19 premium games on sale through Google Play: Shadowrun Returns, 10000000 and several others

by: Andrew GrushApril 22, 2014


In honor of spring, Google is now holding a limited time app sale, offering 19 reasonably high-profile games for as little as $.99. Here’s the full list of games available in the sale:

As you can see, there’s some really popular titles here, including several newer games like the Room 2. No word on exactly how long this sale will last, so we’d probably take advantage of the promotion right away.

It’s also important to note that the offer’s sale page doesn’t seem to be up for all regions just yet, though it is confirmed to be working at least in the United States and select parts of Europe. According to commenters on Reddit, if the page doesn’t come up for you, it doesn’t hurt to try visiting the apps directly instead of heading to the sale page.