60,000 apps were removed from the Play Store in February alone

by: Bogdan BeleApril 9, 2013

google play store apps

The number of apps removed from the Google Play Store has reached a record in February, with almost 60,000 apps being shown the door, in what is the biggest effort so far to clean things up in the store.

Not all of the apps have been removed by Google, says TechCrunch, quoting a company in the mobile industry with knowledge of the matter. Some were taken off by their publishers, for various reasons. Most of the removals have been made by Google though, for breaching the Play Store Developer program policies (it’s what happened to AdBlock Plus, an app that continues to be developed, but outside of the Play Store).

Although the Google Play Store (which is getting a bit of a redesign soon) has a different vetting policy from Apple’s App Store (apps are scanned after they are added to the store, while Apple pre-approves them), that doesn’t mean Google is not strict about what is allowed and what not. The company is permanently searching for and deleting apps that don’t comply. The same source says that most of the removed apps were in the MP3/ringtone category, which is a definite breach of the copyright section of the policies, that clearly states:

Don’t infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, (including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and other proprietary rights), or encourage or induce infringement of intellectual property rights. We will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement

On the other hand, the same report says that Google Play Store’s app number is officially at 700,000 apps, just as it was in October (and leading in number of downloads, according to a recent Canalys research), so there’s a lot to choose from.

Are you happy with the quality of the apps in the Google Play Store or do you think Google should up its efforts even more?

  • Jelly Bean

    Censorship. Google should not be removing apps. It undermines end-user freedom.

    • MasterMuffin

      But Google doesn’t want to be the next MegaUpload

  • Anselmo

    When the say apps are getting scanned I truly hope they mean virus wise.

  • I think the apps in the play store are good quality apps, well some are, but some are just.. weird.. even though I’m using a Nexus 4 now with a 720p screen, some apps look blurry, some apps lag (Like facebook and whatsapp, scrolling lag) I thought the blurry apps were because I needed an HD device back then when I had my S2 but I still see some apps with bad graphics/blurry.
    Some apps have way too many ads too, not only google ads, they have their own ads to download other apps or “Free games”

  • jomama

    If u don’t play nice with goog they will through u outa the sand box get real developers play nice and u can come back in the sand box!

    • Jelly Bean

      You sound like an apple fanboi.

      • jomama

        No sg3

        • Jelly Bean

          yeah right, lol.

  • Christopher Sass

    Not censorship. You press the “I agree” button when signing up to post apps as a developer with terms, don’t breach the terms you agree to.

    • Mike Reid


      But I know some devs who have had their apps tossed for false reasons. All it takes is some sort of IP violation claim, not uncommonly from competitors or people with a chip on their shoulder, and there seems to be little recourse the dev has.

      For the most part, Google refuses to respond to small dev questions, and it’s difficult to impossible to get apps re-instated.

      Yes, likely over 98% of apps tossed are “bad guys”. But some good guys are sacrificed in the process.

      I do everything I can to keep my paid apps squeaky clean, but I still worry. If Google booted my apps, my time as an independent dev might be over; I’d try submitting modified apps but in the end Google has small devs in their control.

  • Unknown

    Android is open /s. f you google

  • Google is always User perspective. ♥ It. :)