Pre-order your LG G Flex AT&T for $299.99, get it February 4th

by: Mark WilsonJanuary 24, 2014

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Curved displays look set to become increasingly common. CES 2014 saw the unveiling of various curved televisions, and the appropriately named LG G Flex is a similarly curvy phone. If you fancy the idea of adding the curvy device to your pocket, it’s available to pre-order from AT&T for $299.99 on a two year contract. Order now and it’ll ship on February 4th.

For anyone who isn’t keen on the idea of getting tied into a contract, there is the option of buying the handset outright for $694.99. For your money you get a 6-inch HD OLED screen, curved along the longer edge giving it a buttock-hugging quality when slipped into a back pocket.

In terms of specifications, there’s a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Running Android 4.2.2, the phone boasts a 3500mAh battery and a 13MP camera and it weighs at 177g.

Borrowing ideas from the LG G2, the G Flex includes controls on the rear, but it remains to be seen whether the curves make this phone a success or a flop. It’s possible that the 720P display could prove to be its downfall.

Any thoughts on the LG G Flex? Curved devices? It’s a trend that’s unlikely to go anywhere, so let us know your thoughts!

  • Jayfeather787

    I wish it was 299.99 unlocked.
    I realize how stupid that sounded, but I can dream.

  • Andrew White

    The 720p screen, the upfront contract cost and its size. Wrong, wrong, wrong!
    I own an LG and couldn’t be more satisfied. Half the price, a smaller device and a 1080p screen.