PSA: Facebook will require installation of Messenger after 7-day grace period

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 8, 2014

facebook messaging

Facebook has begun asking users to install the standalone Messenger app in order to be able to receive and send messages.

The social networking giant announced back in April that it would break out the messaging functionality into a standalone app, in order to return the Facebook app to its core functionality.

Starting this week, users in North America are being transitioned to the new app.

Users who don’t have Messenger on their devices are now shown a warning when visiting the messaging section of the Facebook app. The message, which contains a direct link to the Messenger app, will be shown for a grace period of seven days before users will be cut off from access to messages. After this, users will still get notifications about messages in their inboxes, but they won’t get to act on them from the standalone Facebook app.

The transition to Messenger is staged – more users will receive the notification to install Messenger over the following days and weeks.

  • Luka Mlinar

    That’s ok, I’ll just stop using the messaging service on the go. Never again am i installing any Facebook app on my phone.

    • Tyrone_83

      Really? Your basically saying you’ll never use Facebook again. Which you’ll probably cave and use it regardless.

      • Luka Mlinar

        Oh i use FB, i just don’t use their apps.

        • Tyrone_83

          But now you have to use the apps regardless. You might as well close your account next week.

          • Luka Mlinar

            I doubt you won’t be able to access it trough a mobile browser. Messages sure, but i don’t care about that. People know to reach me using my number or WhatsApp.

          • Tyrone_83

            You wont be able to use on the Mobile version either. Also the mobile version is horrible for typing on. I wouldn’t advise it. Just to give you a heads up. You might as well just install it. I got downloaded it months ago when I signed up for the Facebook Beta program and got used it now.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Nope. Never installing any POS FB app. EVER!

          • Tyrone_83

            Good look in trying to access and you your Facebook account after that week grace period.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    no other facebookapp on my phone, wont use it anymore then. Might be “stupid” but I don’t do what any big company tells me to do.

  • Eric Clark

    I posted to my friends that I wasn’t installing it, and told friend to confirm their “friend” status by sending me a text… So far, no one has. Maybe just the nudge I need to push me away from Facebook all together.

  • Guest

    Just use the mobile website. I’ve never trusted Facebook programmers enough to make a power efficient app anyway.

    • Luka Mlinar

      I thought this applied to the mobile web version as well since I’ve seen the download app there as well :/

  • Irfan Hamid

    they better cut out the messaging part from the main app and make it a hella-lot lighter.

  • Victoria

    I don’t get why people hate the Messenger app so much, I feel like I’m the only one not against it.

    It’s actually pretty decent.

    • greeninja

      I think it is the point of being forced to have 2 Facebook apps on your phone when it can all be done in one.

      • Victoria

        Hmm, if so then I get that. But I think that if they merge these 2 apps together people would start complaining about how big is the app, so you can never please everyone.

      • andrew

        The actual messenger app is better than the messaging integrated into the fb app

        • greeninja

          Again, I only use it to send text to people and not too often. Why should I be forced to have to use a separate app for it, or to not be able to reply until I am on a desktop.

          • andrew

            You are complaining about having to press install on a separate app in the app store to use a free service lol

          • greeninja

            No it’s the fact it’s just bloatware. I don’t want a Shit ton of unneeded apps on my phone when they can just put it into one. I root my phones so I don’t have to have at&t bloatware. All that’s free too, doesn’t mean I want it though.

          • andrew

            you want it so you can send messages via fb

  • crutchcorn

    I’m glad they made this change. Hopefully improve the Facebook app to make lighter

  • Simon Belmont

    While I can understand splitting up Facebook and Messenger for the sake of faster, (and hopefully better) updates on each app. What stinks is that this is just one more app taking up RAM with bloated persistent services in the background.

    The Facebook app is already a pig. I’m sure the standalone Messenger app will follow suit.

  • T.J.

    I only use the mobile site. What will happen with me?

    • Tyler


  • bagnarok

    The app apparently can use your mic and camera anytime it wants. It can also use recorded conversations. No thanks.

    • andrew

      Im assuming you’re judging the app from the list in the app store description and never used the messenger app. You can send videos or record videos or voice audio and send it directly thru the app. Its actually quicker and more efficient than text because it uses internet connection instead. I wish more people used it instead of texting.

  • JimAlaska

    No problem. While I need to be on Facebook for business reasons, the Facebook and Messenger apps are now removed from all devices. I’m only on Facebook because I need to be, I don’t like or trust it.

  • Kai Boogie

    folks getting worked up over bullshit.. just install the damn app… #tards