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Now this is interesting: as Pokémon GO completes its second week of availability (in some regions), a few players at the higher levels of current game progress have started noticing a few things. Things that seem to indicate an exponentially difficult game as Pokémon GO progresses. To the point that “leveling up” after level 30 requires more experience points than it takes to progress from level 1-25 combined.

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July 18, 2016

Redditor Riggnaros decided to share a few observations about Pokémon GO after hitting level 30 a few days ago, describing the experience of getting there as a “grind”. Chief among his complaints were the increasingly high requirements to level up beyond level 25.

While “scaling” (increasing the difficulty of progressing) at more advanced levels of a game is common practice, Riggnaros pointed out that Pokémon GO seems to scale exponentially, making it essentially impossible to ever finish without spending money. Another Redditor compiled the data which certainly seems to confirm this.

Now, Riggnaros is at level 30. The source code of Pokémon GO indicates the game goes up to level 100 (but that could easily increase with an expansion). Riggnaros notes that the Experience Points (XP) required to level up from level 30 – 31 is 500,000: the same XP accumulated between level 1 to 25 combined.

As Riggnaros notes, “the way each level scales with XP is horribly designed. Most people are probably around level 20ish at this point and don’t realize it, but once you get to 25+ it starts to sink in just how daunting each level is when it comes to XP required.”

Once you get to level 25+ it starts to sink in just how daunting each level is when it comes to XP required.

Furthermore, Riggnaros notes that accumulating the XP required to progress becomes increasingly difficult because there is little additional reward for capturing stronger or more rare Pokémon. “Stronger, evolved, and more rare Pokémon should reward you with more XP, plain and simple. It makes no sense that a 10cp Pidgey should be giving the same XP as an 1600cp Scyther.”

This means that in order for a player to progress beyond level 30, roughly a week of collecting low-level Pokémon would be required. This is compared to the relatively speedy leveling up that occurs in lower levels of the game. But Riggnaros also notes that even common Pokémon seem to magically develop enhanced evasive powers once you hit the higher thresholds of the game.

Even common Pokémon seem to magically develop enhanced evasive powers once you hit the higher thresholds of the game

“Once you hit [the] mid 20s, you will start to notice even the most common of Pokémon have an abnormally high chance to evade capture. In no scenario should a 10cp Pidgey/Ratatta/Weedle be able to avoid capture from a lvl 29 Pokémon trainer, much less avoid it 5-8 times in the same battle (no exaggeration).”

Considering the need to use such large numbers of Pokeballs to capture even the most trivial Pokémon, combined with the “astronomically high” XP required, Riggnaros states “From level 29-30 I went through over 1000 Pokeballs. Literally. I cannot stress how ridiculous this would be for someone playing w/o spending coins on Pokeballs (ie playing the game f2p – which is the majority).”

pokemon go 10

This leaves a player with two options: tediously farming Pokestops for slowly-replenishing Pokeballs or spend money to acquire them. While this in itself is the nature of most freemium games, Riggnaros’ issue is that the increased difficulty of capture and exorbitant XP required to level up will leave most players with no choice but to spend money or give up playing.

“If [Niantic] are expecting players to sit around and camp Pokestops for HOURS just to have enough ammo to grind their half a million XP (the requirement from 30-31, 500k), they need to rethink their approach….There is a difference between designing a game that takes ‘years to beat’ or [that is]”neverending”, and designing a game that scales horribly and forces you into mind numbing grinding ‘just because’.”

According to the projected scaling data, it would take a player a full year to reach level 40.

According to the projected scaling data, it would take a player a full year to reach level 40. And that’s playing aggressively, accumulating 100,000 XP every single day. While the progress scaling at later levels can’t be confirmed until someone reaches them, at the current rate, it would take four years to reach level 50. That’s only halfway through the game.

Pokemon Go Splash screen 2

As Riggnaros notes, “I can promise you this scaling is out of touch and will be a huge problem in the coming weeks/months if its not addressed.” Fortunately, it is a relatively simple problem to fix. Leveling up could be revised at higher levels, sources of XP could be tweaked and greater rewards could be given for capturing stronger, rarer and more evolved Pokémon.

Whether you think this is a case of sour grapes or poor design, Niantic is going to have to face these concerns sooner or later, even if very few players ever manage to reach them in order to complain. So if you had high hopes of catching ’em all in the next month or two, you might want to think again.

What level are you on? Do you think level scaling is fine or does Niantic have a problem on their hands?

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Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • ‘Marek Hrnčiarik

    its not even a well made game, Ingress was there sooner and with much more functions but barely anybody knows that because of Pokemon hype.

