‘Professionally Microwaved’ Galaxy S3 selling on eBay for $2,012

by: Chris SmithJanuary 15, 2013


Yes, this isn’t a joke, someone did “professionally microwave” a Samsung Galaxy S3 and now the person is attempting to sell the resulting “crispy and crunchy” smartphone meld on eBay for a one time fee of $2,012.

The package comes complete with the original Galaxy S3 box and accessories and an added bonus from the retailer. However, we don’t encourage you to purchase the destroyed device, no matter how artsy it looks like to some of you. Because it’s hardly art, is it?

It’s just a dude that’s using a microwave to destroy gadgets – because the Galaxy S3 isn’t the first victim of his professional microwaving skills, with other devices having had the same faith in his hands. This isn’t any different from that other dude that’s blending hot gadgets, but at least that guy does it for a different purpose, and doesn’t try to sell you the resulting dust thereafter.

In the video above you can see how this Sprint Galaxy S3 was microwaved, and it’s definitely not a pretty image. And while we’re at it, don’t try to do this at home. It’s seriously not art.

  • Mark

    What video above? Embed!

  • DroidBricker

    So microwaved gadgets are actually worth more?! I’ve got some microwaving to do!

    • just if you do it “professionally”

    • don’t forget the ketchup !

      • DroidBricker

        I’m more of a Sriracha guy!

  • Poor S3. The owner deserves to be microwaved by a S3

  • I cant believe that there are humans to buy this thing on eBay!

    • MasterMuffin

      There aren’t!

  • Terry West

    I just want to know how one qualifies as “professional microwaver”?

    • By microwaving things as more than just a hobby (which would be an amateur) or personal utility (nuking that box of pizza rolls you just brought home from the convenience store). In some way or another, you have to get paid for it, whether that be salary, wage, commission, or even gifts that have significant monetary value.

      Many people gauge becoming a true professional in a field by whether or not the person in question is earning their living, fully supporting themselves, through the payment they receive by performing their profession. Though I don’t think that’s requisite.

  • MasterMuffin

    That looked so cool, but something tells me that I shouldn’t do that…

  • Amateur written article. Errors everywhere.

  • this is fucking stupid.

  • At least with will it blend, it is more entertaining and makes me want to buy the blender if anything.

  • mike

    If his home burns down he should have to pay the fired dept for putting it out ! I wonder if he lives in an apartment building and how many people could be at risk ! Maybe next week he can play around with mixing chemicals !

  • Guest

    So…this is what Osama is doing now…

  • SerialRoot

    I’ve seen this guy before, years ago on some Christmas Lights Special on one of those “learning” channels. He is absolutely messed up in the head, thinks he is an artist, and lives off of his rich daddy down in Florida. So sad.

  • observer

    is this proof or evidence in what his religion believes, destroying what is good?

  • Art Carter

    i wonder how much popcorn would be…?

  • wilko

    I think the microwaves have fried his brain

  • microwaved galaxy s3 selling for $2012 who the hell would buy this lol

  • john

    I would pay 2 grand to just watch this guy eat this thing.

  • i.weep.for.humaity

    i don’t know why but if anyone wants this, just buy a new s3 for 550-600 and microwave it yourself instead of spending 2000 lol

  • He’s just a guy who knows how to use microwave, you can do it too