Valentine’s Day Giveaway: 25 Poweramp Full Version licenses

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 14, 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! To celebrate love and all that is nice in this world, we’ve teamed up with MaxMP, the makers of the popular Poweramp music player for Android. We’re giving away 25 free licenses for the Full Version of Poweramp, and all you have to do to enter the sweepstakes is leave a comment to this post.

Poweramp – the most popular music player on Android

Poweramp has been the most popular music player in the Play Store for years, with over a million users using it regularly. With features like gapless playback, an advanced equalizer, and support for many file formats, Poweramp gives music lovers everything they need to enjoy their tunes on the go.

Poweramp is available in a trial version that gives you full access to the app for two weeks, and in a Full Version that comes with no limitations. Poweramp Full Version is normally available for $3.99. Check it out in the Play Store.

Learn more about Poweramp’s features here.

How to enter the giveaway

You can earn an entry ticket into the giveaway by commenting on this post. Tell us, what music do you love to listen on your Android smartphone or tablet? Any special song for the perfect Valentine’s background? What do you look for in a music player?

The prizes are 25 licenses. One entry/comment per household.

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We’ll be sending out emails to winners when the contests ends tomorrow. Good luck, folks!

  • Love listening to Silversun Pickups

  • Daniel Krause

    That would be pretty cool to win a license :D

  • Joonas Mattias Laur

    I look for a nice UI, good functionality and earphone button functionality

  • Riccardo Delle Monache

    Lots of functions like equalizer

  • Ahmad Shazlan Kamarudin

    I love to listen to heavy metal. Always has been my choice of music m/
    The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel would have been perfect for a Valentine’s background. Overwhelmed with emotions, that song.

  • Hélio Takahashi

    Gorilla – by Bruno Mars

  • Alejandro Navas

    I hace wide range music taste. I like Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire, Elbow…
    But I also like Metal bands like Meshuggah, Opeth, Tool.
    I need a Music Player that is easy to use and organize my music the way I need to be without too much Hassle.

  • Prabhdeep Singh

    First of all, I look for if it has an Equalizer or not, then I look for how easy and fast it is to choose a new song on it, whether it be from a folder in my Memory or a song form Auto-Playlists(like Recently played), then I love if it can provide me great widgets for easy access from home screen and lastly the GUI of the app. Also, I would like to say if it can find and correct my Album arts for the songs, that is awesome. I was impressed by Poweramp on the first day I tried it and was looking to earn some Google credit to buy it, but it would be awesome if I can have it free!!! Thanks man!!!

  • Ahmad Shazlan Kamarudin

    Of course, simplicity and ease to use, especially the EQ part, should be easy at the same time delivers accurate experience.

  • ilham

    Love Lost by The Temper Trap

  • Cwmdu86

    I listen to the Chili Peppers

  • Prabhdeep Singh

    Just the way you are by Bruno mars!!!

  • superballer13


  • Jawahar Reddy

    Matthias FADE AWAY

  • Will

    I like tech house, frok Blue six: Music snd wine

  • Deeco

    Simplicity with Equalizer

  • Brandon

    Features would be amazing

  • The things i look for in a music player are beautiful design, useful features, and it has to be very organized/not cluttered.

  • dgr

    EQ, easy to use, able to create playlists, able to read many formats not only .mp3, radio stations could be nice too, album image… just the normal things ;)

  • Jan

    Very nice giveaway, I hope I’ll win :)

  • Aibarr

    A good shuffle and quality sound. Personalize my playlist would be go feature too.

  • Ahmad

    Well I’m somewhat lonely today so I don’t think I have valentine’s day music to suggest but since I’m an Arab, there’s this awesome Lebanese band that I love! Most of you won’t understand a word but you should probably check their songs on YouTube. The band’s name is Mashrou’ Leila, I’d reccoment starting with a song called Inni Mnih. Have fun!

  • Munzir Hussein

    Give it to me!

  • Christian Pisani


  • Rodrigo Gressler

    Daft Punk – Instant Crush

  • srikanth

    rap, r&b, soul are some genres i listen to on my nexus.
    for valentines day, i would go for wonderwall by oasis

  • Antony Okta

    Equalizer, skip track by Vol button.
    Almost all the features that I need are available in PowerAMP.
    Katy Perry – Unconditionally :))

  • Aarg

    It should have a good looking UI. It should have a beautiful design and the most important should support all the formats

  • Dave Lu Chiu

    equalizer capability :D

  • tusharvikky

    Play and save battery

  • Christian Pisani

    Jona Vark

  • Mohammed Mohaideen

    I listen a to Electronic Music a lot. To dedicate a song for the valentines day, I would like to listen to I Need your Love – Nicky Romero Mix

  • Daniel DS

    What I look for in a music player is the ability to play music that is stored in my Google Play account

  • Sze Huang

    my favourite singer, Bruno Mars!

  • Cassiano Galli

    I love to listen to Led Zeppelin. Good times bad times is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  • Sengetsu

    Hmm a mix of country rock and classical

  • JonL21

    Equalizer is what I need

  • Angela perry


  • Gorea Vlad

    seems interesting :)

  • Ananda Ramadhani

    Yessssss my valentine would be great!

  • Aaron Verstappen

    I listen a lot of different music. At the moment I am listening to Imagine Dragons, together with my valentine :)

  • DroidGuy100

    Dynamic playlist which plays according to my mood

  • Ni-amart Japakiya

    I need Vol. controller in PowerAMP
    I love Felipe Santos – Olvidarte (a spanish song)
    But for Valentine’s, I go for John Legend – All of me

  • madmills92

    Hehehe ooooold daft punk

  • castel

    Hope I will win so I will not have to wait a full year before I get my own crefit card and finally be able to buy apps

  • CodeNameRedNeck

    I am pretty eclectic when it comes to music but I guess if I had to say which I listen most it would have to be latest hits.