    • Pez Smith

      It’s not hype.
      My kids are playing it because they grew up watching the cartoon and like to ‘extend’ their experience. A bit of fresh air too.
      Was there an Ingress cartoon or tv programme made before that game came out?

      • Reed

        No, there wasn’t. People don’t understand that Pokémon Go is popular because Pokémon is a cultural phenomenon that transcends age groups and nationality.

    • S2556

      It’s made by the same company

  • Jarvic Suguitan

    People are complaining that leveling up in Pokémon Go is becoming hard. Meanwhile in my Country, Pokémon Go is still not officially released!

    • Andy

      Yes and no, mostly they are complaining about wierd balancing.
      Lower level Pokemon becoming harder to catch at a higher trainer level seems backwards.
      Lower level critters should become easier to catch.. not escape several times from a high level trainer.
      Also there should be a difference in XP from catching low lvl or evolved creatures.

      • GonzoI

        Yeah, the same-XP thing confused me from the beginning. I got the same XP off my first Pidgey as my first Dratini.

  • Eyro

    Just a showcase of why I dislike this game. No real gameplay. The little gameplay they actually have in the game has to be heavily monetized. The Polish on the game is subpar, when you consider the main game was already there in ingress, literally spent a year doing a Pokemon reskin.

  • asgaro

    This game is not for lazy bums, and that’s a good thing.
    It’s easy: plot a running track in your city with a few Pokéstops on them, then run a few rounds. Start running as a hobby and gather Pokéballs in the process: win-win.

    The lazy ones can go play the 3DS games.

    • Retards

      It’s for dumb ones.

  • sloheim

    Are people really complaining that, 2 weeks after release, they can’t finish the game? And that it gets harder as the game goes on? #Facepalm

    • Thumbs Up.

    • RRHansen

      I’m sure there’ll be multiple balancing/content patches over time, but we’re dealing with the modern instant gratification crowd. It’s not easy to be a developer these days.

      • maryenjfle

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    • popinloopy

      If that’s what you’re getting out of this, you need to re-read. The problem lies simultaneously in all pokemon giving the same xp despite some being more difficult to catch (which is bad balancing), and needing quite literally over 1000 pokeballs to gain one level at a later point, which is absurd and almost impossible for those who don’t want to spend money.

      • Maybe, they want them tobspend money.

        • Godin Intaki

          There’s better ways of getting people to spend money.

          • Anon

            Go on….

          • Vim

            This way of getting people to spend money is like putting up a barrier halfway through the game and saying “you can’t finish until you pay $100+ dollars” (Way more than I’d spend on any phone game).

            Other, better designed games are playable, and more importantly fun, for all players, and the micro-transactions are just a way to speed up progress for those who are impatient. It’s the difference between making a game that rewards paying players and a game that punishes free players. A game that does the former will always be better than one that does the latter

            Candy Crush is a great example. It’s a hugely successful game that’s still going strong after years, and they give out boosters pretty regularly for free. They also don’t stall out the players’s progress for weeks/months at a time at later levels. The pacing of the game is constant.

          • Ryan

            if that were the case it wouldn’t be so bad, but its more like painting the rest of the game against a brick wall and laughing as people run head first into it at full speed as they are throwing money at Niantic labs.

      • wtf

        its a common model, for example in LOL you can “grind” to get IP and buy new champs or you can spend money to buy them faster, whats the problem exactly ? you want to get good content for FREE? and whos going to pay developers etc? damn commies, you dont want to pay? well then go and grind (PS. i dont play this stupid game)

        • Smoothie

          No no no no no … that is definitely what the article says … They ARE ALREADY GRINDING and THEY ARE EVEN PAYING FOR IT … the scaling is absurd

      • Ha

        I came collect over 150 pokeballs from Pokéstops just by driving up and down one street down town where I live there’s about 100 Pokéstops all next to each other maybe everyone else is not as lucky

        • GonzoI

          I have a similar situation. In the park area surrounding where I work there are 11. When I get off work, I can walk around the loop in slightly more time than it takes them to recharge, so I could go indefinitely if my legs didn’t get tired.

          And if you do your level grinding at lure clusters, the pokestops there can help mitigate the pokeball depletion. The problem is just that there’s no reward for hard work. You get to the high level, and the new pokemon are few and far between (if there are any left), and even catching normal pokemon becomes more tedious and annoying because of the idiotic mechanic of increasing escape/dodge rates with level. I was ok with it when I learned it would take me almost 20 million XP to get to level 40, but not when I learned the escape rate would go up so stupidly.

          • Ryan

            yup……..went through 160 pokeballs 80 great balls and 20 ultra to catch maybe 40 pokemon and common ones at that. the grind is slowing down.

          • GonzoI

            Odd, it seems like it’s been dialed back. I have the occasional cp40 Caterpie that won’t stay in a ball, but it’s not nearly as stupid as it was.

