Google Play Store update rolling out, in-app purchases take center stage

by: Jonathan FeistMarch 14, 2014

Google Play Store in app purchases iap

It has been a few months since the last Google Play Store app update – you might recall the update from last December that brought us social activity sharing.

This time around the updates to the Google Play Store app include some design tweaks, text changes and, we’re sure, some bug fixes. More importantly, they have added in-app purchases to the app permissions list and provided some fine-tuned options for those that password protect their purchases.

In the visual tweaks department, we see Settings and Help moved to the hamburger / slide-out menu on the left.

play store update blur

A piece of confusing text has been updated; no longer will you see “Auto-add widgets,” instead you will see “Add icon to Home screen” – which is more accurate and understandable.

play store update (4)

Google+ +1 counts will now be fully displayed, as an example, “12K people +1’d this” turns into “12152 people +1’d this.” And multiple account users will see a little clean up in the left nav menu, no longer hiding the actual nav buttons while choosing accounts.

play store update (3)

A relatively unknown feature is reportedly being removed, batch removal of previously installed apps (that are not installed on the device). Navigate to the All section of My Apps and long press on an uninstalled app, you can now multi-select any uninstalled app. The current multi-select action is to batch delete the apps from history, new functionality will be to batch install the apps. This will be absolutely priceless for setting up new devices and fresh installs.

Google Play Store update (1)

An important update to the in-app purchases (IAP) policy is included here. Previously, if a user has selected the password protection of payments, there was a 30 minute window after each purchase in which further purchases could process without authentication. This is now changed, offering the choice of continuing with the 30 minute window or locking down all purchases. This could be a response to the recent lawsuit filed by a mother whose son raked in IAP costs in Android games.

play store update (2)

In-app purchases are now listed in the app permissions list, complimenting the “Offers In-app Purchases” indicator below the Install button in the web Play Store.

Last, but not least, users can now manually check for updates to the Google Play Store. Something we wish we had right now. Simply click the build number in Settings to manually check for a Play Store app update.

The update has begun rolling out last night and should hit your device any time now.

  • mumusen

    Haha. That ‘resposible’ mom nailed it with her lawsuit.

  • MasterMuffin

    Before anyone asks: download is in sources :)

  • fatspirit

    What about build number?

  • Markus

    Glad they did it. Maybe some patents realize now that they have to look for their kids…

  • Elad Huttner
    • Dei

      I tried the link, tried to install apk, wouldn’t work…any suggestions?

  • guy with guts

    Just bring in category specific search and a forward button(browser esque). Is it that hard for GOOGLE YEAH GOOGLE to improve play store search functionality.

    • Guest123

      finding stuff on the play store is a pain in the ass — google thinks they are so good at search that they don’t need to have any other method to drill down to find what you are looking for.

  • Dei

    I was told by Sprint that I can’t get the new Google play update due to having an old phone, can’t handle this new update…has anyone else heard this? I have galaxy s2 epic 4.1.2

  • d

    omg batch app install THANK YOU
    I’m flashing roms all the time its such a pain in the arse when App sync doesn’t auto install the apps and you have to go through and install one by one
    FINALLY an improvement

  • Dei

    None of the apk files downloads work…I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
    Is it possible that my old galaxy s2 Sprint phone can’t handle the upgraded version of Google play services? Wtf?

  • Jonathan

    Nothing happends when i tap the build number :(
    Any solutions exept download an apk?
    Nexus 7 2:nd 4.4.2