March 12, 2014

We certainly aren’t lacking options when it comes to stands for tablets, phones and other mobile devices. Many of these stands or docks are designed for specific devices, while others aim to be a universal solution. Plinth is part of that latter category, and comes with the added benefit of being extremely portable.

The Plinth is the brainchild of John Bull, a product designer based out of the UK with more than 20 years of design. Despite the fact that it extends out to a size wide enough to handle even your 10-inch tablet, the stand can be easily folded down into a shape that is “about the same size as an iPhone” and weighs just 50g, making it fairly pocketable.

When you’re ready to take the Plinth out of your pocket, you simply need to press a button and within seconds you can have it fully set up and ready to go.

Right now the Plinth is currently not available commercially, though there are eventual plans to bring it to retail through online channels such as Amazon. For the moment, the only way to secure yourself a Plinth is by pledging at least £18 (roughly $30) to its Kickstarter campaign. The campaign currently has 19 days left to go and has achieved £19,180 of its £21,000 goal. Once the campaign is over, John Bull hopes to have the Plinth out to original backers by May of this year.

What do you think, like the idea of the Plinth or do you feel that there are already plenty of similar or superior options out there on the market as it stands (pun not intended..)?

Andrew Grush
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