[Poll] iOS 6 features – are you impressed?

by: Chris SmithJune 13, 2012
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apple ios 6 features

Apple hosted its 23rd annual WWDC event a couple of days ago, and, during the main keynote, it unveiled its 2012 line of Macs, the new OS X Mountain Lion desktop operating system, and most importantly, the company’s next major mobile operating system update, iOS 6.

We’re going to quickly show you the main iOS 6 features today, as they were announced on stage in San Francisco, after which we invite you to answer our poll – are you impressed with iOS 6?

Siri Upgrade

The virtual assistant introduced in iOS 5 and available exclusively on the iPhone 4S until now will come to the new iPad starting with iOS 6. Siri will get a variety of new features including advanced sporting events and movie support, OpenTable restaurant reservation integration, app launching support, Twitter support, Eyes Free car integration and support for 15 languages. Furthermore, Siri local search will be available in any country, not just the U.S., and the virtual assistant will also be involved into Apple’s proprietary turn-by-turn navigation (more on that later).

Facebook Integration

iOS 5 came with deep Twitter integration but Facebook was left out of the picture at the time. Starting with iOS 6, the same kind of deep integration will be available for Facebook too, letting users basically share links and photos, like stuff and update their statuses from pretty much anywhere in the OS. Facebook is now integrated with Notification Center, Contacts, Calendar and Siri but also with Apple’s digital content stores.

Phone App

The Phone app, the basic feature of any smartphone, has been updated in iOS 6. Instead of simply answering or rejecting a phone call, iPhone users will be able to reply with a message or set a call back reminder in case they can’t pick up the phone.

Do Not Disturb is a new iOS feature that will help iPhone and iPad users get a good night’s sleep without being awaken by notification alerts. The app lets you customize which calls should be allowed to go through, and silences the device for calls or texts from anyone else during the previously set up “Do Not Disturb” time frame. Repeated (emergency) calls will go through if the caller calls within three minutes from the last call.


FaceTime, Apple’s own video chat application that currently works only via Wi-Fi will also work over cellular starting with iOS 6. Furthermore, the users’ Apple IDs – needed to make purchases from iTunes and use iMessages – and their phone numbers will be linked, therefore a FaceTime call or an iMessage can be answered either on the iPhone, or on the iPad and/or Mac starting with iOS 6.


Safari has also been updated. Starting with iOS 6 users will get access to iCloud Tabs, which will let them see any of the opened tabs on other iOS or OS X devices and Offline Reading Lists, which will let users access web pages even when a Wi-Fi or data connection is not available. Other features include uploading pictures directly from the Photo app to any website and getting app download suggestions related to the pages Safari loads (Smart App Banners). The later feature also lets users switch between Safari and that particular app in case the app is already installed on the device, and continue browsing inside the app from where they left off. Full screen support in landscape mode for the iPhone is also coming in iOS 6.

Shared Photo Streams

Shared Photo Sreams is a new iOS 6 feature which will let iOS device users share images with their friends that are also using iOS devices or Macs. The feature has some limited social networking features, as friends will be able to post comments on the pictures they’re sharing.


The Mail app has also been updated to include new features. One of them is VIP – marking certain contacts whose emails are important for you as VIPs. Once enabled, VIP emails are easier to find, and once they’re pushed to the iOS device, they appear right on the screen just like a text message notification. A VIP and a Flagged mail box will also available inside the Mail app.

Moreover, iOS device users will be able to insert email and video right inside the compose window starting with iOS 6 and open password protected documents right on the device.


Passbook is a new Apple app that collects all the passes, store cards, boarding passes, movie and other tickets into a single place, which will then be available straight from the lock screen of the iPhone.

Guided Access

Guided Access is a new iOS 6 feature that will let users customize the way other people can interact with their iOS devices. With Guided Access, children will be prevented from hitting certain elements on the screen, or even to lock them into a single app mode. The single app mode can be particularly useful in certain institutions, such as museum, schools, and others, where iPads can be used for specific purposes.


Maps is probably one of the main changes that iOS 6 proposes. As previously rumored, Apple decided to do away with Google Maps, which has been the default mapping tool for iOS devices so far, and replace it with its own proprietary maps app. The Maps app comes with local search support, Yelp integration, traffic service with incident reports, 3D maps support with satellite view and Flyover, and turn-by-turn navigation with Siri integration (which works from the lock screen too).