  • Mohit Lal

    Actually I am in love with this music player ! It works flawless on my phone yes it can read almost all formats. I usually listen to electronic music. and a cannot pay for it because I am student and don’t have a credit card etc. And a valentine’s day song would be umm.. Just the way you are! by Bruno mars . And if I win this its gonna be super awesome!

  • Atharva

    Hope I win!

  • Roders91

    Mainly deep house and dance

  • Iulian Bisca

    I am usually listed to music on my smartphone during my holidays, while on the bus or train. I am listening to a lot of genres, from 80s disco to 90s dance, depending on my mood. A valentine track? George Michael – Another corner. Cheers.

  • Peter Li

    I look for support for plenty of music formats in a music player.

  • ehitburns

    This contest sounds dandy! It really is nice to see a news a outlet giving back to the community that supports it. I really look for a clean, fluent experience. I don’t like seeing my awesome music in a jumbled mess. I haven’t used anything else but Google Play Music because of this. It really gets on my nerves, especially ads.

  • Shishir Kn

    I want listen rock songs. I want good equalizer and good UI

  • castel

    While i am usually listen’s to all kinds of rock music i am looking for a lock screen widget, an equalizer and of course a good looking well organized library

  • Manuel Rossi

    Thanks :D

  • mutawakarban

    marry me by Jason Derulo

  • Seiresis


  • Dale Krebs

    I listen yo CCM. Favorite song: “Captured” by The new Digital Age”

  • marco


  • Humberto Hernandez

    Holo UI, smooth playback (no pauses bettwen songs), and EQ. That’s all.
    I dont care about folders and stuff, that why the ID3 tags are for.

  • Khalil Aqqad

    I use a free app called doubleTwist and the features are minimal. I would like to use something that would improve the quality of my music. Something that doesn’t waste my battery life is a plus since my phone isn’t great on battery.

  • freeman292

    A clean and straightforward interface. An app that can discover the music by itself, but that also lets me pick folders that i like. In short an app that lets me enjoy my music

  • Nishant Aggarwal

    Gud user interface,an equalizer with some presets and allow to manually set treble and bass and if it works on locksreen too then thats great :)

  • Dũng

    excellent sound quality with support for external EQ and an easy to use UI

  • nayula

    I like good widgets in my music player app

  • Puneet Paliwal

    Good user interface :)

  • Flo Baumann

    I listen to every Kind oft rap

  • AssToast

    i like slow songs but they get pretty bored after awhile

  • bikeohio

    I mostly listen to Korean!

  • Ewisten

    I want a music player that can not only play my music fluently, iwant it to have an easily navigated UI, as well as theability to download lost album art

  • Mike Newitt

    I listen to all kinds of popular music with the exception of hip-hop and rap. I don’t deny that there is quality in those but they’re simply not my cup of tea.
    So what I look for in a music player is versatility.

  • himanshu

    i love to listen dance and hip hop at full bass and a little treble

  • Glen

    A good user interface is very important

  • Free :)

  • androidkin

    Clean UI, Smooth and non lagging Functionally, and sound control (bass, equilizer)

  • Hellz

    instrumental music on classical instruments for me
    oh and powerAMP has great UI, tons of settings( if i remember well you can set up an equaliser preset for every song individualy) and the best thing is you can select dedicated music folder so it doesnt sync up every damned mp3 file in from every app you have on your phone

  • Richard

    nice giveaway

  • ease of creating playlists, i have a ton of music files on my phone and computer, and most times i need to listen to a specific genre of music or song made in a particular year. As the album art and tag editing would be a major plus, good equalizer presets.

    Please pick me…Please…This would be the best thing to ever happen to me on val day..

  • Benjamin

    Seems like an awesome app to have!

  • Michael

    Ease of use. I dont want to go through 5 touches to play somethibg. I wanna open the app and hit play. I really like Rocket Player, but im willing to try something new.

  • Arch Thor

    Well it seems legit! Poweramp has some neat features!

  • Garrick Villacorte

    I would like a music player that can make my Xperia SP LED light dance not just Walkman.

  • TechDisk

    Great UI, equalizer, be able to play music

  • louis collier

    i like it hope i win a full verison

  • eltico40

    Tell us, what music do you love to listen on your Android smartphone or tablet? Any special song for the perfect Valentine’s background?

    I love to listen to Jaheim most of his songs are very romantic

  • Jack Griffin

    Real Hip Hop and PowerAmp combined!!!

  • williamjarquin

    I listen to all type of music but especially alternative.

  • Fanski


  • Dan

    To a music player i like: an easy and modern ui, equalizer, and a good management of music.

  • Jack Strongin

    I need a player that allows easy playlist and file management

  • Shawn Roth

    PowerAmp is a great music player

  • lordoftheoats

    As others have mentioned, UI and EQ are key. Many options for sorting are appreciated, too.

  • Guest

    Awesome ! Thanks for doing this :)

  • THeo

    Most of all I like a clean and simple interface

  • UI, ease of use and features.

  • nishant nair

    Awesome work guys!

  • Matt

    Music I like: Depends on my mood, sometimes punk pop and sometimes party music. When training some fast paced music es also nice or something like linkin park!

    Regarding what I look in a music app: Equalizer, being able to swap songs on the lockscreen and a nice UI =)

  • Bindy

    Great music player, hope I win!

