahead, make any insults you want, I’m not easily offended and frankly I just laugh at you trying to win your way out by attacking me with insults.

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            lol, if you were past 25, you would have seen the quotation marks around winning, and understood what they meant, you would also know, there is no winning. You are at this point being trolled point blank, and lapping it up. You keep saying it’s not worth your time, while angrily responding two times to my single posts, Sure you’re laughing, i believe you:D

            i take it back, kids are kinda funny.

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            Oh, so only people above the age of 25 are able to see the quotation marks around “win”? That makes perfect sense, right? Either way, I want you to know something basic about the human brain: When someone deliberately says something we disagree with, or something that does not make sense, we have a compelling feeling to correct it. Sometimes, that person may unfortunately be a troll, as in this case. But the fact is, it’s the troll who is the loser in the argument. Why the hell would someone with a normal sense of life feel it is fun to deliberately say the wrong things? Now that is the lowest form of human life, because it only causes displeasure. It has no relevancy, it does nothing good, and it only wastes time. When someone repeatedly replies, like me, it’s because we are trying to see if it is at all possible that you can make any sense. If you read my messages again, not once was I “angrily responding”, again something you are making up. In addition, I wrote two separate replies for your own to messages. I didn’t respond twice to one, like you are thinking. I responded with a regular message, not going for personal insults and basically I handled the situation like a grown-up. You, on the other hand, not so much, with name-calling, no basic
            arguments and you seem to have a lot of fun time trolling on the web. Earlier I did not have time, and it took long time for me to respond, so yes, I didn’t have time. That also makes sense. When I do have time, I respond, which I am doing right here right now. Will you ever realize that trolling is a bad thing to do? Maybe, maybe not. You probably think wasting my time is loads of fun, even so much fun it makes the time you do it funnier. Either way, I want you to know, absolutely nobody on the Internet has ever liked a trolling person. Just something to think about.

            That became a long message, but I think it was worth it. And right now, it is dinner and movie time, so bye-bye!

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            My god, successful troll is successful. Your knowledge on the human brain is the basis of all trolling. I wish you knew it as well as you said it, because you would have stopped letting me rag doll you about 2 posts ago. I warned you.

            The even better thing? You know dick; you were arguing with me about something completely subjective as it was. Have fun updating your facebook. (hence the trolling) I look forward to you telling me you’re out for the 4th and 5th times. Your welcome for the education though. Kids.

          • jeremy

            Haha That’s what I was thinking. Lmao Umm.

          • TechDevil

            Haha ;)

          • omegavesko

            What are you talking about? 2.2 -> 2.3 and 4.0. -> 4.1 were both huge UI updates.

      • TechDevil

        You may not care, but most users who update their software version are on the look-out for something new in the UI. Even if it’s as little as a new icon somewhere, people who update want to see that something has changed, so it doesn’t feel like they updated in vain.

        • mobilemann

          UI is one part of the OS. kids are so stupid.

          • TechDevil

            Yes, of course. Kids are stupid, and you’re a fucking genius right? Jeez, get off your high horse…

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          • mobilemann

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    • legaceez

      I guess you can say that’s why it’s 4.4 though and not 5.0.

      There might be huge changes under the hood and with API’s. UI isn’t everything.

    • possomcrast1

      There may be further under the hood enhancements, speed increases, or battery life advancements that we would have no idea about through screenshots.

      • Aditya Nihlani

        What you people are forgetting is Google only named this Kitkat because android users hit a billion

    • Anders CT

      You really cannot judge a user interface from static screenshots alone. Maybe input lag has been reduced, support for splitscreen or windowed multitasking on tablets and notebooks, improved support for low latency game-controllers, pressure sensitive keyboards and what not, or maybe text and listview selection has been improved. Those are all UI changes that would not necesarrily show in the above shots.

      Personally I think that 4.4 will come with added support for Android on desktop machines, notebooks and laptops.

    • Juz

      iOS 5 to iOS 6 anyone?

      Windows Vista to Windows 7?

    • Karthick

      Apple basically stuck with the same UI for the first 6 versions.

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    Please hire a proofreader or a new writer.

  • Methidz

    Hopefully this will be available for the Razr M

  • FAKE!!! Everyone knows KLP/KK is going to be white/light based.

  • TechDevil

    It says “KeyLimePie” under the Android version. So far, I have only seen the specific 4.X number being shown. I can’t really base whether it is official or fake based on that, but I am 99% confident it is still going to list 4.4 and not Key Lime Pie.

  • Kurt Caldwell

    Come on Google still don’t get it why theirs no battery percentage in the notification bar,emojis in messaging and a reader mode in the browser.3 things stock android should of had in 4.0 ICS

    • TechDevil

      I would guess it is on their to-do-list. But there may be other issues, both under the hood and on the UI, that needs to get a higher priority. After all, as long as the battery is working, it is not a requirement for a battery percentage. People want it, but it is not needed to be the highest on the to-do-list.

      • Kurt Caldwell

        Yea but lots of people like to be able to look at a percentage and not have to guess how much battery they have left.

        • TechDevil

          I completely agree, and I hope a battery percentage will arrive with 4.4 as well.

  • Lorenzo Rey Camejo

    I really dont mind if the interface stays almost the same, I expect minor changes, for me, those are: transparent navbar and status bar( we can expect this since it is already working (kind of well) on the moto x) and a color wheel to change the default blue of the entire os, i like that blue, but is tiring over time, we should be able to change that to whatever color we like

  • Valtheus

    Well it is going to be a 4.x update, so i wouldn’t expect major UI changes. I did when i thought it was going to be 5.0 KLP.

    I will wait to see the real thing before i say what i think. :-)

  • Stefan

    I don’t think the device shown here is a Nexus 4. In Pictures 8 and 9 you can see the camera at the top left corner (Nexus 4’s is at the top right) plus a round speaker (?) in the middle. The bezels left and right of the display also look nothing like the Nexus 4. It however looks suspiciously like the new Nexus, based on what we know of previously leaked pictures.

  • J

    All of the features you mentioned are present in current builds of 4.3, except for the printing.

  • Bobby

    I work there. Yes it is real. Its a test for bell telcomm

    • In the office with Bobby

      I can confirm this also. anon profiles for obvious reasons

      • Anders CT

        I can confirm this also. I am Larry Page.

  • Nawan

    Where is the alleged 3.8 kernel?

  • Dart

    Wireless Display has be around since Android 4.2 and the Nexus 4. I’ve seen Manage Mobile in Cyanogenmod ROMs.

    So they aren’t new. Looking forward to Android 4.4, though.

  • Lurking_Grue

    Not sure If I am going to like the little man that hovers over every app like that.

    I hope you can turn that off.

  • raj

    I wish android not to follow what Microsoft did with Windows…every update, user has to double tbe Ram. I want google to not to tread that path. with kk I still want to enjoy my .note n7000 untilwe get a octa core from either Intel or Qualcomm.

  • Tulai Paul

    Exemplary article as the efforts to unveil the features have become vivid. I am sure that Adcolony, inmobi or appnext will start utilizing all these features through their designated mobile apps and games developers

  • Xander

    Fingers crossed that 4.4 shall be more than what the screens suggests, more in terms of enhanced UI, performance and new functionality.

  • Xander

    Still stuck on 4.1 on my note 2 that isn’t even a year old. Been promised many versions since but they keep changing their mind and postponing. Not to mention the terrible bugs I suffer through every day. Samsung really made me feel small. Never buying their phones again.

    • Skander

      Well you should be happy, Android JB 4.3 is already leaked for the Note 3 and is coming really soon to everyone officially :)