If you consider yourself well versed in modern gaming culture, odds are you’ve played or at the very least heard all about Portal. The FPS/puzzle game puts the player in the position of navigating through deadly experiments, opening portals and solving puzzles. Up until now, the only way to play the game was through a Mac/Windows PC, or a modern game console like the PS3 or Xbox 360. That’s about to change, thanks to a collaborative effort between Valve and Nvidia.

Taking to an official blog post, Nvidia has now announced the game is making its way over to Android, and that Nvidia will actually be the ones doing the port – with Valve’s blessing. At least initially, the game’s upcoming Android port will be exclusively for Nvidia Shield and other Tegra 4 enabled devices, though reportedly the game could eventually make its way to other Android devices as well.

There’s no word on exactly when Portal will make its big Android debut, other than it’s expected to happen sometime this year. While it’s a bit disappointing that this is a Tegra 4 exclusive, at least we’re starting to see an increasing number of high-quality PC games make their way over to Android.

Andrew Grush
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