November 25, 2009
the ONE

the ONE

Over the last week I have been reviewing a device called ONE by a new start-up called Geeks’Phone. Geeks’Phone is a young and dynamic Spanish Company headquartered in Madrid and specialised in the development, promotion and commercialisation of “open source” mobile telephony solutions. While I prepare a full in depth review of the device which I will post over the weekend, for now, here are my preliminary thoughts and photos.

Costing 285€ or $425, unlocked and with no contract, this is certainly an affordable device. Furthermore, as far as mid-range handsets go, this is something worth taking notes for. It is a shame that the device will almost certainly lack the marketing exposure it needs to get on the mind-maps of the mainstream public, because it would certainly serve them better than some of the devices other companies are releasing at the moment, even Acer. This is in no small part that it runs Android (my version had a 1.5 build, somewhere between the original 1.5 and 1.6 versions available on more recent devices). However, the hardware choices in this device are some of the best you will find for devices this price range. I really like the slide out QWERTY keyboard on this device, which uses a kind of membrane surface as opposed to individual keys.

Build quality was very good, even in this prototype unit. The spring loaded slider mechanism felt robust and will certainly hold up to constant use. The housing for the device is a little ‘plasticy’, but not much more so than the Samsung i8910HD that I shot in the photos for comparison. Software wise, Android 1.5 ran very well on the device, and I experience little to no performance loss. As far as the camera goes, it is ok. Nothing to write home about, and in the full review I will publish a couple of pictures so you can make your own minds up. Until the weekend, here are three pictures tie you over.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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