New portable Bluetooth keyboard by Qii now seeking funding

by: Varun RajDecember 13, 2012


If you have ever dreamed of carrying a flexible keyboard in your pocket that could be rolled like a scroll when not in use then you are going to love Qii’s new Bluetooth keyboard concept that can be used with both smartphones and  tablets once it is produced for real. The thin keyboard will feature physical keys that will give a real keyboard like feel to those who are not that comfortable writing their text messages or emails with an on-screen keyboard.

We have  a number of flexible plastic keyboards available in the market that are portable and connect to smartphones using Bluetooth but none of them is like Qii’s keyboard. The keyboard, which requires a certain amount of funding before heading to production, will have a waterproof coating, textured surface to provide better typing experience, and a simple design. The keyboard of course will feature full QWERTY keyboard keys. Not only will the keyboard have waterproof coating but it will be also resistant to dirt. Moreover, the Qii keyboard will also have electronic components printed on a transparent film.

Currently, to gain sufficient funds, Qii is running a Indiegogo campaign through which it aims to raise about $1,850,000. If enough funding is received the production will start and the keyboard will be delivered to those who have contributed in October 2013.

For those interested in pre-orders and wanting to donate to this project, contributions start at $120. So, are you funding the project? Let us know!


  • HyperDog Digital

    Wow, that’s pretty amazing. I might actually drop $120 to help fund this.

  • Markus Ressel

    Hmm don`t know if this is actually useful. Does not look very comfortable to type on (and no tactile feedback), so I don`t know if I would actually prefer this one over the touch screen of my phone/tablet where I can have (bad) tactile feedback with Vibration and a much better Keyboard with word prediction and auto correction (SwiftKey on Android).

    The piano layout looks promising though and of course its very small to transport.

    • Larkhillv

      This is a good point, but I can see where people would like a larger keyboard to type on, plus it has a more traditional layout with a number pad. Besides, it would only be the first generation. Who knows what they could do if enough people bought the original Qii to the point where they could fund a Qii2.