Pressy brings a customizable hardware button to your Android handset

by: Andrew GrushAugust 30, 2013


So you picked up that shiny, new Android handset and now you find yourself wishing there was an easier, button-based shortcut for getting to your favorite Android functions. Wait a minute… you actually want more buttons on your smartphone? It’s 2013 folks, and less is more (unless it comes to screen size)!

To be fair, sometimes extra physical keys can come in handy, such as a button that allows you to quickly load up your camera. Most of today’s devices are lacking such physical buttons, but that’s where the new Kickstarter project Pressy comes in.

Most Android users are looking to ditch extra buttons, so we have to wonder if there is really a demand for something like Pressy.

Pressy is a tiny button that plugs into your headphone jack, allowing you to easily launch apps and services with the click of a button.

The button works in conjunction with a special Pressy app, and can be customized to do just about anything from launching a camera, to voice recording, opening up settings, launching a specific app or even calling home – the choice is yours.

Pressy isn’t just for one special function either, as it can perform multiple different tasks depending on whether you single-click the button, long click it or even double click.

This sounds pretty cool, but who wants to sacrifice the headphone jack? The good news is that you don’t have to. When you want to plug in a headphone, take out Pressy and put it into an included holder that clips to a keychain. Next, plug in your headphones and the headphone button can fully function as the Pressy key without issue – easy as that.

But is there demand for such a thing?

Most Android users are looking to ditch extra buttons these days, so we have to wonder if there is really a demand for something like Pressy. The answer appears to be a resounding yes, at least judging by the fact that Pressy has already exceeded its $40k goal with 45 days left to go. At the time of this writing, $173,532 has been pledged towards the project.

If you too are interested in getting your hands on Pressy and its accompanying app, you can head over to their Kickstarter page where a minimum pledge of $17 will land you a basic Pressy.

A word of caution, the team behind Pressy is just getting things off the ground, and so they don’t expect to ship the little-button-that-could until March of next year. Still, good things come to those that (are willing to) wait.

What do you think of Pressy? Is it a great idea, or do you feel that having another hardware button is an unnecessary addition?

  • john

    Is it April yet?

  • MasterMuffin

    Less is more unless we’re talking about screen size, any type of memory, GHZ, cores or megapixels :)

    I can’t believe this got funded!

    • OMGgary

      Me neither. I thought someone was having a laugh when I saw this on another site yesterday.

      • End in sight

        Me neither.

  • Nandi

    Dream Come True… And Who Says People Wanna Ditch Physical Buttons ??? Me & Everyone I Know, iOS Or Android Have Been Longing For A Physical Camera Button, Back Button & Options Button… The Touch Sucks On Almost All Devices For These 3 Functions…

    • Qliphah

      I’m in for the camera, I just hope it can actually take an instant photo and not just open the camera app.

      • bittermormon

        I just hope it can capitalize every word in my sentences!

  • Luka Mlinar

    HTC users can finally have a menu button.

    • OMFCody

      the menu fix has been out for One for over a month now

  • Guest

    “This sounds pretty cool, but who wants to sacrifice the headphone jack?”

    Bluetooth headphones. Problem solved. Cheapest pair with decent durability and great sound (I own a pair) is 40 dollars on amazon.

    • T.J.

      Which ones? I’ve been looking for a decent cheap pair.

  • Devin Thomas

    Anyone else notice that this appears to be a very special HTC One? The camera and sensor are on opposite sides from any model I’ve seen. Same with the headphone jack and power button. Fancy.

  • simpleas

    oh no.. we want software keys wahhh…. smh. First of all this is a ripoff. Second why da hell would you want a hardware key when you guy complain about them.. get out of here.

    • le_lutin

      Dude, they’ve raised more than $200,000, it’s pretty clear that some people are interested in a hardware button.

      You’re not. That’s cool too.

    • Parcours

      Only retards complain about hardware keys.

    • freedomspopular

      The people that complain about hardware keys are a very tiny but very vocal subset of the Android userbase.

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    The video is kinda hilarious, lol.

  • Timmy

    It needs to have a scrolling capability so that you could use it to hover (for websites that use that action). If you could program it to run an app with one click (press) without having to open the phone that might be useful (e.g. turn on an auto SMS feature when you get into your car).
    Maybe a feature that stuns bad guys that steal your phone and want to know how you use your points on your Capital One credit card (for the US folks that see this commercial and Alec Baldwin fans everywhere).

    Evidently, lots of folks want something like this.

  • Bone

    When I see P..ssy you know what I fill in between them.

  • trlovejoy

    Why not just install the pressy app, plug in a headphone, and not spend money on a pressy? Am I missing something?

    • Thomas Richard

      You can’t press headphones

      • trlovejoy

        Watch the video. They say you can insert headphones and press the in line button to emulate pressing the pressy.

        • Parcours

          That’s cool, but many headphones don’t have any in-line buttons. And personally, I wouldn’t want any.

        • freedomspopular

          You want to keep headphones plugged into your phone at all times?

    • End in sight

      Yep, that should work unless they built it to prevent that by requiring that an actual pressy be inserted when you first launch the app.

  • End in sight

    No way. Just no way. Not for me.

  • Xhulio Zyfi

    Saying that this will be an extra button its a little dumb in a way since the headphone jack is there anyway pressy or no pressy so thats why i think this is a genius idea

  • arihersh

    Yes. #1 need for me: Take a picture right away. No need to (1) unlock, (2) open the camera app, (3) curse the shot I just lost.

    • Qliphah

      That is if it actually works that way. I’m afraid it will just remove step (1) from your example. :

      I’m still backing them, even if it does turn out to just be a customization app for my headphones. The part where they say you can plug your headset in and have the mic button operate just like pressy makes me think the app alone would be good enough.

  • Ronen

    A short search easily reveals apps that already do that without the redundant ned for an extra hardware key chain…