PlayStation 4 Android companion app demoed, comes with second screen functionality

by: Chris SmithSeptember 20, 2013

Sony Logo

Taking the stage at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 earlier this week, Sony has demoed its PlayStation 4 companion app for mobile devices, which will offer second screen functionality to users, among other features.

The application will work on Android and iOS devices and will let you control the console by simply touching the “Connect to PS4” button found inside the app.

In addition to controller-like features for some of the future PS4 games, the application will also give users access to the PlayStation Network environment, as they’ll be able to check out achievements, trophies and chat with friends or accept invites for multiplayer games.

Users that will install the app on their mobile devices will also be able to check out the activity of their friends in the “What’s New” section and post updates on Twitter and Facebook from within the app.

Sony PlayStation 4 Android app

The PlayStation 4 console will launch later this year, so it’s actually not really surprising to see Sony introduce an application that can connect a player’s game world with his or her mobile experience. After all, Microsoft does it as well for its Xbox – with the SmartGlass app – so we have definitely expected Sony to include some sort of mobile integration for its new gaming console.

However, it’s not clear at this time when the mobile app will be available for download. We’ll also remind you that Sony already has an official PlayStation app in the Google Play Store.

  • Mayoo

    I’d also like to remind everyone that the official PS app is only available for a limitted number of devices listed here. Will Sony do the same for this thing? I hope not.

    • MarkLastiwka

      That’s the wrong PS app. There is a PS app, but it’s only available in Europe. PSM is different.

      • Mayoo

        Thank you my good sir. I stand corrected.

    • Regardless of what is supported XDA Developers will probably get it to work on your device ;)

  • Magnetic1

    Thinking out loud… I wonder if like cloud based games, Sony will allow PlayStation games to be played on android and ios devices via the network. All of the graphic intensive or bandwidth intensive content can be reconstructed inside the app via something like a code book. So in essence the playstation 4 and the android device only have to exchange codes to support the games graphics and content, in theory. The android devices these days have the horsepower and storage to maintain a lot of geometry calculations and graghic images.

    • Justin Fuller Drobey

      Smartphones may be impressive compared to previous years, but it’s still nothing compared to the power of a PS4. Also, you should note that “Cloud Gaming” is basically just “Streaming”, much like watching a Youtube Video. You press a button, send the command over internet to the Server, who processes the button, calculates the screen, and sends the image. This must be one 30-60 times a second. Your bandwidth usage is astronomical, and you need to have a pretty powerful internet connection to have this (I don’t think 10MBPS would be enough)

  • MarkLastiwka

    I just want the app to allow me to browse the store, purchase games and stuff and push it to my Vita/PS3.

  • George

    I hope they make some functionality that allows games to be played on mobiles.