Predictions: What Android Phones Will Get Ice Cream Sandwich

by: AlexanderOctober 22, 2011

After the big announcement made In Hong Kong, the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 were officially announced. We were all left wondering if our beloved Android phone would be getting the update to Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Well, we have put together a nice list of our predictions of what devices will, what devices might, and what device will not be getting official ICS updates.

With contracts, and over $500-off-contract prices for new phones like the Galaxy Nexus, which is coming next month, we’d like to keep our current phone around as long as possible – right?

Phones that will get ICS

All of these phones, I think will be getting ICS, but the question that remains is when.

Samsung Nexus S

Without a doubt – the Nexus S and all of its brothers on Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T will be getting the update, because they are “pure Google experiences”. Since this was the phone that ICS was built on and tested on, there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. The Nexus S will probably be the first one to be upgraded to ICS.



Motorola Atrix 2

The Atrix 2 is another Motorola phone using an OMAP processor.  Motorola choosing to go from Tegra to OMAP right before we saw ICS was not a coincidence.  The Atrix 2 does have the specs to be able to handle all that ICS has to offer, but the biggest question that remains is – will it still include MotoBlur? MotoBlur is the skin that Motorola puts on top of the Android OS on most of their phones. I myself don’t really care too much for MotoBlur, but we will have to see what Motorola does with it once they start pushing updates of Ice Cream Sandwich to their Android lineup.

Motorola RAZR

Just announced earlier this week, the RAZR looks to be one of the first to get updated to ICS. We also saw from several other Android sites, as well as ours, mention that ICS will be coming to the RAZR in early 2012. So I am 100% sure the RAZR will get ICS. But like with the Atrix 2, how much will MotoBlur effect this? Will it be discontinued?



Motorola Droid Bionic

The Bionic is one more member of the Droid family using the OMAP chipset. We wondered why Motorola stopped using the Tegra 2 and went to OMAP for the Bionic, but it works on Verizon’s LTE so who cares right?  I believe that the Bionic will get its ICS update shortly after the RAZR and Atrix 2 but I could be wrong, I’m sure many of you Bionic owners hope I am wrong.



Motorola Droid 3

The Droid 3 is another in the list from Motorola that I truly believe will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Motorola’s first to feature an OMAP 4 dual-core CPU. In all honesty any processor will probably work in ICS, the GPU will certainly make a huge difference. With the Droid 3 no longer being the flagship Droid on Verizon, once the RAZR is officially out next month, who knows how long before Verizon and Motorola get around to updating the Droid 3.


The HTC Sensation Family (including Original, 4G, XE and XL)

Now I might be a bit biased when it comes to the Sensation 4G, since that is my phone – but I do think that it will be getting ICS. In all honesty, the Sensations all have the same specs – relatively – as the newly announced Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus, so if they are able to get ICS why can’t the Sensations? But here’s the question for HTC phones, what about Sense? I really like Sense, and version 3.0 and 3.5 just make Android look so much more user friendly, in my opinion. Many people think HTC can start to phase out Sense, but we will see what they choose to do.


I have no doubt that the EVO 3D will be getting their update to ICS, but like with the Sensation family, what is going to happen with Sense? But don’t fear, your beloved EVO 3D, both world and Sprint versions, will see the ICS update. If for no other reason but to keep you with your HTC phone.



HTC Amaze 4G

T-Mobile’s newest Android phone, the Amaze 4G will definitely get the upgrade. The Amaze already has some pretty awesome camera software built in, so now imagine that with what Google showed us earlier this week and there you have possibly the best phone running ICS that is not a Nexus. Amaze owners can be rest assured that T-Mobile and HTC will work to get the Amaze updated, since it is their newest flagship phone for T-Mobile, who was also the first carrier to have an Android device about three years ago.


The Xperia Family

Well this isn’t really my choice, it’s on the list because yesterday Sony Ericsson said that all their 2011 phones would be upgraded to ICS, but like most manufacturers they did not say when. I think it’s fair to say that Sont Ericsson has learned a lot about their users and how anxious they can be for getting updates for their Xperia phones running Android.

Samsung Galaxy S II Series

The Galaxy S II’s all basically have the same specs as the Galaxy Nexus, and they were built by the same manufacturer that built the Galaxy Nexus. So really, the only thing standing in the Galaxy S II’s way is Touchwiz — another skin put on by the manufacturer, like HTC’s Sense and Motorola’s MotoBlur. Although ICS isn’t optimized to play well with Exynos, I think Samsung can get it to work nicely since they worked closely with Google for so long making the last two Nexus phones — Nexus S, and the Galaxy Nexus.