  • Leo Matija

    good,I like the UI in music players

  • Leonard Wong

    Free,simplicity and availability

  • Josh York

    Love to win this. I like a variety of music, but partial to rock, esp. Avenged Sevenfold.

  • brad

    I listen to punk and hard core music on my phone. For me the perfect Valentine’s song is me and my gf song finch – stay with me.

  • Ervin Subillaga

    I love listening to a variety from songs from fall out boy to songs from bruno mars to journey. But the songs that I really like are usually acoustic songs. I came to the states from the philippines. And there is this one special song called “magkabilang mundo” Meaning other side of the world. And its about having a long distance relationship. I can relate to it alot being away from my girlfriend.
    I hope you’re able to read my post. I’ve tried many music players but none of them was as good as when I was on your 2 week trial of poweramp. Godbless!

  • Kyle azuelo

    Fast, and amazing UI !

  • Amol Aghav

    I love to listen retro songs on my android phone. They are much better than today’s music and also more refreshing to mind :)

  • Marcellus1

    Features and easy to use.

  • Kyle Peterson

    I listen to pop most of the time on my GS4

  • Brandon Miranda

    I love Dub step with deep bass and I love listening to Led Zeppelin, Old rap, 60s upbeat music. Pretty much everything.

  • I love listening to rock mostly, from classic rock to modern rock. But I also love relaxing to Jazz and on occasion letting a guilty pleasure like Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlakes newest work slip in m

  • Francesca Abate

    Acquarius – Boards of Canada and spectacular player Poweramp – San Valentine’s trip for music heaven!!! Kisses rom Naples

  • Triple Kay

    I mostly listen to Hip hop and Rnb music and a good music player must be simple to use and must have a good shuffle management

  • Gabriel Galli

    I mainly listen to electronic music ;]

  • Daniel Jelčić

    I look for a nice modern interface, good equalizer, and mostly – simplicity. It should play music, and it should do that one thing well.

  • johnny karam

    rock music ftw, amazing app hope i win

  • Dag Gebauer

    I like to listen to Rock music, in music player I like ease of use and good looks

  • Shreyas Satardekar

    I love listening to many types of songs. My most favourite band is The script and onerepublic! Poweramp would definitely be a good app for me. Thankyou!!

  • Diogo Casimiro

    First of all, a good interface, a good equalizer and compatibility with loads of file types

  • Dori Kraja


  • dvei

    I Like Listening Alternative Rock & Rock Music..For Me The Best Track for The Valentines Day- Eric Clapton-Wonderful Tonight..

  • Simas

    I want it!

  • Rodrigo Ramirez

    I really REALLY love listening to Lady Gaga on both my Nexus 7 and huawei G510!!! I also listen to Shakira a lot. A special song Hmmm… I would say Can’t Remember to Forget You by Shakira :3

  • Sanket Dhingra

    My favorite music is country music, with Taylor Swift as the fav singer. Her song Love Story from Fearless album is a personal fav for V day. I have seen how beautiful her songs looks with cover art display on Poweramp, but I had to give it after trial expired. Would love to have Poweramp Pro and play the songs with beautiful cover art on it again.

  • Jason Resnick

    I have a bit of a wide range of listening habits. If I had a choice, I would say Metal, Hard Rock with bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, etc. My favorite band of all time is Led Zeppelin though. My mom got me into music by listening to the likes of the Doors, Zep,and others. When I hear those, it always brings me back to being a kid and Saturday morning chores.

  • Umesh Krishna

    I mainly listen to pop songs . It’s melody keeps me away from my stress of the day

  • Mariano Bacigalupi

    I been wanting to try poweramp for a long time because I heard really good things about it.

  • MasterMuffin

    everything goes (minus JB, 1D or almost any new pop song). 269 entries, but only 127 comments? Cheaters >:|

  • Lenin

    I Love Daft Punk, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, etc. One song that I really love is “Way down in the hole” by Steve Earle. If you watched”The Wire” like me you do lovee this song too.

  • Shwetha

    I heard its very gud, I want to use it.

  • Armagidon

    The Top 100 without the Country and Rap (sorry just my personal preference)

  • Rishabh Mathur

    Poweramp is one of the best. Hope to win a license.

  • Derrick Hughes

    Country, Rock, Rap, Podcasts. Poweramp is awesome for all music!

  • Ben Jowett

    Good sound output + good, light, modern, holo ui

  • Armando Jr

    Listen to a bit of everything, but a song for Valentine
    Would be Unchained Melody

  • Eugene Cornelius

    I’ll love a full license Poweramp app to listen to my Soundtracks, Jazz, Rock & Contemporary. Love the ability to create & control sound profiles with this app!

  • Okpalaeke kingsley

    I listening to enya

  • Daniel Marcinkowski

    I love Poweramp <3 I never use better app for listiening local drive music than Poweramp!

  • Alief Patria

    Hope I win this. Loved at the first using it and been only listening to this player!!

  • Lee Ser Chim

    Jazz. My Funny Valentine :)

  • FolkCleric

    yeah.. I listen the same music, that I listen on any other day :D

  • sashaski

    I love listening to all kinds of Electronic music, Phaeleh would have to be my fav artists for V day!

  • Marcel Bernert

    Great design and good battery life

  • Izwan Rahman

    Haha Already have mine.. only great with good dac and better source bitrate, IMO. can sound a bit dull sometimes.

  • ehndrew

    ma girl Katy Perry!

  • Dennis Henriquez

    It’s a great player

  • A.S.

    any music but for this special day: Julio Iglesias :)

  • Nidhish

    I follow many kinds of genre when it comes to music but Metal and EDM ticks my taste buds. I am usually a high beat music listener. My note 2 is my mini juke box.

