Polaroid 7-inch tablet does the FCC dance, to come soon with ICS on board

by: AdrianApril 12, 2012
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While most of us cant’t even conceive buying an Android-based tablet manufactured by anyone else than the already established names in the industry (Samsung, Asus, Motorola, Acer, and a few others), some smaller firms are trying to carve themselves a niche in the still very young Android tablet market.

With a glorious history going back over 70 years and still one of the most important camera manufacturers in the world, Polaroid is not exactly a small company, but we surely didn’t expect it to get in the Android tablet business anytime soon.

However, it seems that Polaroid has some interesting plans for the near future, with an Android 4.0 slate coming very soon to a store near you. The PMID701i (yeah, I know, a horrible name, but it’s probably not definitive) has showed up on the FCC website and could be one of summer’s pleasant surprises. The PMID701i is actually not the first Polaroid Android-based tablet to come to our attention, with a series of similar gadgets officially unveiled back at the CES, but it will be the first one to come with ICS on board.

While it doesn’t exactly come with the best hardware around, Polaroid’s tablet will draw some attention by running ICS out of the box. As you probably all know (and are pissed about it), most Android-based slates out there are still stuck with Gingerbread or Honeycomb, and some big names don’t even have a planned Ice Cream Sandwich update for the near future.


Powered by a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, the 7-incher will most likely sport a pretty mediocre 800 x 480 pixels resolution display and should feature 512 MB of RAM, as well as 4 GB of on-board storage, WiFi connectivity, and a microSDHC card slot.

There’s also talk about a battery supposed to go for about five or six hours between charges, so all in all, it’s pretty clear that we are not dealing with a high-end device. Then again, if this little guy will be priced according to its specs (maybe $150?), it might actually sell, once again due to the fact that it will come with ICS. On the other hand, we have to mention that Polaroid’s 7-incher won’t come with your regular access to the Google Play Marketplace, but instead with access to Amazon’s AppStore, which could be both a strong and a weak point.

What do you guys think, could a gadget like this interest you if it were to hit the market in, say, a month? Or do you think it would be too risky to go for a device manufactured by a company that in inexperienced in this field? Hit us back with a comment and let us know!

  • eClipse

    Other than “Parents who always buy the wrong thing…”, who’s going to buy a tablet, or anything else for that matter, from Polaroid?

    • bojo

      I purchased one from Big Lots, and, was not happy with it until I found out about hacking Google Play. I have never hacked anything, I really didn’t know you could do that. Now, all is fine. I was ready to return it, until I found the Google Play hack.

  • Rather then make the same product as everyone else, they should’ve been innovative with their product and have something different that no one else has. It would’ve been cool if it had a way to actually print Polaroid pictures like the PoGo.

  • Jimates

    This will be a great device for the wife’s purse, or just to keep in the car. Much better than browsing the web on a 3″ smart phone while sitting at McDonalds.

    Root information here, to get GooglePlay (Android Market) on it.

    ICS for < $100 at Big Lots next week.

  • Tom

    Do your homework before talking about Polaroid – they are NOT this huge company anymore and hardly make anything at all! In fact they excel in nothing and their current line of products are crap!


  • Mafer_6rock

    I’ve already got a 3rd and 2nd gen I pad, so when I saw this tablet at Big Lots, I purshased it out of curiosity (99 bucks, it won’t kill the budget)? I expected it to be utter crap that would be returned in the 15 day period.

    I was surprised. It isn’t bad at all. And you can hack Google Play on it.

  • Ken

    I have had my polaroid tablet for about 3 weeks now, and while it does have its limitations without a hack being done for the android market, it does surprisingly well. The only issues that I have run into so far have been with apps and that was due to crappy internet connections in Middle East hotels. For the $99 I paid for it, I am totally happy, and I have ICS long before most of the high end smart phones and tablets.

  • Charlie Thomas

    I own this tablet and it is a steal for $89 if you are techy enough to get the Google Play hack done. I am an app developer mostly for iOS and nothing will ever replace my iPhone but have more apps currently available for Android so this device is great to test 4.0 compatibility with. I really like ICS and it runs smooth on this tablet. Dont go in thinking you are getting an iPad for $99 here cause you are not but if you are a fan of Android and want access to ICS but stuck with a Gingerbread phone until your next upgrade then pick this up! It comes pre rooted out of the box so getting Google Play takes all of 5 minutes to do then you can install Adobe Flash 11 as well. Netflix works like a champ. Screen is super low res but again for $89 I was not expecting a retina display! Great little tablet I like it a lot. To find my apps in Google Play just search Headlock Gear then check out my developers page for others!