Poweramp update adds new KitKat feature

by: Shawn IngramJanuary 8, 2014

Poweramp best android apps

A new update to the Poweramp Music Player app adds some new KitKat features and fixes a few bugs in the app.

Poweramp, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a powerful third-party music app for Android that can play just about any music file you throw at it. It will play everything from mp3 and mp4 to ogg, wma, and flac. It’s almost like the dedicated music equivalent of VLC player. You can even skin it like VLC for a more customized app experience.

The latest build of Poweramp adds the ability to scrub through songs from the lock screen on phones running Android 4.4 KitKat. Google introduced the functionality with KitKat, and added the feature to its Google Play Store, but this is the first version of Poweramp to take advantage of it. The feature makes it easy to skip ahead in songs without unlocking your phone, which is especially helpful for music files that have long stretches of silence before a secret track on an album.

The latest version of the app also makes some improvements for Samsung fans. The app should no longer crash in list view on Samsung devices running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher. Poweramp now also supports Bluetooth track info for Samsung smartphones.

Other changes to the new version of Poweramp include the album art/mobile user agent option. The new version also fixes a number of bugs including an issue with switching from vibrate to ring, and third-party skin issues. Now, when a third-party skin won’t load the app will simply default back to the standard one.

Is Poweramp your music player of choice? If not, how do you listen to music on your phone?

  • yavvee

    My favorite music player. The level of customization you can do in if is just amazing

  • Azeem

    I only use this music player. PowerAmp is very functional.

  • venorme

    Used it on all my Samsung devices till I have bought myself Sony. Walkman is way to go now – its beautifull.

  • Fotbollsgräs

    Poweramp, Plex and Spotify.

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  • Guest

    The best music app ever to use if you want to listen to music

  • bisaya khatri

    the best third-party app to use whenever you want to listen to music with headphones

  • Phil Rigby

    I’d probably use it if it could stream the tracks I have in my Google Play library. I’m trying to get away from synching music to my phone and just go with streaming.

  • Timmy

    Far and away the best music player.

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  • Calvin Taylor

    Been using the damn thing for nearly 4 years…damn, hard to believe

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