Last month, Google launched a referral program for Project Fi to attract more customers. Simply by referring someone to Google’s service, you and the person who was referred could get a $20 credit. The referral program was supposed to run through the 11th of January, but due to the huge response Google saw, it has now been extended indefinitely according to the company.

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September 17, 2015

Project Fi is Google’s experimental wireless service. The search giant has partnered with Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular to provide data and phone service. It also lets you access secure and stable public Wi-Fi networks with Google’s own layer of encryption. The idea is simple: you pay a flat fee each month for data, and Project Fi will seamlessly switch between the three aforementioned carriers’ networks to give you the best coverage possible.

The catch is that even though you can get a data-only Fi SIM card for your laptop or your tablet, in order to have phone service as well, you need to have one of the following devices: Google Pixel, Nexus 5X, or Nexus 6P. Perhaps because of this restriction, Project Fi never really gave enough of an incentive for users to switch from their more conventional networks. And that’s where the $20 referral comes in.

As a holiday gift, Google ran a promotion where an existing customer could provide a referral code to up to ten new customers. If a new customer signs up using the code and stays in good standing for 30 days, both the referrer and the referred would get a $20 credit. And apparently, it served its purpose well. Due to “huge response from the customers,” the search giant has decided to extend the promotion date indefinitely. Google does warn that the referral program may end at any time, however, so you might want to get on it sooner than later if Project Fi sounds like something that might suit you.

Due to “huge response from the customers,” the search giant has decided to extend the promotion date indefinitely.

As 9to5Google advises, both the referring user and the referred can see each other’s names and referral status, so that’s something to keep in mind. And again, if you want data as well as phone service, you will need to have a Google Pixel, Nexus 5X, or Nexus 6P.

Have you switched to Project Fi? How does it compare to your regular carrier? Let us know in the comments below!

Brian Reigh
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  • Slacker_X

    Here you go friends! FFF31C. I switch from Verizon just before the the invite only period ended. Aside from a few hiccups at the begining I can now say I can’t imagine switching back. My wife is still on Verizon and not only is my bill half, but my coverage is virtually identical if not better in some areas that I had issues with Verizon before.

    • Ken Hill

      I as well am extremely happy to have switched to Project Fi. I was on T-Mobile unlimited data, using an average of 10 to 15 gigabytes per month cell data, and my bill was on the average of $100 per month. My bill now with project fi is approximately $40 per month. Mind you, the way Project Fi service works and the way you can best take advantage of it is to utilize Wi-Fi networks as much as possible for data, including downloading maps and music and videos etc for offline usage. this in fact has been very good for me because it has made me much more aware of my cell data. For those of you who said damn the torpedoes and prefer to stream data wherever you are, Project Fi is not for you.

      if I may, I would like to correct a couple inaccuracies in the author’s reporting. There is a flat fee of $20 per month for the service. You pay $10 per gigabyte of cell data used, which you pay in advance each month based on your own estimation of what you will use. Any prepaid data that you do not use will be refunded to you on your next bill on a prorated basis. For instance, if you use 2.61 gigabytes of data, you will be charged $26.10 . It is that simple. Also, the author failed to include the Nexus 6 as an included device for use on Project Fi.

  • Coach Ryan

    I love project fi. My wife and I left Cricket Wireless, even though we had unlimited everything plus 20g of data each for$120 per month, and didn’t look back.

    We were using 10 to 12GB of data between us both with cricket, but now with fi we barely use 2GB of data per month. The wifi assist is what keeps our data usage low. We now pay around $55 per month on our service.

    My wife and I travel internationally frequently and having project fi eliminates us having to buy a local SIM card every country we go to.

    I highly recommend project fi. If you want fi use this referral cod: 4703JN

    • JohnnyL

      Don’t spam your referral code

    • Dean

      Hey, where are you from? @coach_ryan:disqus Reason I’m asking is because I’m on Cricket Wireless’ unlimited plan right now, paying $70/month ($65 on autopay). I was considering Project Fi before but the data was my main concern. I have similar usage to you and your wife (except i use 10-15GB of data by myself lol). I couldn’t find much info on where Google has WiFi hotspots and I didn’t want to end up paying more than $70 so I just went with Cricket. But now your post has intrigued me…

  • Shawn Wyman

    I love Fi! It has been every bit as reliable as Verizon and we are saving a ton of money! At Christmas time i switched my entire family over. I only wish there was some reward program for that since the referral program doesn’t apply to the family plan. Certainly wouldn’t make me want to switch carries though with the money I’m saving.

    Fi for life!

  • Kevin Davis

    I’d love to give project fi a try, as I type this on my pixel xl, but at $10.00/Gb for data, whether you buy 1Gb or a 100Gb, no way.

    If you use more than 5 or 6Gb per month, you’re better off on another carrier, any other carrier, unfortunately.

    If they ever introduce a sliding cost per Gb scale in relation to the amount of data you purchase, like everyone else has, I’ll gladly be all over it.

    • James Shelton

      I agree. Tried Fi, realized my data usage would have me paying more than the 4GB I get for $40. Cancelled Fi fot that reason (4GB on Fi would cost $60). I also agree that Fi should price differently.

  • JayTee

    Love my fi.

  • Thomas F Acker


  • Thomas F Acker

    This is a sweet deal. Use my fi Nexus 5x for business and it works like a champ. Excellent service at a price that can’t be beat!

  • I love Project Fi. It’s really just for those who can use wifi for most of their data. Limiting most downloads and video to wifi is easier than I expected, and much of it is automatic. Most streaming services now let you download video, songs, and stations that refresh automatically. I typically use 10GB or more per month on wifi, and rarely more than 1 or 2GB of mobile data, so my bill is typically about $30. They also offer a discount on the Nexus 5X with 32GB for $250 or $10 per month. The 5X and Project Fi have both performed great.

  • harry

    Here is my referral code: 18H0A2