Almost forgot about this one, although it is an LG phone – it should still get updated. History shows us that LG has had trouble updating their Android powered phones in a timely fashion. We are hoping this changes with ICS. With the specs that the G2X has, it should definitely get the update, if not there are always rooting and ROMs to get the update, unofficially of course.



Phones that could get Android 4.0

These are a list of phones I think could get ICS, and could run it pretty well.

LG Optimus 3D/Thrill

LG Optimus 3D (a.k.a. AT&T Thrill 3D)

In one simple sentence: LG has struggled with software updates. None of their phones really see timely software updates. Of course compared to other platforms, none of these Android phones — excluding the Nexus’s — see timely updates either. HTC, Samsung and Motorola have all gone through it and have gotten better at rolling out more timely updates. Eventually, LG will get it together but I am not sure if they will in time for an ICS update, maybe a Jellybean or Jello update — or whatever Google ends up calling Android 5.0.


myTouch 4G Slide

All the signs are currently pointing to the myTouch getting ICS, but it also has a lot of T-mobile carrier customizations. The myTouch 4G does have very similar specs as the EVO 3D and the Sensation family,, and was made by HTC as well. So there’s a huge possibility of ICS coming for the myTouch 4G Slide. On the down side, T-Mobile and HTC have to work together on this one because of all the carrier customizations built in to the OS, so it may take longer to get the update then most of the other HTC phones on our list.


Samsung Droid Charge

The Droid Charge is one of the few single core devices on this list – but it’s still no slouch. With these kind of specs, why wouldn’t the Charge get ICS? Considering the position that Samsung is in building the newest Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus, we think that it’s possible for the Charge to get it – but it’s likely to come from custom ROM developers more than anything . But the Charge is on the list of “could get ICS” because I think Samsung is going to focus on the Galaxy SII series of phones along with the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus to get those updated, then maybe the Charge will see some Ice Cream afterwards.



Other HTC Snapdragon Phones

This includes the HTC EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, Desire HD, and the Nexus One. While HTC had the Nexus One as their flagship phone, Google worked hard with it to get Froyo — Android 2.2 — on to the Nexus One. HTC took advantage of that and released a trio of great phones that were ahead of its time which included the Droid Incredible, Desire HD and the EVO 4G, but sadly it looks like there time has come and gone at least for now. The real question is, not about Sense this time, but whether or not HTC will invest their time and money into updating phones that are 18-months-old and at or near end of life. What do you think?

Motorola Triumph

This great looking phone on Virgin Mobile can certainly handle the update, but VM is relatively new to Android so it may take them a while to even decide if they want to upgrade the Triumph. Also, this is not one of Motorola’s flagship phones like the Droid Bionic, RAZR, or the Droid 3. It certainly has the specs, but it is still on Froyo, which gives us a puzzled reaction to whether it’ll get updated or not.



My phone was not on the list? Should I worry?

No, of course not. These predictions could be way off, although I don’t think they are. But where there are so many Android phones, it’s hard to talk about every single phone in one post. But the good thing is that you can always root your device and put on a custom ROM. As soon as the SDK for ICS is public — open sourced — there will be so many ROMs that you can put on to your phone. A lot of ROM developers have worked ROM’s for the majority of the phones not listed, like the Incredible 2/S, Wildfire S, Thunderbolt, Droid X and X2, and the original Galaxy S line.

Of course if your phone isn’t in line to get upgraded don’t get upset, it’ll still work fine. Gingerbread is a great OS, of course ICS is better, and it runs smoothly on most of the phones that got, or are in line to receive the Gingerbread update. So use your phone until it cannot be used anymore, then buy the best phone possible, like the Galaxy Nexus.

Any thoughts?

  • Al

    Running latest Gingerbread on my original HTC Desire, and no doubt Miui will do their best to bring ICS too. If not, no biggie, doubt there will be any ICSICS only apps for a long while (by which time I will have a new handset anyway)

    • Darshan Vs Vs

      can galaxy ace 2 have ics?

  • Renegade M

    You forgot Galaxy Note!!!!

    • Didn’t forget it, I think of the Galaxy Note as more of a Tablet then phone. There are a lot of phones I did not put on the list, not because I don’t think they will get the update but because there is simply to many phones out there.

    • Anonymous

      I bet the Note gets ICS, along with the Galaxy S2.