          • Ryan

            I will admit its not consistently like that for me as some days i have no problem catching them with the occasional break out but there are still times where every pokemon i see takes at least 5 balls with a very high chance of running. those days i turn off the phone and walk away.

        • theINCREDIBLE Homo

          I have the same deal. Just out of mons to catch. Eggs are my only option now :(

    • Reed

      Can’t read.

    • 1213 1213

      Or you can read the article and take notice of the actual concerns raised.

    • PokemonGoIStrash

      It’s done to get most of money in future of retards playing this game.

  • Just as any other MMO game… the higher the level the more xp you need to progress… and it becomes a grinder, exactly the same.

    • carlos

      Yes, but in warcraft the xp in level 90 is more than you get y level 10

    • hardy83

      I think the problem is the xp isn’t scaling with the leveling curve.
      Pokemon at all levers and CP rating give the same experience, but level xp requirements have substantial growth each level past the mid 20s.

      It’s not exactly the same because where MMO mob and quest xp scale with your level, creating a longer grind, but a more appealing xp curve, this game would be like if you have the XP scaling of MMOs levels, but the XP you get from mobs and quests were the same as they were at level 1.
      (I’m sure there’s some super grindy niche Korean/Asian MMOs that are like this, but the major MMO games are not like this at all)

    • Reed

      In absolutely no way is it the same. I play WoW all the time. The higher the level, the more exp is required. However. The higher your level, the more exp you get from quests and kills.

      Go ahead and level a Lvl 90 character up using only lvl 5 quests and enemies, and come see me in 3 years when you finally gain a single level. Then tell me it’s the same.

      • I was already corrected by hardy83 … no need to be so hostile.

  • yeah right

    I am pretty sure it’s deliberate on Niantic’s part so people don’t get too far ahead before they introduce new features and new ways to play.

    • Jonathan Bethea

      I would be fine with that if that’s the reason. That way the 0.1% Superhard core players dont stomp everyone 2 weeks into the game

  • Enrique Beracasa

    I really couldn’t care less…

    • Pascal Julian Kilian

      Then don´t click on the article if you don´t care about it^^ Noone cares about your comment about not caring either.

  • bOgGaRt

    It’s been only 2 weeks! Give it time.. You never know what Gen-2 pokemons might bring to table!

    • hardy83

      It’s clear they are saving important features like PvP, new Pokemon and trading for future updates to keep the game alive. Whether it’s because of business or these features were next done before launch remains to be seen.

      Judging by how Alpha the game feels, I’m sure they are not developed at all.

  • Maik

    I think they made all right! We need this (invisible) level limit for the beginners. It is hard enough to beat (and hold) an arena if you are not level 20+ at this moment. Ingress was designed likely, first there was a barrier at level 8… more than a year later level 16!

    • GonzoI

      It’s impossible to hold a gym if someone else tries to take it. The only thing that works is psychology. If I get a team together and build up a gym to level 10 with an 1800cp Dragonite at the bottom, you’re probably going to think it’s too strong and not challenge it. But if you decide to take on the challenge, even at level 12, you can send waves of 6 Pokemon at a time, take down one at a time until the gym falls to level 9, then repeat with each pokemon until you get the gym. It takes less time for a team of 2 low-level players to take down a level 10 gym filled with high level players than it does the 10 high level players to put it up. Attacking is ridiculously advantaged in the game to keep it newbie-friendly.

      And most of us are fine with that. The problem here is that normal play becomes impractical. A slow grind to level 40 is one thing, but not being able to catch even the weakest pidgeys because they escape every pokeball is another matter entirely.

      • Ryan

        I agree even at lvl 28 I usually can’t keep a gym for more than an hour unless I take it in the middle of the night and even then its gone by midday. psychology is the best way to hold them get your toughest looking pokemon with a high cp and people will think it will either take too much resources or its not possible.

        the other day i put my CP 2508 Arcanine in a gym and within 5 mins a lvl 15 player had taken it out.

  • Multiplayer game takes way too much xp to level at later levels. More at 11.

  • Ongaku

    I don’t think they were expecting anyone to get to lv 30 this soon.. I just got to lv10…the game is still being released to other countries. updates for trading, balancing, and crashes haven’t even been released yet… people got to chill a bit

    • Logic

      On the contrary… They knew some people would get to 30 this soon and put in a soft cap by making it a slow grind. This is how all grind games with in-app purchases work. ALL OF THEM.

      • Ryan

        ….none that i have played. and all i play is grind games… interesting. sure every grind game has a short part that is somewhat tougher usually right in the middle of the game but never as bad as this. grind games are about steady slow progression with plenty of hidden gems along the way.

