Devices section of Play Store receives slightly re-designed UI

by: Andrew GrushOctober 30, 2013


Lots of exciting stuff going on, ladies and gents! Yesterday the Google+ team unveiled several new features for Google+ and Hangouts, and over the last few days more than seventeen Google apps have been marked for updating. Now it looks like Google is making some changes to the “Devices” section of its Play Store website as well.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the page layout has now a few noticeable changes including a new drop-down list that makes it easier to choose storage size and connectivity options. There’s even a suggestion system that gives you alternatives if Google doesn’t carry the device in the configuration you’re looking for Not surprisingly, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 pages currently remain the same as ever.

Can you feel it folks? We might not know exactly when Android 4.4 KitKat and the Nexus 5 (and hopefully Nexus 10) are coming — but you can definitely feel that the winds of change are coming.

What do you think of the new layout? Like it or not?

  • stockandroidguy

    DUDE stop the teasin Google! lol Does anyone think that tomorrow will be the day?

    • Miguel Ripoll

      I hope so..!

    • John

      Tomorrow? with no previews announcement? I don’t think so.

      • adam evans

        Maybe a they’ll do a big pub stunt somewhere, that would grab headlines. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway :-)

        • John

          Seems like the rumor was true!!! :D

    • Southall87

      Tomorrow never comes
      What kind of a fool
      Do they take me for?

    • Tylerstravis

      Kit Kat on the candiest day of the year? I think it just makes sense.


    Google & Europe:
    Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
    We’re working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
    Please check back again soon.

    Checking back soon since years. :(

    • AbbyZFresh

      Hey, Google is an American company. Can’t blame em. Gotta put their country on first.

  • jjordan

    I don’t see Google doing a soft launch of the nexus 5…its the most ambitious nexus device (according to leaked specs) they have ever collaborated on…I hope I’m wrong because I really want all the details of the nexus 5

  • raj

    Google, KitKat me please :)

    Make it fast

  • Ronnie D.

    We as a people are SOOO BLESSED to have devices such as the N5 and so forth ( that are essentially made to make our lives a little easier) and its just amazing have far we’ve come in the tech world…it just makes me SMH! Let us count ALL our blessings around these holidays and not take for granted things we do!!