From sweet baby story to how cool/scary the future can be, Google Glass has given us geeks – and apparently Google’s CEO himself – things to be excited about. Lucky folks who attended Google I/O 2012 and were given the chance to pre-order the Google Glass Explorer Edition for the princely sum of $1,500 know that the device can take pictures and stream video, but it’s still not clear what else they can look forward to when they open the package come 2013.

Here’s the latest scoop on Google Glass, as shared by a developer that was invited to a recent Google Glass Explorer Hangout session – we’re talking about possible specs and features here. According to said developer, Google Glass will sport specs similar to “a high-end smartphone like Galaxy Nexus,” but minus the cellular radio. This means users will have access to WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and other sensors. While Google Glass should be able to function on its own, we may see more uses if the device is tethered to a phone to access data. Think of it as the equivalent of a smart watch, but one that you wear as glasses.

Google apparently will prepare a cloud syncing APIs for Google Glass to display notification and push data. No other information was given, except that it will be different from what current Android phones and tablets have to offer. Seeing that the device won’t be available for mainstream customers for a couple of more years, Google is still actively seeking inputs from the developer community on any interesting concepts that can be turned into reality.

And as for something that will definitely be welcomed by the community, Google Glass will be an open device. This means it’ll be open season for all tinkerers and tweakers once and when the device hits the market.

Now let’s hear it from our readers; what features do you want to see on Google Glass?

Bams Sadewo
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  • OrozcO

    If the GoogleGlass Proyect has no cellular options means you have a smart phone, that can be tethered over bluetooth or wifi, remember the smartwatch of Sony. And about the cost of the device will decrease after is well developed and supported, is a new device that means have a lot of time to make it almost perfect. Meanwhile we have to wait for it.

  • Curtis Malainey

    I can see it have more uses in the field rather than consumers. Adding a camera will cause go pro to suffer a bit if they did do that.

  • Dominick DeBellis

    I agree with OrozcO. They should go the Nexus7 route and have cost consideration be a high priority. Including an elimination of any cellular radios. Getting it down to “toy” price would quadruple it’s adoption. It’s really just a question of whether or not Google’s goal is a new device entering the day-to-day general sphere or just another forgettable luxury item.

  • Dave

    Hope it has gyros with good drivers that don’t drift.

  • Travis Ford

    google has taken amazing steps in technology since i first heard of it as a young child. these specs and google glass are changing the future. the vision i had before i saw these was a camera pointed at the eye so you can literally use your eye to control the device, along with spoken commands. i recently purchased a samsung galaxy s III, and am amazed at the capabilities of a smart phone. the applications of google specs in everyday society will change the way we look at the world forever.
    the thing i love most about this idea is the open source code. i know very little about the programming of computers, as i didn’t find the interest in writing tedious commands that always get misunderstood. i have a hard enough time with my wife, let alone a computer!! jk
    seriously though, the collective genius that has become google is just what they promised to be when they named their company, though it seems more like infinityshould have been the name they chose.
    my interest would be to integrate this particular product into my everyday workplace, to streamline technology from groups of employees per say, to an office with a big screen so decisions that need approval can be made instataneously. there are many times i have to travel to a job just to show someone where something needs placed or to put out several other random fires that come up. this product would be like having a perpetual sprinkler system. i

  • These glasses are going to track your eyes and keep records of what you are looking at. As the technology advances wearers are going to be able to manipulate what there partners look like to he selves and other wearers. Actors and actresses could sell their likeness. It takes pornography to a hole new level. There are ethical considerations.

    Is your wife going to need to consent to have a Paris Hilton guise imposed over her, is Paris going to be happy you having sex to you wife wearing her guise. Does Paris have right to access your wife’s sight whilst she is wearing the guise.

  • 521solutions

    Syncing to the could sound interesting. Does that mean it will not have physical storage?