  • Tim Jansen (Damoi)

    Try levelling in Ingress. Took me almost 2 years to reach max level. Max badges and medals are even more insane in Ingress. The way it should be.

  • nirav

    If it wasn’t difficult to level up (yeah, this one may be too difficult, they can tone it down a bit), then how will new players ever catch up?
    TO mention here, the Clash Royale people have very good level up strategy… Well people who play of course have a upper hand, but I don’t complain at least.

  • Javier Garcia

    Jesus… I’m 24 and I consider myself a regular player. If that’s gonna be the way it’s played, I’m gonna give it a break until they do something. I will not pressure things, This is a very promising thing and I wanna enjoy it at max.

  • Tj Hariharan

    I’m sure there are some valid points here..but are we really min-maxing/using math on pokemon-Go…I mean math geeks will be math geeks but geez..

    Also, this game is *clearly* not supposed to be won in any way. You obviously cannot catch them all, if the FAQs and other stuff is any indication some pokemon only appear in specific locations (the example used everywhere is “water pokemon being near lakes”), and if they have done it well, I feel like this means that most people (unless they are world travellers) will not be able to have a chance to “catch them all”.

    And then there’s the bugs…frankly I think more than all these number related issues, at this point the massive amount of server and connection related bugs is more of a showstopper.

  • Preben Nielsen

    Anyone above level 30 should be euthanized. They have no life anyway.

    • Reed

      How dare they enjoy a hobby more than you. Better kill em! That’ll teach people to have fun in your country!

    • GonzoI

      Funny how people are said to “have no life” when they go out and enjoy their life.

    • Ryan

      anyone that believes euthanizing innocent people is ok should be exiled from this planet.

  • What I learnt from watching Pokémon Anime Series is that it takes years to become a Pokémon Master!

    • Randall Tolentino

      Yes but in the game series you can face other trainers face to face than gain money capital and experience from other trainers. Pokemon go is missing the social structure and trading pokemon to other trainers would be a nice edition .

      • Ryan

        what about running into npc trainers in the wild and fighting actual gym leaders thatwould be kinda nice

  • Nick Simpson

    For Ingress, to level up, a person needs twice as much AP as the last level. It was exponential and its lasted 3 years. The levels are actually capped at 16 and haven’t changed in quite some time. You leveled 30 times in 2 weeks. If anyone can ‘beat’ a game that quickly, the game won’t have much staying power. Perhaps you have the wrong goals. The object of the game is to “Catch them all”, not “Level up”.

    • Reed

      … Which would be impossible since some Pokémon only appear when you’re a higher level.

      • I’m level 28, I’ve never seen something my lower level friends didn’t see.

      • Danyal Mohammad

        No, they are the same Pokemon. The CP is what’s different.

    • Richard Shin

      You act as if they’ve only played for a couple hours and expected to reach 30. Sure they’ve got to 30 in 2 weeks, but I’m pretty sure they put a ton of amount of time into it too.

      And actually, the game rewards you heavily on leveling up, including more rarer pokemons, higher cp encounters, higher cp cap, Gym battles(requires higher cp), better items esp pokeballs, etc. The fact that stardust is so hard to come by while it gets increasingly difficult to raise cp, makes leveling fast the only best way to progress in this game. So yeah, the object of the game is not “catch’em all”. Did I mention that Vaporean is one of the strongest pokemon? Easily accessible.

      • SaRPeR

        And Vaporeon is one of the easiest Pokemon to get. I am level 15 and i have 2 Vaporeon.

      • GonzoI

        The “rarer as you level up” myth was debunked on day 1. Every pokemon available has been seen by someone at a low level. I caught my Snorlax at level 5, and my first Scyther at level 6. Stardust is also not relevant in the way you speak. You are cp capped by your level by each pokemon type, regardless of how much stardust you have. The stardust is used to bring them up to that cap, generally after you’ve leveled up and gained the ability to make your existing pokemon stronger.

        Leveling is a nice bonus and makes it easier to build up gyms, but you really don’t need to be high level to take down a high level gym. I had my 1870cp Arcanine and 1745cp Exeggcutor taken down by level 12 and 14 players just yesterday (same 2 players took it down again after I took it back). I don’t know what they took it down with, but the strongest they put up afterward was below 500cp both times. I’m about at the point of making a team of “strong” (140-150cp) Magikarp to take on the weaker gyms just because I think I can actually make it work.

        The problem is that the game becomes nigh-unplayable as you get stronger. Does it sound remotely fun to have an 18cp pidgey break out of 4 pokeballs in a row and dodge another 6? I’ve had that recently, and I’m much lower level than the one the story is about.