  • Hasan Alshammary

    Hi guys i love lestening to pop but today am lestening on my (N5) to linkin park (numb) it’s a great song … and one more thing Poweramp would definitely be a good app for me. Thankyou!

  • Dylan44

    I love music players which are fast , smooth and reliable ..Just like Poweramp :D

  • Jake

    Super bass songs

  • Jack Swag

    Because I am a musician and a producer, I listen to a variety of genres of music. Music is a big part of my life.

  • attarmarwane

    sound output,good, light, modern :D

  • Johnny Thai

    I look for features – widgets, equalizers, etc that enhances my music listening experience greatly. Other than Play Music, which is not even smooth on my LG G2, almost every app I have used have failed to supply me with the best experience, whether it be eye appealing or not.
    I look for the ability to find high quality album art, since a lot of players refuse to use the art in my folders or don’t even choose to use them.
    I look for flexibility, which is important because I like changing things to my liking.
    Finally, I look for battery impact. Some players just kill my hefty 3,000 mAh battery after a few hours, while some last longer.
    The music I listen to spans from Jazz to Hip Hop to Rock to Metal, which requires a great equalizer to handle all of that. With poweramp’s equalizer, you can’t go wrong.

  • Danijel

    Trance and progressive are the ones I listen to.

  • Pratik Dimez Gurusia

    In a music play I look for a equalizer, so i can tweak to my taste.

    Love it bass boosted giving the head shaking sensation as I board a train or bus

    My Favorite song this month is Dark Horse by Katy Perry, the Bass line is just amazing.

  • Lucas Teixeira Gouveia

    I want simplicity, a nice song organization, a good shuffle option, and beautifull art.

  • Bakirsaad200

    I love to listen to Pitbull and Robin Thicke. The song Give it 2 U is one of my favorite songs. I don’t like valentine songs very much

  • Alan Tai

    I love to use Poweramp to listen to metal songs, for that Poweramp’s EQ give them great sounds!!!
    Since I installed the trail version, I couldn’t find any other players to replace Poweramp!!
    And it has a very beautiful UI experience that I love pretty much!!

  • Juan Andres Rujana

    I love mostly all music genres but the ones I like the most are house, progressive and some reggae, trippy pop. I also love to listen to my country’s bands like Rawayana, La Vida Boheme, and Caramelos de Cianuro. An amazing song for valentines day can be Flamingo by La Vida Boheme. all from Venezuela.

  • Chris

    Personally, I love listening to very big variety of music, but indie styles are the most enjoyable.

  • ANon

    Awesome App, Can’t do without it.

  • I mostly listen to Bollywood Songs on my smartphone.

  • Harry

    I would love to hear EDMs & rock genre songs with a boost of bass . According to me, perfect song for valentine day would be ‘Heartbeat’ by Enrique Iglesias.!! Whatta song it is. Just a mesmerizing one!

  • Ari

    Don Johnson Big Band! Check it out!

  • Sharath

    I listen mostly to Pop Songs,then House.

  • Urbano Burriola

    I love listening to the following but not limit to, on my Android device. Tool, A Perfect Circle, RAGE, Puscifer, Alice in Chains, Chevelle, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Plecebo. Also enjoy some Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Beatles, Frank Sinatra. Really a wide variety and I know theres more! PowerAmp willhelp me listen MORE!!! weww whooo

  • jay prithivi

    I look for an awesome interface. And the player must be smooth.

  • anGel_pLayer

    Everything I need, poweramp has it.

  • Hartley

    I like RnB and electro. Perfect song for valentine’s day is from boyz to men

  • elros mente

    i guess i’ll listen some king crimson,in the wake of poseidon is my favourite album.

  • Shaun Kam

    RnB or Hip hop…

  • mkrajinovic

    I like many options, wide format compatibilty, and nice UI.

  • Nishant

    Mostly Listen To Bollywood Songs….

  • Ravjot Singh

    I love listening to songs! That’s all you need! Love rock, raps, metal and songs with strong music. Not only that, I also like soft music like romantic songs, heart wrenching songs, and the like.
    XO by Beyoncé is great for valentine’s day!
    I would really like the license as poweramp allows me customise my musical experience a lot and makes it all the more better!

  • matt

    I listen to a pretty wide variety, but lean towards Indies and blues

  • Dominic

    Prog rock!

  • Ahmad Abdullah

    I love listening to preety much everything(poweramp makes everything sound so good).

  • maxx

    love all kind of music..

  • dylanbertwell

    What I look for in a music player is that it has a good ui and as unique features such as the bass control in power amp. I like power amp as it can play many types of music. And downloads album art. I mostly listen to pop and some rock. I would really like the full version so I can continue using this fantastic app

  • EvilWeasel

    Mostly top 40 hits. I like music with good beats.

  • Puho


  • Cody G.

    I listen to pretty much anything. From Bruno Mars to Macklemore to Jay-Z to Journey, Abba, Beatles. PowerAmp does a good job mixing up my library during my day!
    As for Valentine’s Day background music, Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love To You!

  • kwanhaoxuan

    I love to listen to song and I use this music player all the time but it was to expensive to buy so I hope you guys can give it to me

  • Rossen Halachev

    I lsiten to a lot of different genres. Lately I preferer Limp Bizkit, Hollywood Undead, Linkin Park and similar.

  • Armand Kronos

    My favourite music player…The eq is awesome :)

  • Aseem Mehta

    i listen to Rock ,pop and trance .. the best song for valentine in my view would be Always by bon jovi ,,

  • Prabu

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  • chrone

    audio quality of course! auto dynamically suits the rich deep punchy bass, great mids and highs with high fidelity for all around music genre ftw..:D

  • Vito Lee

    Simplicity. And a good randomizer.