  • Gregory Opera

    The million-dollar question is, how many service providers will actually make the Android 4.x (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) upgrade available to their customers?

    I don’t know about overseas, but in Australia, service providers (Telstra being a perfect example!) are slow to release Android updates/upgrades… If at all.

    In my case as a Telstra customer, Xperia 2011 customers are still TWO updates behind generic handsets, and it was only recently that Telstra FINALLY made available updates for the Xperia X10!

  • Roger Moum

    I think the Desire HD should deffinatly get 4.0 update, it’s merley 1 year old and have great hardware for such an “old” phone. Not giving DHD owners an official update would suck bigtime :(
    Myself i’m not worried as i am a constant funder and user of CyanogenMod i’m pretty sure i’ll get mine even before HTC has finnished any of theirs :P

    • Anonymous

      It’s closer to 18 month sold. I completely agree but screen size aside, it’s the same as the Desire S and Incredible S. In short, HTC are already going to have their work cut out with the Sensation and Evo range without adding the Desire HD/Desire S/Incredible S too. I just cannot see it happening.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great article. I have no doubt in my mind that the Nexus S will get ICS. However, It is now up to decide whether the Droid RAZR or Galaxy Nexus is the right for me…

    • Anonymous

      Well we can help you decide on that, keep checking out Android Authority for upcoming reviews of the RAZR and Galaxy Nexus.

  • Jack Holt

    The Droid Inc 2!

    • As much as I like the Incredible, S, and 2 I don’t see it as a flagship phone for HTC. They have way to many other phones they consider as “flagship”

      • Anonymous

        The Desire S and Incredible S (Incredible 2) were refreshes of 2010 models. They may have been released in 2011 but they’re no way flagship. You need to stick with flagship, if you want updates.

        • jon wallace

          desire hd released october 2010?

          • Anonymous

            Correct. It’s a year old.

          • Jack Holt

            Then it’s off to the custom ICS roms released!

  • I’m looking for RAZR, BTW great post!

    • The RAZR does look nice, nice specs too, but I wish that VZW didn’t have exclusivity on it. I think Moto would sell a ton more of them then.

      • Anonymous

        I wish Motorola would pull their finger out and stop releasing phones with decent hardware but MotoBlur and old versions of Android. The Atrix only had Froyo when it shipped.

        There’s really no excuse to release the Razr without ICS. I’m sure we’d all rather wait until Motorola can get it right.

        • Renegade M

          I guess there was background deal for ICS exclusivity…. at least for a few weeks

          • Yes, I am pretty sure Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus had a background exclusivity deal with Google for exclusivity on ICS, probably until the end of the year.

          • Anonymous

            Good point.

            I’d be happy to wait but none of the phone manufacturers have proven they can get Android updates out quickly and by that I mean, “within” a month of initial release.

            I’m only interested in upgrading my Desire with a phone with ICS “pre-installed”. It looks so much better than Gingerbread and like I said, I don’t trust them to get ICS out quickly.

            I bet we’ll start seeing Samsung, HTC etc… ICS phones “rumoured” by year end. The Galaxy Nexus is a Google phone in everything but name.

  • Lucasantonio29

    Well i Got one question to all this i have a HTC evo 4g & i just really want to know if were going to get it ?

    • Right now its all speculation. None of the manufacturer’s have actually said what phones will be upgraded and what ones will not be.

  • Anonymous

    What about the Motorola Atrix?

    I truly hope Motorola now drop MotoBlur. HTC Sense and to an extent Samsung TouchWiz improve the experience but MotoBlur is hideous. It also just makes life difficult for Motorola.

    Take what this list says about Motorola and LG with a pinch of salt! Motorola’s Android upgrade outside of North America stinks.

    It’s good to see Sony Ericsson confirm “all” their 2011 phones will get ICS. They can’t say better than that, their 2010 phones were barely equipped to get Froyo or Gingerbread.

    Of the HTC phones, personally I only see the Sensation and Evo range getting it.

    Which sucks if you bought a Desire S or Incredible S (Incredible 2) in January-February. Neither were capable of running Sense 3.0 and I just cannot see HTC going to the effort to upgrade Android without making sure it has (at least) Sense 3.0 too.

    • I agree, I will not buy a Motorola phone that has motoblur, I dislike it very much. As far as HTC Sense goes, I really love it. It makes the Android OS look so much nicer and smoother for the user. Touchwiz is a little to apple-y to me.