      • Ryan

        not only that but 6 pokemon aren’t even in the game yet as far as we know and a few others you have to go to other countries to get making catching them all impossible for 90% of the human population that doesn’t have throwaway money to travel to Europe for a Mr. Mime or asian for a farfetched and North America for a Taurus . my point is you are correct Richard getting rare high CP pokemon has always been the point of not only this pokemon game but every pokemon game in existence

  • pun

    Ppl are crazy for a game

  • Level Cap is 40, not 100.

    • Reed

      Not confirmed.

      • Confirmed by the Silph Road bud, promise.

        • Brian B.

          Source please.

  • wtf

    how is that a problem actually ? while i dislike this stupid game, it makes perfect sense that leveling gets more difficult, its obviously a game designed for players to play for long time, but not necessarily “grinding” for few hours a day to reach max level in a week…

  • wikwakcow

    I got bored already….

  • Reed

    The idiots in the comments section have no clue what his article is attempting to say, so let me break it down.

    1. No, the game should not be beatable in a few weeks. That would be a short lived game.

    2. Yes, the game should not take years just to get halfway through the game. That’s a tremendous amount of time for a poorly made mobile app.

    3. Open a dictionary and look up the word ‘balance.’ Understand now?

  • steve carruthers

    World of Warcraft truly ruined gaming of all kinds. If you can’t be max level in a week, it’s a horrible game.
    I agree that the scaling is harsh, but really, in a game that forces you to walk around and stuff, it would be dumb if in a month you were lvl 100. Plus, it does slow down those higher level guys that have no life and only game and allows some more regular gamers to still compete.

  • Jeff Hitshade

    Id take any bit of info with a grain of salt at this point. Among other points to note; The XP curve is only estimated, not known. Data-mining has apparently revealed that the lvl cap is 40, not 100 (also unverified), etc etc. The level curve in Ingress was just as punishing so thus far Im not surprised. Until some concrete, verifiable data is released, I’ll reserve judgement.

  • Alejo Nahuel Gariglio

    No shit, you just described every MMORPG ever made

  • Joshua Botes

    Although few people have complained about the great lengths that must be taken to “complete the game”, it not like it is new. Supercell are a brilliant example when it comes to this with their notorious Clash Of Clans, that has made headlines for being a game that will take ages to complete (without gemming). I have been playing COC for 2 years now at a moderate rate and I am a Town Hall 9 at Level 106. My point is, that for someone who balances their life between gaming, work, social and exercise, you wont have to spend thousands of dollars to get somewhere in a game when both PokeGo and COC are easily playable without having to make any purchases what so ever.

    • 1213 1213

      You don’t understand. This is so much worse than maxing out a coc account (including walls and heroes) you cannot even compare them. Not just duration, but in terms of how tedious it is, how unfriendly to free players it is, etc.

      • Joshua Botes

        I do understand. Yes PokeGo takes much longer that COC (I admit that) , while the idea of a game that will takes ages to complete is nothing new and because of this, there shouldn’t be a reason to complain, bit yet people do.

        • 1213 1213

          Because if you read the article you’d realise its not merely duration that’s the problem.

      • Yoghi Adhi Sri Bawono

        you dont understand, that some people just there to catch pokemon and have fun and not be a true completionist. Let’s keep it light that this is Pokemon Go unlike COC. Even some COC is not crazy about the level but about the gameplay.

  • s2weden2000


  • prince_david

    That’s a GOOD thing otherwise it would be impossible for anyone to just jump into this game and fight for gyms.

  • Judd Clarke

    I’m on level 47. I did this in 2weeks. This guy is an amateur.

    • Ruben Hurtado

      Maybe he doesn’t have the same wallet power as you, wallet warrior.

    • Aaron Smith

      Credit card statement comes in. Wife goes nuts…. sells house to pay off credit card…. cuts up card…. now youre screwed. No more game for you because you cant spend anymore money.

  • I’m pretty sure that’s intentionally designed to sway you from becoming a level 60 this early in the game. They still need to release newer gen Pokemon so this is a great to halt people from progressing.

  • Andy Chan

    i couldn’t even play it yet. so i think stopping people from leveling up until other people that left behind can catch up is just fine. maybe catch rate could be improved. i don’t think this game is about finishing it as fast as you can, it’s supposed to be have-fun-while-you-travel kind of game (while still be aware of your surroundings). you should focus more in having fun. remember, there will be trading and many generations of pokemon to catch. so, keep catching and maybe one day we can trade our region exclusive pokemon

  • Christopher Chui

    I seriously think that the idea of leveling up the trainer has killed the whole purpose and the primary mechanics in the game already. Pokemon is not a “Power-level” type of game where the higher level you are; the better weapon (pokemon) you gonna get.

