[Poll] Optimus G Pro now on pre-order on AT&T, what grade do you give it?

by: Bogdan BeleMay 3, 2013

LG Optimus G Pro

The LG Optimus G Pro is now available for pre-order from AT&T for $199 on contract. We’ve already looked at how the massive phone fares against similarly priced devices available on AT&T, and now it’s time to see what you, our readers, make of the Optimus G Pro.

The LG Optimus G Pro is expected to be delivered to those who pre-ordered on May 10, the same date when the device will become available in stores. “A beast of a phone”, as our Joshua Vergara calls it in his review of the device, the Optimus G Pro is the best device that LG has to offer at this moment.

The G Pro has a 5.5 inch Full HD display with a pixel density of 401 ppi, and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean powered by a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, coupled with 2GB of RAM memory. The internal storage is 32GB, and you can add up to 64GB using a microSD card.

The main camera is a 13 megapixel (which delivers great images, as you can see in the examples in our review), while the front one offers 2.1 megapixels. The 3140 mAh battery is removable. If you want to see how it fares it terms of specs when compared to the other important smartphones on the market today, make sure you check out our comparison.

LG has done well in terms of software, but owners of the the Optimus G won’t be too surprised, as things haven’t really changed that much.

All of the important details of the LG Optimus G Pro are covered extensively in our video review of the LG Optimus G Pro, which you can check out below.

What grade do you give the new LG Optimus G Pro?

Now that you know our opinion of the LG Optimus G Pro is, we want you to tell us yours. We have three polls lined up for you: specs, design, and software.

Grade the Optimus G Pro from 1 (horrible) to 5 (excellent).

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Of course, if there is something else you think needs mentioning, you have the comment section at your disposal.

  • RaptorOO7

    Offers a nice HD 5.5″ 1080p screen, 32GB of storge, its on JB 4.1.2 (should be on 4.2.x but it will get the upgrade) and its not bogged down by a UI/UX that eats up tons of resources. Minimal bloatware with only 2 AT&T apps on the device and none really by LG. One thing I would have liked to see is the volume button up higher and the quote note (programmable) button in the middle. Volume control is more key. I give it a 9/10. The only negative is

  • AnyManCan

    You lost me at AT&T. Carrier exclusive is not a model for success. If they want to be a major player, why the drawing back? For most, being on AT&T makes it an automatic fail, or knock-out.

    • RaptorOO7

      They likely got paid a bunch of cash by AT&T, know that Verizon would want to change the name, redesign the device and put no marketing behind it. T-Mo is a mess with the Metro PCS merger and Sprint well they don’t get squat.

      It was also likely easier to tweak this device for AT&T then it was to redo it for CDMA or add T-Mo frequencies.

    • boballistic

      I’d rather have it on have it on at&t than verizon and thier bloatware heavy craptastic droids, or tmobile and thier shit for service and 2mps down network lol. Tmobile on the other hand I would consider.

  • youxian