  • Brent Desjarlais

    Love Britpop & rock. Marvin Gaye is definitely the best for V-Day. And as for music players, I look for great playback widgets to get my music going. Thanks.

  • Lupe Rodriguez

    I listen to mostly hard rock/heavy metal. Great for working out, playing video games, or lounging around. Not so great for Valentine’s Day though, ha! I use my Galaxy Note 3 with my blue tooth JBL portable speaker.

  • Sebastian o.O

    I like electronic music, house, pop, rock, and some of the 80s and 90s love songs.

  • Daniel

    Mostly, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen. I consider myself a closed, old-fashioned person.

  • Karan Singh Kalkat

    I love electric progressive trance house and some hindi and punjabi music
    So seeing all this in view
    The player should be able to handle d variety of genres and bring out the best in it..
    From vocals to a bass thumping equaliser for edm

  • Vince Jorvina

    A random assortment of music. I watch a lot of anime, so some soundtracks here and there. I used to play as a lead guitarist in a band back in high school, so some rock and metal. Things I don’t have are pop songs. I get to listen to those songs almost wherever, so I don’t think I need to have them on my phone.

  • Pierce Smith

    I love imagine dragons and I listen to a lot of dub step, and quality plays a big part. Tried power amp after a friend told me about it and it was great! Would love a full version.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Great, I wanna try this app.

  • Pablo Navarro

    My musical tastes vary from 1.-OMG you have to listen to this! to 2.-Please don’t judge me! Love is not easy sometimes, one song I relate to is Christina Aguilera’s Understand. A perfect song for some of us who share the story on this day.

  • pritish

    minimal controls – much like Walkman player on xperia z1

  • Naushad Shukoor

    simplicity…and good UI

  • Koustabh Sahoo

    I want to win one :D

  • nvv

    I hear slow songs on my mobile .. Mostly, I prefer hearing old telugu(my mother tongue) songs .. Whenever i get tensed or pissed off with anything, i just cut myself away and enjoy my traditional music. That helps me alot …

  • James G


  • Michał Szczykowski

    UI and sound quality

  • Dee Norbert

    Crissy Constanza-Counting stars

  • Ján kost

    I listen trance, metal with noisy BASS

  • Koustabh Sahoo

    Because of friendly and simplistic UI and Awesome sound quality m/

  • jares

    I’ve never heard of this music player but it looks really cool

  • Ruben

    I’d love gapless playback and crossfade options!

  • fahad

    I love listening to music as it helps me concentrate while studying! :D

  • Ján kost

    I listen trance, symphonic metal with noisy BASS

  • Vyrlokar

    One thing I would absolutely love would be playlist synchronization, letting me create playlists on one device, and transfer the playlist and associated tracks to other devices via wifi (no cloud storage needed, no streaming). Then, it would track what I’m listening, and when I pick the second device, it should know where I am on the playlist. It would be ideal for audioboks and podcasts.

    As for music, I’m a metal guy. Ramstein, Blind Guardian, Tyr, Lucca Turilly, Rhapsody of Fire,…

  • Rishu Agrawal

    A plethora of customizability and quintessential features!

  • Alex André

    Escucho gran variedad de géneros, sin embargo me gustan mucho los géneros urbanos… además que con Poweramp todos suenan muy bien :)

  • Izwan Rosli

    i love to hear song from alesana, our last night, a day to remember, yuna, crown the empire, my chemical romance, A7X, greenday, sum 41, the automatic, 30 to mars, All American Reject, Gorillaz, HIM, Last Dinosaurs, Led Zeppelin, Malibu Stacy, Nightmare of you, Paramore, System of a down, the rootless, the strokes, we the kings, and many more !

  • Vytautas

    All kinds of music. I am a huge music enthusiast. I need PowerAmp, because it’s the only player on Andoid which produces such crisp clear, amped-like sound.

  • OM

    I listen to several genres, but mostly rock. I also listen to whatever sounds good on my radio app.

  • chang geon Song

    I usually listen pop songs, power amp has a lovely ui and powerful equal

  • Alberto Galvez Pardo

    For my sister, who loves Hank Williams III.

  • aashish

    I love a free equalizer that works :D

  • j4m3z

    I listen to country music.

  • Sung park

    I usually listen rock or pop music. My favorite band is onerepublic because its very addictive ie. Good life or counting stars. I dont think this song is relevant to Valentine’s day but who cares! Well.. i hope i can win this raffle. Fingers crossed

  • Vishal Sonawane

    I just love listening music n that too on power amp is the best thing u can imagine… I like rock songs n huge fan of Linkin Park

  • Joshua Jackson

    I love listening to R&B music

  • Juraj Sokol

    I listen to everything good like Michael Jackson, Roxette, Queen, Popeska… A good Valentine’s Day song is from Roxette A Thing About You or Michael Jackson You Are Not Alone. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Marvin Fraser

    I love listening to calypso and dancehall reggae

  • Wei Kiang

    I listen more to Korean and Japanese pop songs

  • Manuel

    I enjoy listen to rock

  • Sohana Haider

    The article asks us what music we love, while the rafflecopter widget asks us what we look for in a music player. it’s confusing, but I’ll answer both. I listen to a wide range of music, from Eminem to Led Zeppelin. Anything that sounds good to my ears. Things I look for in a music player are, good looking widgets, a well functioning equalizer, support for a wide range of formats and tools to help manage a large number of song and playlists.

  • Prabesh Khanal

    UI/UX and audio quality are the two things that I look in a music player.
    I’m not very choosy person and I don’t have interest only in some particular band or genre, I like listening every type of music.