    Where is the bond? We want to personalize and build attachment with our favorite pokemon. I don’t even see the point of picking Charmander, Bulbasur and Squirtle at the start of the game.

    Now all we do are just to harvest the pokemon livestock heartlessly so we can be a stronger pokemon trainer in order to make further progress; til the level cap and this path will lead to a dead end. Niantic, we want the true Pokemon spirit! Before everything is too late, please show us the real gameplay of Pokemon.

  • SaRPeR

    The goal if the game is catching Pokemon not leveling up anyway.

  • kalyan

    The reason could be after installing the game I’ve seen it near 400 metres, By seeing I left playing, So may be lazy, or not willing for reach those distances.

  • PokemonGOIsTrash

    ” new ways to play.”

    You mean, new ways to PAY. We introduced new epic features. One is available at level 40 and other at 50 !
    They are so great, you need to try them out. Oh wait, you cant? It’s almost impossible to get to level 40?
    Because it would take 50 years of retarded grind to get those levels? Oh bummer :( We got a perfect solution for you!
    You can buy our pokefagbooster, that will boost your xp gain, so you can level normally. Isn’t that great?!!

  • John

    Lol…player making a shocking discovery that a game has been created to take their money…

  • Trent Moore

    1) If 25 or 30 is the soft cap like most believe, then leveling wont be an issue. It will likely be similar to level 8 in ingress where levels importance become miniscule at that point, and its more of an AA type system
    2) Pretty sure from delving into the games data, they realized players are capped at 40 right now, not 100. There are even EXP charts for it (5 million exp to go from 39 to 40)
    3) You dont need to level to catch them all, this is a totally different topic.

    If you wanna say nobody will ever catch them all, you should talk about the possibility of region exclusives, which evidence seems to point to.

    • Ryan

      leveling is an issue bc your pokemon are capped at different cps depending on your level. for instance at level 25 I believe the cap for vaporeon is somewhere around 2000. and you get about a 100 or 200 cp extension with each lvl after that.

  • Aaron Smith

    Hell noone can technically finish the game right now as is because the legendaries havent been introduced to the game. They will probably readjust the scaling (hopefully, as im currently lvl 20) but there is so much more they will be adding to the game that once its all added, the scaling wont be as bad. Yeah, i dont think it should be more than 500K per lvl after you get so high because thats an accurate cap to xp gain ratio if all the pokemon(700+) are released into the game and you get xp for battles once that feature is finally available.

  • Aaron Smith

    Lets also not forget that this is Nintendos come back. Its a soft cap yes meaning it will be a grind to lvl up until they get everything into the game that they can, then the lvls will probably have an xp cap but until then wait it out and work at your own pace or if you have the money then spend it and keep power leveling. Pay em for us all so they can build better servers and progress the game better. But as you keep power leveling, you just might max lvl but then youll have to wait for each gen of pokemon to be released into the game. By that time, youll be spent on the game and be done with it and be out on both money and fun. They expect us to pay in the beginning because they dont have every resource that bigger companies like sony and microsoft do.

    • Aaron Smith

      And yes, ive donated my part $5 for the bag and pokemon storage expansion. Thats all im spending.

    • Bat420maN

      This is the biggest pile of horseshit I have ever read. Look into some facts before you just start spewing bullshit all over the net.

  • Chase McKinney

    I remember playing Ingress that once you achieved level 8 with your faction you had to have both double the amount of XP that was acquired from the previous level as well as having a certain combination of badges/medals. Im guessing that since Niantic made both Ingress and Pokémon Go that this sort of thing for advanced levels could be an equalizer, while also adding in the fact that badges in Pokémon granted certain skills and traits to trainers and how they worked with their Pokémon. Just my thoughts. Im currently almost a lvl 17 trainer and noticed the leveling progression starting to be akin to Ingress.

  • Eklavya Verma

    Meanwhile in many other parts of the world, children are quite happy simply going out and playing with their real friends; or pursuing some other constructive hobbies like playing a musical instrument, learning to paint, learning to skate and the like…

    • Rhyphibian

      I’ve always liked reading a map, taking my bike for a spin, walking through the woods, visiting nice landmarks and/or watching animals. I just found a new excuse to do all those things and I get extra animals to watch. Yesterday I saw a couple of swans with 5 half grown youngsters hanging around, three surprisingly small (for the time of year) baby cows, whole flocks and flocks of crows, jackdaws, geese, pidgeons and gulls and on top of that a whole bunch of water Pokémon and some grass types I didn’t have yet to boot. I also discovered a BMX track pretty much near my house and filmed a whole bunch of guys on ordinary city bikes flailing around on it. And I got to take a closer look at a nearby old fort, part of the famous New Hollandic Waterline. Plus I was a gym leader for all of 5 seconds or so.

