Poweramp music player introduces all-new features in v3.0 sneak preview

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 4, 2016


Poweramp, everybody’s favorite Android music player, is about to get even better. Poweramp version 3.0 has just been released as a public alpha, providing early access to all-new features including a revamped audio engine and visualization changes in the app interface.

Poweramp 3.0 features an overhauled audio engine for even better music playback with deeper bass, improved effects and presets and the addition of tempo control. Visualizations are a large part of the update and are enabled by default.

Fortunately, your settings and purchases from the current version of Poweramp will be carried over if you make the update to this special sneak-peek release. For a complete changelog of what’s new and what’s coming in future beta builds, visit the Poweramp forum, where you can also download the Poweramp v3.0 APK.

It’s important to note that this is an alpha build – the first step on the path to final release – so don’t expect a perfectly polished product (although it is quite good already). The alpha build APK can be installed straight over the top of Poweramp version 2.0 but you’ll need to enable Unknown Sources in your Security settings to do so.

It is advisable to create a backup of your current Poweramp settings before testing out the alpha build, as the update is non-reversible without losing your settings profile. To do this, open a root explorer and back up the contents of the folder /data/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/

If you then choose to roll back later, just uninstall the alpha build and restore your settings in v2.0, which you’ll need to re-install from Google Play. At this stage, the alpha build only supports ARM-based processors, but Intel support will be coming soon. Likewise, skins are disabled in the current alpha build, but will re-appear once the new UI is locked down. One thing is for sure though, if you’re a fan of locally stored music, you’re in for a real treat.

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  • Naga Tudor

    so…if i download this my playback quality will improve on my nexus 6 headphones?

    • TheGCU

      No, that depends far more on your headphones. If you’re using earbuds, nothing can make them sound good.

    • David Onter

      Use Neutron audio player, some better quality files (e.g. flac-files from Torrents) and most importantly good headphones.

    • monkey god

      Well if you use the EQ on it, it could improve it or atleast make it sound more balanced. On the other hand, many players have EQ, so there is nothing special about it that would make it sound better than with other players.

      • creep_the_night

        A visualiser was something I did not know I wanted or needed til now…

        Seriously great looking visualizations in the alpha of Poweramp.

  • Jose Lugo

    I just downloaded the app, so far so good. I have a Note 4 and the i’m using Audio Techinica M50x.

    • Great set of Cans you have man, I got the same ones. Did you try Viper4android? use that with a portable amp and believe me, you won’t believe your ears.

    • Simon

      Audio technica blue and tan version is what I currently using. ? I looking forward to a newer poweramp. It’s time it got a overhaul while still keeping some of its roots in giving quality controls.

  • Sandeep Gunda

    This app keeps getting better and better!

  • To put it simple: Put together every audio player in iOS, Windows Phone and Android and still… it’s the best audio player out there.

    • mrjayviper

      I guess you haven’t tried Groove player on iOS. I love the mixes it comes with. It’s not as simple as shuffle. I tried to do the same when I bought Poweramp and it can’t compete in that area. Though it’s perfectly capable of playing albums and the normal shuffle.

      • Yep, I’ve tried it and it’s good. Every music player has its unique things. Musixmatch is a great one with all the lyrics stuff and gorgeous cards it let you share… but like Poweramp and its huge versatility, nothing buddy.

        • mrjayviper

          what huge versatility are available in poweramp that’s not in say other music players?

          • You can do with your headphone button whatever you want, literally, it has infinite button combinations. Most of music players respond to one tap for play/pause and two for skip and that’s it. It have an active and huge theme community. Its lightning fast. Lots of customization options. At the very end it’s just my modest opinion, but music is my life and I’ve tested every player out here and this is the best option for me.

          • Steve Brain

            Not to mention the metadata communication settings (good for broken ROM’s), lockscreen options, huge EQ range including tone adjustment knobs, etc etc :-)

          • Çhêtåñ

            Even poweramp can play my video songs in audio only…
            And i love it..
            This feature is very important to me.

          • Çhêtåñ

            Only draw back for me is ui… It’s kinda out dated.
            But i am using material design theme and it solves my that problem too.

          • The same thing for me, I use material design theme too.

    • Anthony Davis

      I comepletely agree. I use foobar2000 for windows its the only thing that even comes close but take a ridiculous amount of set up work. i still am at a loss why android has a better music player than PC’s do

  • Bruno Martins

    Best bought app ever I did, never had to search for another one since my nexus S….

  • intruda

    ive moved on to gmmp year ago. Ui was extremely dated.

    I got into tablet installs in car and needed full screen player.

  • Jeff Regner

    I would have much rather preferred material design over visualizations.

  • LadiesWashroom

    Gonemad music player destroyed this overrated dated music player.

  • Dusan

    It used to be my favorite, It’s Stellio now. It’s rather new and has some bugs, but it’s quite awesome and looks really good! Ditched PowerAMP for it :)