200 New Features

Apple only demoed 10 of the 200 new features that are going to be available in iOS 6 once it launches. The new operating system will be available at some point this fall, probably when the sixth-generation iPhone hits stores. Until then, developers already will have access to the various beta version of iOS 6 – the first one is already out. iOS 6 will be compatible with existing iPhone models starting with the iPhone 3GS, iPad models starting with the second-generation iPad and with the iPod touch 4G, although some of the new features will not be available across all devices.


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  • Ayman Kouzayha

    the most advanced mobile OS,,,,,,,,, the most funny joke

    • SamsaraGuru

      There is method in their madness though Ayman. You must give credit where credit is due.

      Tell a lie that is big enough; tell it often enough, advertise it widely enough, get enough status conscious “I wanna be sexy and have you know it” types to believe it and you too can have people saying you are THE world class company that has invented anything worth having in computers and mobile phones and everyone else is stealing from poor, little ‘ol you!

      • Ayman Kouzayha

        don’t you have a 200 features to read about! Get lost

        Note: I didn’t read what you wrote

  • honestly

    • Simonblakeway

      And you never get the ( this app isnt working) box with ios because it’s built to work not work one day then crash the next

    • AppleFUD

      a recent study showed that apps on the iphone crass more than apps on android handsets. . . in other words, apps do NOT perform better on the iphone. . . . you can google the study ;)

      the placebo effect affects every aspect of our life, maybe apple’s marketing really works and people just believe that their junk does “work better” when in reality it just doesn’t.

  • Bence

    I like the new features regarding call management (rejecting calls with SMS reply, reminder of rejected calls, and the “Do not disturb” function). Are these functions available in Android ICS? Could someone write a few lines about it? Thanks! :-) I’m getting my new Samsung Galaxy S3 tomorrow!!! :-)

    • whitey

      got the feature when i upgraded my GS2 to ICS, so yes, it’s another ripoff by apple!

    • Jakub Vokaty

      been there all the time at least on my S2 even on 2.3 ;)

  • I know most of the comments will come from Android lover, and I am one of them to be honest, however, as I always like to look at things from 2 different sides, I do agree with the results (and my vote) that over 6 months Apple was not able to come up with something that impressive. I mean the ICS was a quickly published but had really amazing features, and still updating.

    Lets be honest here, I consider it as a joke that someone from Apple comes over and say that you can sync your browser and data with all devices, dude, Dropbox (not Google) done that before! Also Facebook integration. Really? Selection of photos and music, and nice voice for Siri, etc.

    We, or me to least, do miss Mr. Jobs alot, no way such features will be announces for a new OS and phone. Samsung currently coming each minute with an idea and name for a new phone. Do not want to do the same, thats fine, just sit back and come up with a proper features next time please … I am disappointed :(

  • Mith

    I voted:
    “Yes, it leaves Android in the dust” as a sarcasm
    and for the second question:
    “Yes, I want to go android now”

  • reddragon72

    I’m impressed. Impressed that they are getting away with blantant rip offs. Guess CrApple is the “good kid” who is allowed to get away with anything and everything and can cry about everyone picking on him.

    Ripovation at its best right here!

    • AppleFUD

      apple has always gotten away with blatant ripoffs form other people & companies
      Mac OS & the GUI, iPOD, iTunes, even the iphone idea was generally taken form RIM & Nokia and the ipad from the MS courier project — apple fans just like to think that apple creates their gadgets in a vacuum where nothing else exists and that they never get any inside information about what other companies are doing. They are however, incredible at marketing the idea that they are the originators of so many things that in reality they were not the originators of.

      A lot of the lawsuits are more about apple maintaining this “innovative” image and painting all competition as copycats. . . but what in iOS have they added in the past few years that hasn’t been a direct ripoff from Android & WP7? Not much!

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        Mac OS X was actually derived from the Steve Jobs-designed NeXTSTEP. And Mac OS was the first consumer OS with a GUI. And are you seriously going to say that Apple ripped off the idea of a smartphone? Apple may be suing excessively, but your statement is just ridiculous. Hey, don’t get me wrong – I’m an Android fan – but you are hating a little too much.

  • 8PAQ

    Hey did you guys know that iPhone3GS which you could have bought all the way back in June 2009 will be able to run iOS6. Even though some CPU intensive functionality such 3D flyover or turn by turn navigation in maps will not be available on 3GS but most the rest will be. Can you imagine having whatever version of Android that Google will announce in couple of weeks (4.1 or 5?) available this year as an easy over the air download for the original 2009 Droid 1? I know you can’t because even most of 2011 phones won’t be able to have it let alone any 2009 phones. That right there is why Apple is great for consumers. They actually care about consumers. Apple doesn’t get any money from 2009 iPhone users being able to easily upgrade to iOS6 but they care enough to let them do it.