      I count that as one or two hours or so well spent, and I applaud Niantic for tricking so many people both young and old into picking up those activities. Pokémon Go: It’s like the scout movement on your smartphone. If peope ever get bored with what the game has to offer they know where to find us.

      I really shouldn’t be thinking about trying to play Pokémon while working as a kayak guide next weekend though. Let’s keep the addiction in check when it’s time to be a professional.

  • jay

    We will see changes after a while because there are some people they stop playing and want more cool Pokemon. Pretty sure they find a way to keep people hooked

  • Shadowraix

    Since when did your level determine if you can or can’t ‘Catch them all’ oh right it doesn’t. It only determines the cp of the Pokemon encountered in the wild. 30 is effectively the soft cap and from what I remember there is little to no benefits beyond 30. If the cap gets increased then the soft cap will raise.

    They also completely ignore that holding down gyms gives you pokecoins.

  • str81337

    lvl cap is 40

  • GonzoI

    The exponentially harder leveling is to be expected to keep the game accessible to new players.

    Having to use 5-10 pokeballs to catch a low level Pidgey because you are a higher level, though, is utterly and completely stupid. The escape/dodge rate should have been constant to allow improving player skill to make it easier over time. It’s not like escape/dodge is challenging, it’s just utterly random. Making your chance of success lower as you get stronger is a recipe for long-term failure. Hopefully they fix this shortly after they fix the tracking bug.

    The dodge-heavy ones like Zubat are such a problem with this that they need to be caught very early. You can easily waste 20 pokeballs catching even low level ones when they dodge 5 pokeballs for every one that hits, and then break out of those that hit. That became a problem at level 12. I’m working my way through the low 20s now, and I can’t even imagine trying to catch them at level 30.

  • I’m only level 16, and I’ve already noticed the increased difficulty capturing low level critters.

  • Jantavious

    I hit 17 this morning. Still only seen like 25-30 different poke man’s.

    • Rhyphibian

      They’re really split the species up into environments. And with the way the game is designed this is a good thing. You need a certain number of psyducks to get a strong golduck. You’ll never get that number if you’re hunting 50 different pokémon at the same time. While I’d really like to chase nidorans and rhyhorns (or even just catch a single measly geodude) the game works like it works because of the heavy fragmentation into environments.

      And in some locations, like a few world famous cities, they probably put in a lot of effort to get a lot of environments to link up so you can really catch them all instead of going for strong evolutions if you like, but the world is kind of big, so no carefully laid out maps for the rest of us.

  • Rob Vasseur

    Lvl 24 and if there wasn’t a park with 13 consecutive stops there’s no way I’d still have the patience for this game

    • Rhyphibian

      Having a stop (or two, if the location glitches a little) you can reach from your desk works fine as well.

      Some people around here put some serious effort into building that database.

  • Rhyphibian

    I’m fine with most of this. It means high level play will consist of gathering large numbers of the pokémon you want to use, selecting the best one, evolving it with all the candies you got and using your stardust to bring it up to maximum power. Whether other players have spend twice as much time in the game as you or twice as little doesn’t matter that much in combat, because the power differences are relatively small. After all, are power differences really important if you can style out and beat their slowbro with a gengar? Ooh, let’s go for charizard next. You’re playing to get more and rarer strong pokémon, more so than progressing to having a more and more powerful champion.

    The dodge/escape scaling worries me though. This means that it becomes harder and harder to catch pokémon and thus to progress. It might have been meant as a challenge for the experienced players, but trying to collect enough dratinis to put a maxed out dragonite together is not going to be fun if the hordes of low level pidgeys you have to wade through to get stardust and stuff become harder and harder to traverse. Personally I think just encountering pokémon with a higher average strength (encountering not 3 cp14 pidgeys but rather a cp14 pidgey as well as one of cp 140 and one with cp 900) would be annoying enough in that regard.

    In the same vein, at lower levels you get quite some incense and incubators from leveling up. At higher level play, assuming they don’t start dropping from pokéstops, you need to make money on gyms to buy them. I kind of doubt a lot of people make enough money that way to get any kind of steady supply of those things. So to get the same experience you had around level 8, a lvl 28 player needs to start dropping money. A part of the game got taken away.

    So far the game strikes me as being much better designed than I thought it would be, I figured I’d have stopped at half my current level but right now I feel like going for doubling the number. (I’m level 12, kudos if you guessed somewhere near there) It would be a shame if that broke down and the game turned into a no fun but plenty addicting money grab later on.

    I’m not asking for getting to catch rare pokémon more easily, or for dominating low level players, or for high level play to give me anything “more”, but I would like it to not give me less instead.