  • HC

    Look for a lot of features that allow me to customize my music player to my tastes

  • F

    Amazing music!

  • tejas

    I’m using it from past two years…

  • I love power amp

  • Derreck

    The Best Music player on android xD

  • techhahn

    i love music, i am looking for a music player which got features like equalizer, better UI, fast, better sound, customizable, and timer for auto stopping music which are all in my favourite music player Poweramp. I also like gapless playback feature in poweramp.

  • mohd sultan

    I was waiting for this giveaway and I wish I will win

  • Dan Castle

    I love listening to a variety of different music such as Queen, Avenged Sevenfold, All Time Low, Papa Roach etc. I can never settle on 1 music player, maybe PowerAmp will be the solution to my indecisiveness!

  • i will win…i hope……coz i don’t have credit card…..i use internet banking…..please give me the free givwaway..

  • What do you look for in a music player?

    I love listening to music at night before I go to sleep. So for me, a good music player has to be very easy to use layout and features including easy to find a particular song or artist, easy to create and add to a playlist and if possible some adjustments to the volume controls that are beyond what a Smartphone has.

  • thando

    Poweramp is the only music player that has a proper gapless playback feature. The equaliser trumps all and the array of themes means that it has a good customisable interface.

  • stephane

    I listen to primus, rhcp, funk, ratm, blur, arctic monkeys, britpop, good oldies… Anything with a nice groove and played with talent… I really liked the poweramp trial because its the only player without hiccups and it will actually play music in random order, unlike others… Valentines song? Closer by seven inch nails or Ohio player’s rollercoaster of love

  • Ng PH

    I listen to a little bit of everything, but mostly rock though.

  • John Grief

    It has to be dirty bass heavy drum n bass and a large helping of filthy nu-skool breaks, certainly keeps my phone booming! If only I could get the volume through headphones to be a little louder!

  • Bjorn Holemans

    Any kind of music really, but JPop is finding it’s way to me these days aswell :P and for a music player i look for something simple, nothing too flashy with too much stuff you will never use as a normal user.

  • Milan

    I just want PowerAmp :)

  • I love you PowerAmp. Will be my valentine ???

  • Jon Kahl

    I listen to Contemporary Christian music. It’s all about His love!

  • Paarth Desai

    always been a loyal poweramp user since 2yrs…used using pirated version… i always wished to support you guy’s… i don’t have money give me the paid version please… i want to support you guy’s.. :)
    poweramp has everything i wanted in a music player…

  • mrclaudio09

    Ahhhhh SNAP!!! Lol, hook a BRUTHA up! I look for ease of use and features when choosing a music app.

  • My favorite genres are alternative and hard rock in general but I like to listen to classic rock too. I look for great UI, functionality and features on a music player.

  • cmpl

    hip hop y rock

  • Param Patni

    PowerAMP is better for me then Apollo and Google music on KitKat cm11.

  • Alwyn Fu

    Sound quality is the most important! EQ is also a must!

  • Andre

    music with the perfect (bass)beat ;-)

  • Cool app! I’m into alternative music.

  • Andrea

    In a music player i always look for simplicity of use,cover art support,playlist management and a good equalizer,and poweramp has all of these features and even more (: I hope to get one of the licences you are giving to us. Good luck to everyone anyway (:

  • Darwin MaD

    For Valentine’s day, I love listening to Beyonce, Mariah Carey, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bee Gees, The Beatles and any old school singers/bands. For regular a day, I love listening to Nujabes, Shaggy, Eminem, and any type of music that are laid back, nice beat and music that I can dance to. What I look for a music player is something that can get a proper album/artists pictures because when I look through my albums/artists I see random picture which is annoying and confusing. What I really want the most is able to look for a lyrics for the song right away. I don’t want to have to look for the lyrics on the Internet. It takes some time to find the lyrics of a song and you have to restart the song and go back to the Internet. What if there’s no Internet? I want to be able to save the lyrics for my songs and can look at them right away.

  • Longi Tran Thanh

    Awesome! I listen to all kinds of music but I mainly listen to electronic music. I don’t have a partner for valentines day I can’t really recomment a song.

  • Aleksandar Teodorovic

    simple and powerful music player without ads.

  • Sang Tran

    I love Korean music!!

  • Maxx Tan

    Poweramp is awsm but interface wise, totally outdated with phones with big screen. Look like a badly designed app on my sony z ultra

  • BillJude56

    I tend toward classic rock(Dead, Who, Yes). “Here, There, and Everywhere by The Beatles. Features would include complete equalizer, no ads, ease of use.

  • Steven

    Love songs by air supply!

  • Steven E. Loreto

    Right now the only songs I’m listening on my LG G2 are songs from Maroon 5 all 4 albums. And one of my favorite is “Won’t Go Home Without You”. I’m using Jetaudio Plus as my player and it’s great. But I would really like to try Poweramp..hopefully I get lucky. Thanks.

  • Nicole Williams

    It really depends on what mood I’m in, anything from Circle Jerks to DnB, and everything in between. I like all types of music it really just depends on each song and how it makes me feel at the time.

    For Valentine’s Day I would have to say LL Cool J “I Need Love” or World Class Wrecking Crew “Turn Off the Lights” also SADE “Sooth Operator” but anything she does really.

    I think Paul McCartney said it right “Music is the timeline of our lives.” I look for that in a music player; to have easy access to a huge library of music in one spot and be able to use it on all of my devices. Also the ability to find the song that goes with a lyric that I can’t get remember the name of. I like having skin options even if they are 3rd party.