    • AppleFUD

      Yeah. . . cool the 3GS will get “iOS6”

      Minus all useful features!!!! and the ability to run any decent apps. . . but great!!! I think I could get something similar on the G1 by throwing a custom ROM on it. . . but what would be the point?

      Your point? buy a cheap POS phone that is years behind in both hardware and software? Frickin’ brilliant!!!!

      Dude. . . seriously give the apple schilling up! You just make apple look bad.

    • beeh

      yeah so my friend has a iphone 3GS and was upgraded to the latest iOS but turns out the hardware really can’t handle the advanced operating system and all he can use it for now is to make phone calls. Now with this new “upgrade” maybe all it’ll do for him now is turn on and…. look pretty? Yay to apple’s awesome upgrades!

    • THISguy

      You clown. They only reason they want you to upgrade to iOS6 is so your phone is so bogged down and laggy you want to go upgrade to a newer device! Once upgraded it’s impossible to downgrade so you HAVE to get a new phone (unless jailbroken) but average consumers won’t be. You have it actually ass-backwards sir. They DO NOT care about consumers, only money. Hence why they force out big updates to the old devices (which run fine without them) rendering them unusable so your only option is to shell out more money.

  • 8PAQ

    I think really incredible for people who can’t afford to buy a new phone this year to still be able to install iOS6 on their old 2009 or 2010 iPhone and to have a modern, fast and secure OS with most of the functionality that 2012 phones have and being able to run most of the new apps. It makes your old 2009 iPhone so much better than when you originally bought it and it’s free!

    • 8PAQ

      Android vendors could do the same thing but they don’t care about customers and just want them buy new phones as often as possible. You know it’s true. There is no real reason why 2010 Galaxy I can’t run Android 4 or even Android (4.1 or 5) with slightly reduced functionality (just like old iPhones on iOS 5 or 6) other than that Samsung doesn’t give a crap about customers and just wants their money.

      • AppleFUD

        You do realize there is a difference between “OEM” android handsets and a real Android handset (Nexus)? Don’t you?

        My Galaxy Nexus will gets updates direct just like the iphone, and will get a full upgrade for as long as the hardware can support it — none of the iPhones get a *full* upgrade after the first year, only partial — yeah, apple is looking so much better there.

        You make apple fans look like morons with your comments and show just what a money grubbing hypocritical company apple is — “yeah we upgrade all devices. . . uh, minus all the features you would want in that upgrade!!!” GREAT!!! Just FRICKIN’ GREAT!

        Keep on making apple, and yourself, looking stupid. You are doing a stellar job!

        • 8PAQ

          1. You are an idiot.

          2. iOS6 running on June 2009 iPhone3GS is an awesome OS and it’s better than iOS5 which was better than iOS4 which was better than iOS3 which originally shipped on 3GS. The difference is dramatic even if some parts can’t be implemented due to insufficient hardware. If you don’t understand that then see point #1.

          3. Why can’t original Droid or original Droid Incredible or original Galaxy run ICS? They can but Morotola, HTC and Samsung would have to spend money porting the OS and optimizing it to let it run on 2009/2010 hardware. It’s possible but it requires those companies to actually care about consumers and spend money on them. Why would they if it’s just easier to force customers to buy new phones? If you don’t understand that then see point #1.

          • AppleFUD

            1. brilliant!

            2. No, it doesn’t run the full iOS6 — you can use semantics all you want, reality is reality. NOT FULL iOS6! At least when Android devices do get upgraded they get ALL the features. iOS devices generally only get a partial upgrade if they are over a year old. therefore by your standards Android is way way ahead. And if you can’t get that you are using a very limited device then you are mentally retarded.

            3. Android has a lot more features, does a lot more, and therefore needs higher spec hardware therefore some hardware just can’t handle it however, that does not mean some companies do not play the same game apple does and either give lame upgrades &/or no upgrades in order to push hardware adoption. I have never claimed otherwise. You don’t see me on here claiming “Android is the greatest. . .blah. . .blah. . .blah” That’s you claiming apple is the greatest (and on an Android site you lame troll) at all things. You’ve confused yourself and think everyone else is as much of a shill/fanboy/troll as yourself.