  • Priest Vallon

    You can’t compare leveling in ingress to leveling in Pokemon. In ingress, you can obtain upwards of 70k in xp from hitting just a few portals using minimal ammo. In pokemon, you get the same damn xp over and over no matter what. While I can find a single portal in ingress worth 30k, a pokemon will always be a maximum 100 xp to catch. Yes, it takes a year of moderate playing to hit 16 in ingress. That’s the level cap. 4 years to grind your way through pokemon at 100k a day? Idiotic. Pokemon is totally a pay to play shit show.

  • Jordan

    There are 750 pokemon and only the first 151 (if that) are included in the ‘vanilla’ release. The game isn’t released worldwide yet. Not everyone grinds these games as they are supposed to be played at a steady pace to keep it fun. I’m level 24 and am enjoying my slow level up as it gives me time to put more care into a balanced and strong team. I’ve maxed out my top 6 and if I find a stronger one I replace it and focus on that one instead (Saving my alts for trading). If you want to no fun it to level 40 that is your choice, we all play the game how we want to.

  • MaxxDread

    If youve played MMORPGs before you will quickly learn how scaling works and if it was easy to reach level 100 then they would need to create more levels which would eventually make low CP pokemon and low level players quit due to not being able to take part due to hardcore gamers stomping everyone. Being the highest level doesnt mean you have COMPLETE the game so you can stop assuming as such, the idea of the game is to catch em all and theres different ways for different people to play the game, giving the OPPORTUNITY to be a high level, for those who don’t mind grinding whilst keeping the pace of the game adequate for everyone else. You dont NEED to fight gyms either… thats the whole idea behind choosing your team…giving your perspective of what type of person you are in the pokemon world. Seems to me you want everything because you put a lot of effort into the game and you find it unfair that people who dont have the same amount of time you have to be able to challenge you but pokemon has never been an elitest game..what if I told you the level cap was 1000? it wouldnt matter, doesnt mean it HAS to be reached under YOUR preffered timescale…perhaps its just there because a number HAS to be there. I hope the highlighted caps helps you understand this concept easier.

  • theINCREDIBLE Homo

    This is what I realized when I hit 20. My goal is to catch em all. I am about 35 away. I have no intent of aggressively leveling any further.

    Also I see no relevance to catching them all and leveling.

  • Kombat

    I’m at lvl 22. I don’t have a problem at all with the XP required as you go up in levels. The biggest problem is that every Pokemon caught gives you the same reward. A captured 1100 Hypno should not give you the same reward as an 85 Drowzee. The stardust and candy you get should scale with the CP of the capture Mon. I haven’t noticed lower Pokemon escaping balls at a higher rate, but they do seem to run away at a higher rate than when I was lower level. A 20 CP Weedle should have the same escape and run away chance whether the trainer is lvl 1 or lvl 27. I would even say that if the rewards are constant then the escape chances should decrease as you level up. Either one of these scenarios is ridiculous, but for them to both exist is utter stupidity on Niantic’s part.

    Something does need to change. Either rewards scale up with the difficulty of the Mon being captured, or capturing needs to be easier as you level up. I’d prefer that given a specific level Pokemon, that it’s capture/run away chance stays constant regardless of trainer level, and the rewards scale with the CP of the Pokemon or even the color of the circle. Maybe something such as:

    Green = 100 Stardust, 3 Candy, 100 XP.
    Yellow = 200 Stardust, 4 Candy, 150 XP.
    Orange = 300 Stardust, 5 candy, 200 XP
    Red – 400 Stardust, 6 Candy, 300 XP.

    This system would also give some strategy to ball selection. Do you throw an Ultra ball knowing it means less reward but greater chance to capture or stick with a regular ball and try to get more reward but higher chance the Pokemon escapes.

  • Are pokemon real?

  • Randall Tolentino

    That’s people have to use GPS spoofing because of this leveling up that’s hard as nails . Because pokemon go made so that certain pokemon are locked to certain regions that you would need to buy plane tickets to catch a Mr mime/Kangashan or Taurus.

  • Ryan

    I just got to lvl 28 and i have noticed recently that unless i use razzberries and ultra or great balls my escape rate is somewhere around 8/10 escaping and about 4/10 running away after i use 10 or more balls to try to capture them. not only that but aside from spending money the only way to get pokeballs is in the busy sometimes dangerous areas of town where most of the bars are located, at least in my town. and every other pokeball i throw ends up flying so far i cant even see were it lands and thats with a gentle swipe. as someone who does spend a modest amount of money already to get incense lures and incubators i have been very dissapointed in niantics suspected manipulative marketing techniques if all this is on purpose to get as much money as they can from players. I would like to trust the company that some of these problems are glitches but i live in the modern world where companies do this junk all the time kinda like how products are designed to break after a year or so of use.