  • Revanth

    Full control of equaliser, with good themes support

  • Jose

    I am looking for a player where achieved through me appreciate everything heard beautiful music with great detail and quality, as it is just what PowerAMP the best music player in the universe.

  • Will Ashley

    A music player has to have a customizable equalizer so that I can have the best sound for every song.

  • hugowarner

    The Scientist – Coldplay (Sad song)
    Because my special one is over seas this Valentines day, ah well there’s always next year!

  • hugowarner

    The Scientist – Coldplay

  • Rudy Tjandra

    I love to listen jazz music on my Android smartphone.For the perfect Valentine’s background is quando quando by michael buble & nelly furtado. i look for free streaming of song in a music player.

  • rubbaluvva

    i just use Google music that way i don’t have to have any music stored on my device , works brilliantly.

  • Christian Adir Apodaca Márquez

    1 I don´t love to listening music on my android smartphone, I love to feel it with Poweramp. 2 “My heart will go on” will be the perfect background on Valentine´s. 3 I´m looking for having the power of music in the palm of my hand.

  • xRenex Sxe

    good sound that my music can be heard well keep out any other sound from outside raro.Amo not heard ska music genre that relaxes me that makes me dance, makes love to women and makes them dance

  • The perfect music player gives me quality and maximized user experience with lightweight on the system.

  • yken

    Poweramp is really great.

  • Michael Nguyen

    In a music player I look for a clean UI, customization with themes, the ability to control my queue and the most important thing to me is an equalizer, that way I get to take full advantage of my HTC one’s boomsound speakers :)

  • Varun Jain

    I listen to all types of genres and I love it:-)
    In A music player, I look for slick UI, speed, file compatibility, lyrics, album art and tag editors, etc

  • Zohaib Ali

    I love Poweramp basically, because it has that many features which everyother app fails to have. So I love hearing things out of it. Being Muslim I like to hear my Holy Book Quran on this, it just makes the recitation very clear and has shortcuts I really like using.

  • Syed

    House music ftw

  • Jonathan Carlton

    I love listening to rap, R&B and pop music.. Also love bass heavy electronic music

  • Lwam Wai Nyein

    I love to listen songs such as Westlife,Bryan Adam, Shane Ward. In this valentine, I wish to listen the song, “When you tell me that you love me”. In a music player, I used to look for the sound quality and user friendly and easily accessible UI. Thank you.

  • malitha

    Hi..Every one..poweramp is my life seen beast profoman sounds for android..I think poweramp skin & largest equizer gives best look & true bass experience. My s3 phone give wosam entertainment filling.i try many android music player but dost given this profom any player..I still lising great music..I thank to poweramp….

  • xPnoyStar

    Well, I want a equalizer and a good customized app. That’s all, because all my songs are ripped :)

  • Shady

    ^_^ best thing :D

  • omar esieed

    Passenger-let her go

  • shahin

    I love to have it ….its a really nice music app….the best actually

  • JBobea

    A nice UI and lyrics

  • Colin

    Auto update of album art and being able to tweak the sound using the equalizer to get the best sound out of my head phone….

  • Ionescu Vlad

    I listen to any type of music that can pump me up before the basketball game.

  • Iwan Haniyoto

    I love high costumized player and has high quality audio output. Already try PowerAmp trial and it’s great for me.

  • Marcos Andrade

    Great giveaway

  • Jaffer Al-Ghazwi

    I want a equalizer

  • tfrankson

    I love reggae, r&b and pop.

  • JaseYANG

    UI, light on resources

  • Jake Santos

    I really love that chill type or laidback type of music. Simply relaxing and eargasmic all at the same time and it goes a lot way way way better with PowerAmp! :) This is really perfect for chilling out with that special someone at your place side by side this Heart’s day :)

  • dan

    Any kind of music sounds good with this app. I prefer music of the ’90’s

  • Zakir Ahmed

    Heard of this let’s see.

  • mihai857 .

    I enjoy rock and metal, but mainly Pearl Jam.

  • sjf8600

    Ah yes, the perfect song for Valentine sweethearts…
    Tom Lehrer – Poisoning Pigeons In The Park.
    Good luck everyone!

  • Rafał Nieckarz

    I love listening to EDM music, and some R&B stuff on my phone. Sometime a little Pop is nice for a change.

    Special song for Valentine’s background? Easy! Justin Timberlake – Spaceship Coupe.
    In a music player a must is playing music by folder. Snappy working of app is welcome as well. But first of all – quaity of the playback!

  • arcwindz

    Now let’s see if i can win this one

  • Ricardo Rodríguez

    I look for stability and good UI.. PowerAMP haves it and much more…

  • Stefan Jonkers

    I’m Listening to a wide variety of music from Rock to Metal from Hip-hop/rap to dance trance and hardstyle. It’s a really good app it got a slick UI no crashes or lagging. good equalizer i really love the app and i wish i could use it longer!

  • momin sajjad

    I look for a good UP where it is easy to find the music I love

  • Cristian Ghita

    Trance music is for the soul and heart. Works every time if you have a good setup player. Enjoy

  • Evriviadis Karagitsis

    Listening mostly to house/electronic. But I also love listening to Sara Brightman’s magical voice. A good music player must have a friendly but also powerful UI. The ability to play all kinds of formats without problems. And a good balanced sound is really important.

  • Miguel M.

    mostly hip hop and the rap

  • Jin

    -big cover album
    -handsfree kit button’s earphone options (double tap=next, triple=previous)
    -black/dark theme

  • Dominic Lee

    Looking for customization and ease of use in a music player… This might be it! I mostly listen to 80’s songs. Cupid by 112 would be my choice for Valentine’s Day.