            At least be a little real. Apple is constantly pushing its user base to upgrade at least every other year thus you get a limited upgrade (NOT FULL upgrade) and they constantly gimp their hardware with things like low ram so they’ll have some excuse later to say why you can’t have a full upgrade. Seriously, you can’t be this much of an apple shill unless you are an apple employee or mentally off. Which is it?

            Come on, Android has had voice actions on devices with lower specs than the 3GS for some time now but you want people to buy such a POS device that can’t do 1/10th what an average Android device can do?!?!?!?

          • Fu12

            You are so ignorant it’s hilarious. You make false sweeping statements because you have no understanding of phone hardware.

            Better stick to apple so you don’t get hurt, stupid child.

          • AppleFUD

            BTW. . . hows iOS6 on the OG iPad?

            oh. . wait, yeah it has higher specs than 3GS but NO ios6

            as Fu12 states, you really need to stick to apple devices as your elevator isn’t hitting the top floor.

          • 8PAQ
          • Psykokilla_b

            If you are trying to argue ics on older devices you should google “Cyanogenmod” first. Let me help you…
            ICS on Droid incredible: http://www.androidauthority.com/droid-incredible-ics-cyanogenmod-9-cm9-rom-69717/

          • Nickan Fayyazi


            Calling him an idiot? Over the top, man. Check your facts. The Nexus S from 2010 ships with Jelly Bean.

      • Psykokilla_b

        You should head over to iphonehacks and read the article about what is/isn’t supported per device. The iOS 6 update leaves very basic functionality out of handsets that they should be able to perform. Offline reading for example not available on the 3gs? No VIP mailing lists? This isn’t a compatibility thing. Apple just wont let you do it. And on another note, Apple has for years stated that hardware specs don’t matter, because the software works so well with the device. The iphone 4 not getting 3d maps or facetime over 3g is a shining example that if you build a device with low end specs, it will get low end treatment in 2 years. with Android you can port ICS to your Galaxy. If the rom devs are going to do it for samsung, then samsung can focus on future devices.

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        Funny how you say this and yet the Nexus S (from 2010 by the way) currently has Android 4.1, the latest Android build.

  • Simonblakeway

    only goid thing with ios it that the update comes when they say it will. Unlike ICS 4.0.4 which I’m still waiting for on my nexus. Oh and dont go ob about doing it youre self. If they say youre phone will be updated before any other model then it should be.

  • Nipun

    its not making enough buzz…..steve jobs death was able to save ios 5 and 4s……..but this tym they dont hav anything to offer….yes ios users might b a bit exited but being an android user i will never ever b pleased as it is so outdated for us

    • AppleFUD

      I did notice how quickly the whole event faded from the front page of most major tech sites. Usually you would have a whole week of hype with tons of articles every day then non-stop for the entire event and for at least a week later. Doesn’t seem like much this time but then again nothing stellar was announced, just more Android & WP7 aping.

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        Yup. Pretty much. You are a hater sometimes but right this time.

  • Shravan J97

    It has features that should been added a long time ago

  • I’m actually leaving the iPhone 4 for a GS3. Already pre-ordered. Not impressed with the direction Apple is heading. I’ve been an iPhone user for 3 years and even with jailbreaking I am just bored. The masses stay content with their squares but I can’t do it anymore.

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      I also like Android better, but I would like to make one correction on your comment. The masses have realized the truth, as Android currently has 51% of the US market, with the iPhone having only about one third (34%, to be almost-exact).

      • By masses I mean 34% with almost the exact same iOS setup. All of us Android users make our Ui’s look completely different and our hardware looks different because Android is on so many different phones. All those iPhone’s look the same just about.

  • yokes

    its amazing how apple keeps on coming up with all these features that android already has and markets them like they’re all new and impressive puhhlease.

  • Cole Raney

    iOS 5 was a big step up. I am glad I am switching to android because iOS 6 is disappointing.

  • The fact that they just added the ability to reply to a call with a message shows how outdated Apple is compared to Android and it shows how they aren’t that innovative. All of these “new” features should have been offered from the get-go, especially the facebook feature. Facebook came out way earlier than twitter and only do they get integrated? Wow.

  • MattMan

    I’m not impressed with this update. Google maps was better than this new program. And how come no one at the apple store can give a straight answer on the processor on the phone. Anyway anyone know when the GS4 is coming out?

  • rob

    All garbage

  • rob

    All garbage