  • Hafeezrizwan

    Can i upgrade my samsung galaxy S i9000 to Sandwich

  • Peterfoy

    What about the HD2 – That’s gonna have to get a port… it’s the ultimate xad developers tool and so is android…

    • Darkscorpion01

      If the Nexus One, Evo, or any other first-gen snapdragon phones officially get ICS, it will be ported by the HD2 developers at XDA, without a question. It is simply a matter of time.

      • It will probably be ported before most of the “official” updates are available.

  • Guest

    You would think all the phones that came out in the last 6 months or so would be able to get ICS. I have the Droid 3, and as far as I know, its the most recent phone to come out, besides the BIONIC.

    • Not really, you still have the Droid RAZR, and HTC has a few phones. But as far as Motorola goes, the Droid 3 isn’t a flagship phone. The Bionic and RAZR are. I have no doubt that the Droid 3 will get ICS, the question is when? its sitting in line behind the RAZR and then the Bionic, then either the Droid 3 or Droid X2.

  • Consumer

    LG announced on their facebook page that they will not be updating the G2X to ice cream sandwich. I presume this means the Thrill 4G/Optimus 3D will also not be updated. This is unfortunate. If LG thinks that anyone will be buying the optimus 3D2 after this. Well, I just hope the cell phone carriers dont mind footing that bill because I won’t be buying it, regardless of the processor speed or the number of cameras or 3D capability.

    • shehroz

      LG announces on its official facebook page thats the 3 main mobile thats is the optimus 2x , optimus 3D and the black with be getting the official ICS update , a further project is being done to see if older mobile will be able to support android 4

  • C2432

    What about samsung galaxy 4g s

    • Could happen. It has the specs to run it, but I think it will be a while before Samsung pushes an “Official” update for any Samsung Galaxy S phone. Since they have the Samsung Galaxy S II, and about 10 other phones to do updates for that are newer.

      You will probably be better off rooting and installing a ROM with ICS for your Galaxy S. You’ll probably get better battery life too :)

  • Lazycollosion

    any recent smartphone or superphone with a dual-core processor will get the update. Nexus S of course, Nexus One come on that’s so old. If you got 2.3 out of the box yes for sure

  • Jesseniamartinez89

    Does that mean the samsung stratospbere wil get it?

  • Musclegto

    Can’t wait for the Razr, just don’t know if I should wait for ICS OS…. does anyone know when it will be coming out with ICS OS?

  • Htc desire hd! Please

  • Jack Holt

    HTC announced ICS update for devices:

    “HTC knows how excited our fans are to get their hands on Google’s latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, so we’re thrilled today to announce the first wave of HTC phones that will receive upgrades.

    Ice Cream Sandwich is coming in early 2012 to a variety of devices including the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XL and HTC Sensation XE, as well as the HTC Rezound*, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Design 4G* and HTC Amaze 4G* through close integration with our carrier partners.

    We’re continuing to assess our product portfolio, so stay tuned for more updates on device upgrades, timing and other details about HTC and Ice Cream Sandwich.

    *US handsets”

  • Farpinkmg

    what about vibrant ?

  • Djmax81

    what about dell streak 5 and 7.?

  • Justintame

    I love my motorola triumph. Getting quadrants of 3400 running cm7 2.3.7 triumphant kernel. This phone me. I would love to see ics on it however i had to put gingerbread on it myself because motorola sucks about updates or virgin mobile…whoever.

  • Jordanbeltran9

    Will the DROID x?

  • Sept

    Exhibit II 4G perhaps?

  • dK

    Very nice analysis

  • sam

    Do you think that wifi samsung android devices such as the galaxy s wifi 4.0 and 5.0 will get the ics update?

  • Prakhar

    leave d ICS …will galaxy sl i9003 even get gingerbread update..been long since galaxy s got gingerbread !!!

  • HTCyaLater

    Ive had the Thunderbolt since its release i hated it at first but after the last update, revolutionary root,sense 3.0 and overclocking to 1.7 I love It! i serously doubt any Verizon Htc Besides the Rezound will get the update…i couldnt even get sense 3.0 whithout rooting! 98% sure no HTC Verizon phones pre-Rezound will ever make the jump from the oven to the freezer

  • Here’s another vote for the Triumph. It’s a great phone. It deserves the upgrade if Motorola or Virgin can ever get around to it.

    And if not, there are always other ways.

  • Jdrobertson13

    What about my HTC hero s? Will it support ice cream sandwich?

  • Sanjay

    I own galaxy Y duos S6102 (OS 2.3 gingerbread). Can I upgrade to OS 4.0 icecteam sandwich.