  • Eng Husam Abdo

    It’s not goodbye by laura pausini ..
    Love this app .. Thank u :)

  • HD001

    I listen to everything from Bhangra music to Rap and RnB. Special song would be Tum Hi Ho, a Bollywood track and what I look for in a music player is everything PowerAmp has to offer but they offer even more.

  • Lakshesh Girdhar

    I love to hear Hindi Punjabi songs on my phone, especially of Honey Singh. I want a music player that is complete with features, from making, accessing playlists to saving it on cloud for as I change ROMs very frequently.

  • Andrew Marques

    I look for a good equalizer and folder view. I love listening to Motorhead, Guns n’ Roses, ZZ Top, BB King and a lot of others. To me the perfect Valentine’s Day song is Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    the best android player

  • Frank Medina

    what i say when someone ask me whats the best music player for android, i respond : Poweramp!

  • Zoltan Sallai

    the best music player, thanks to you!

  • Felix

    I listen to a ton of music. It’s hard to say what I listen to. I LOVE listening to Anamanaguchi. I really hope I get this, having to constantly get the trial sucks

  • Eduardo Melendez

    I love all kind of music! I need to have a variety of styles because maybe a day a wanna hear some rock, the next some pop, then maybe I want to dance. It all depends on my mood.
    A background song for valentine’s day would be (a little bit cheesy) 1000 years by Christina Perri, I mean being the day it is I think is perfect.
    And what do a look for in a music player, well I actually never thought of it, since I never bothered, but whatever it is unique, with special features and let me do whatever I want with my music is worth it.

  • Alan Banana

    I can literally Listen to anything on my phone. from pop to hiphop and rock to beat box.
    Yay I made it rhyme.
    Anyway I love poweramp, the EQ is increadibly advanced and you can set to suit any music out there to the way you want.
    Happy Valentines day everyone!

  • Stefano

    In a music player I look for the quality of the audio, first of all, and good looking graphics. The poweramp equalizaer is awesome, and with it i can listen to my songs in the best quality on mobile.
    I love listening to Muse, Coldplay, Mumford&Sons and MitiS (check him out, he a really good composer).
    I think poweramp will help me enjoying more my music.

  • O R A A

    I usually listen to iron maiden; I look for EQ, ease of use and lossless formats support

  • Dennis Kigen

    I love listening to electronic, electropop and alternative music. Anything from AlunaGeorge or Clean Bandit does the trick for me. Proper Valentine’s song would probably be Chris Malinchak’s So Good To Me. My fave Poweramp features are id3 tagging (obsessive) and support for awesome themes like the KitKat one I’m currently on.

  • Utkarsh

    In a music player the fitst thing I look for is the interface. It should be a beautiful one.
    I love listening to hip/hop, R&B and Pop.

  • Jalpit Trivedi

    I love to hear Eminem songs on my phone

  • geek4life

    I look for continuous playback from a large library without stuttering, a streamlined design, excellent integration into the lock screen, customizable widgets, and reasonable permissions. It’s hard to find a good music player that fits that build, so more advanced controls are just icing on the cake.

  • Shyam Assoldekar

    I look for a Customizable Equalizer. EQ Presets, Control over Bass & Treble of the Audio & Lockscreen Widget Support.

  • subraya Assoldekar

    A Light & Dark theme for the Player, Widgets for Home screen & Lock screen, EQ Presets.

  • Dexter Sims

    Hope I win

  • Jorge Galls

    I love to listen to The Beatles all the time, I have all the albums and my favorite song is All My Loving. With PowerAmp the experience will get even better!

  • Mushegh Sargsyan

    I’d like to win.

  • Kevin Kuo

    My Gnex is basically my music player. So, this is a must.

  • Akshar

    Poweramp is the best music player out there. The quality of presentation also surpasses the quality of itunes. Moreover, a whole lot of customization like exhausive music equalizer, gapless playback, album art auto download, varios cool themes, really good gadgets make it the topmost player. However, I want to tell you frankly that there are some flaws in your player and I know you all are really excited to solve it. For example, the player won’t play the songs downloaded by “Nokia Store” whereas players like “google play music” does that. Please fix that issue. I want to see my “POWERAMP” to be the best, flawless player ever! Music is relaxing if it is coupled by good presentation and vast oppurtunities for tinkering and poweramp just does that!

  • Bhupinderpal Deol

    I love to listen all kinds of music.
    The best song for Valentine’s background is Enrique Iglesias’s Ring My Bells.
    I always look for tag editor , share online , Equalizer ,Lyrics view , folder play, and fade in /out features in music player

  • matthewbissell

    Good quality sound and can go lound enough without sounding distorted.

  • Skeet Magoo
  • Gideon Salim

    I like to listen to the song that have a lot of bass. Most of them are Pink’s and Avril’s.

  • Nikhil Rathi

    Want to win something for my love, the best music player ever 8-)

  • Mark Andrew Aguilar

    Por Amarte by Enrique Iglesias. I look for music player that has low in ram and simple settings.

  • Tharindu

    I wish my player had cloud support

  • Felix K.

    A music player should have a nice widget,a great design and a album art auto download…
    The music I love to listen on my Android smartphone :

  • Ruz

    I love listening to fast tracks

  • jerry chase

    I want I want lol

  • Micro Shaquer

    I like all genre of songs but prefer punk rock and reggae. I am addicted the most to U2 songs. I like the Queen, the Heart, Cranberries, Nickel Back and Bob Marley and all the songs with good tune.

    When I feel sad Jazz music refresh my feelings especially Kenny G – hey Kenny’s song is not really a jazz only known to popularity.

  • Jake

    I won but didnt got the prize :'(